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28 views2014-11-22 00:45:05 M3(P2O7)22--Type Open Frameworks Featuring [M2O8] and [M3O12] Multinuclear Transition-Metal Oxide Units. Serendipitous Synthesis of Six Polymorphic Salt-Inclusion Magnetic Solids: Na2M3(P2O7)2·ACl (M = Mn, Fe; A = Rb, Cs) and K2M3(P2O7)2·CsCl (M = Fe, Mn) (Inorganic Chemistry)
25 views2014-11-21 23:31:30 Task sharing of a psychological intervention for maternal depression in Khayelitsha, South Africa: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial (Trials)
23 views2014-11-22 03:36:36 Biomedical Applications of Supramolecular Systems Based on Host-Guest Interactions (Chemical Reviews)
22 views2014-11-22 02:33:00 Correction to `Total Synthesis and Evaluation of iso-Duocarmycin SA and iso-Yatakemycin` (Journal of the American Chemical Society)
22 views2014-11-22 05:33:57 Poverty and health care demand in Kenya (BMC Health Services Research)
21 views2014-11-22 14:32:54 Gender differences in the long-term effects of a nutritional intervention program promoting the Mediterranean diet: changes in dietary intakes, eating behaviors, anthropometric and metabolic variables (Nutrition Journal)
19 views2014-11-22 01:06:38 Ligand Binding and Functional Selectivity of l-Tryptophan Metabolites at the Mouse Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor (mAhR) (Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling)
19 views2014-11-22 03:05:11 Ligand Exchange and Redox Processes in Iridium Triazolylidene Complexes Relevant to Catalytic Water Oxidation (Inorganic Chemistry)
19 views2014-11-22 03:15:39 Convenient Route to Secondary Sulfinates: Application to the Stereospecific Synthesis of ?-C-Chiral Sulfonamides (Organic Letters)
16 views2014-11-22 01:50:20 Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) Method for the Direct Detection of 2-Monochloropropanediol (2-MCPD) Esters in Edible Oils (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry)

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149 views20-11-2014 11:50:09 Viruses, Vol. 6, Pages 4505-4535: Cholesterol Balance in Prion Diseases and Alzheimer`s Disease (Viruses)
107 views18-11-2014 21:52:16 Microcystic/reticular schwannoma of the esophagus: the first case report and a diagnostic pitfall (BMC Gastroenterology)
97 views18-11-2014 12:06:55 Transcriptomic analysis of the phytopathogenic oomycete Phytophthora cactorum provides insights into infection-related effectors (BMC Genomics)
95 views16-11-2014 05:22:31 Tropisetron and its targets in Alzheimer`s disease (Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets)
87 views17-11-2014 02:23:03 Emerging markers of cachexia predict survival in cancer patients (Epidemiologic Perspectives & Innovations)
60 views19-11-2014 20:06:01 HALT-IT - tranexamic acid for the treatment of gastrointestinal bleeding: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial (Trials)
53 views17-11-2014 07:47:03 Transcriptome of the inflorescence meristems of the biofuel plant Jatropha curcas treated with cytokinin (Epidemiologic Perspectives & Innovations)
47 views20-11-2014 06:15:29 Clinical utility of chitotriosidase enzyme activity in nephropathic cystinosis (Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases)
46 views20-11-2014 03:07:04 Cancer Drug Delivery: Considerations in the Rational Design of Nanosized Bioconjugates (Bioconjugate Chemistry)
42 views17-11-2014 12:36:21 The chloroplast outer envelope protein P39 in Arabidopsis thaliana belongs to the Omp85 protein family (Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics)

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