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46 views2014-07-29 13:31:43 A study of snake bite among children presenting to a paediatric ward in the main Teaching Hospital of North Central Province of Sri Lanka (BMC Research Notes)
23 views2014-07-29 12:48:42 Molecular characterization of the malaria vector Anopheles barbirostris van der Wulp in Sri Lanka (Parasites & Vectors)
18 views2014-07-29 14:51:14 Malaria in Hadhramout, a southeast province of Yemen: prevalence, risk factors, knowledge, attitude and practices (KAPs) (Parasites & Vectors)
18 views2014-07-30 02:03:43 Critical Role of Silicon Nanoparticles Surface on Lithium Cell Electrochemical Performance Analyzed by FTIR, Raman, EELS, XPS, NMR, and BDS Spectroscopies (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
18 views2014-07-30 03:37:21 Toward a Physical Interpretation of Substituent Effects: The Case of Fluorine and Trifluoromethyl Groups (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
17 views2014-07-30 01:35:34 (E)-Trimethyl(perfluoroprop-1-enyl)silane As a Reagent to Transfer Perfluoroprop-1-enyl Group to Ketones and Aldehydes Catalyzed by Fluoride (Organic Process Research & Development)
17 views2014-07-30 01:46:09 Synergy of Licorice Extract and Pea Protein Hydrolysate for Oxidative Stability of Soybean Oil-in-Water Emulsions (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry)
17 views2014-07-30 03:33:18 New Redox States Observed in [FeFe] Hydrogenases Reveal Redox Coupling Within the H-Cluster (Journal of the American Chemical Society)
16 views2014-07-29 16:54:47 The association of metabolic syndrome and its factors with gallstone disease (Epidemiologic Perspectives & Innovations)
16 views2014-07-30 01:33:15 Molecular Binding Behaviors of Sulfonated Calixarenes with Phenanthroline-diium in Aqueous Solution and Solid State: Cavity Size Governing Capsule Formation (Crystal Growth & Design)

The 10 most viewed articles of the past 7 days

50 views27-07-2014 02:50:16 Essential pediatric hypertension: defining the educational needs of primary care pediatricians (Epidemiologic Perspectives & Innovations)
47 views23-07-2014 14:50:17 13th Annual Meeting of the Safety Pharmacology Society: focus on novel technologies and safety pharmacology frontiers (Expert Opinion on Drug Safety)
46 views29-07-2014 13:31:43 A study of snake bite among children presenting to a paediatric ward in the main Teaching Hospital of North Central Province of Sri Lanka (BMC Research Notes)
39 views27-07-2014 01:51:24 Irreversible electroporation of unresectable soft tissue tumors with vascular invasion: effective palliation (BMC Cancer)
38 views25-07-2014 05:34:23 Novel non-parametric models to estimate evolutionary rates and divergence times from heterochronous sequence data (BMC Evolutionary Biology)
37 views27-07-2014 02:16:40 Patient and public attitudes to and awareness of clinical practice guidelines: a systematic review with thematic and narrative syntheses (BMC Health Services Research)
37 views27-07-2014 02:31:49 A new look at cerebrospinal fluid movement (Epidemiologic Perspectives & Innovations)
36 views26-07-2014 05:46:04 Comparative mapping in the Poaceae family reveals translocations in the complex polyploid genome of sugarcane (Epidemiologic Perspectives & Innovations)
32 views27-07-2014 02:04:26 Service quality assessment of a referral hospital in Southern Iran with SERVQUAL technique: patients` perspective (BMC Health Services Research)
31 views26-07-2014 04:33:57 Competition between Molecular Adsorption and Diffusion: Dramatic Consequences for SERS in Colloidal Solutions (Journal of the American Chemical Society)

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