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48 views2014-04-17 15:20:21 Cardioprotective activity of placental growth factor in a rat model of acute myocardial infarction: nanoparticle-based delivery versus direct myocardial injection (BMC Cardiovascular Disorders)
24 views2014-04-18 02:37:42 Localized Impedance Measurements for Electrochemical Surface Science (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
23 views2014-04-17 13:38:11 E2F1 renders prostate cancer cell resistant to ICAM-1 mediated antitumor immunity by NF-kappaB modulation (Molecular Cancer)
23 views2014-04-17 13:39:57 BMI, physical inactivity, cigarette and alcohol consumption in female nursing students: a 5-year comparison (BMC Medical Education)
23 views2014-04-17 14:35:38 Physician clinical management strategies and reasoning: a cross-sectional survey using clinical vignettes of eight common medical admissions (BMC Health Services Research)
22 views2014-04-17 12:48:09 The impact of excess body weight at the hospital frontline (BMC Medicine)
22 views2014-04-17 13:51:19 Activation of Akt1 accelerates carcinogen-induced tumorigenesis in mammary gland of virgin and post-lactating transgenic mice (BMC Cancer)
22 views2014-04-17 14:35:04 Industrial air pollution in rural Kenya: community awareness, risk perception and associations between risk variables (BMC Public Health)
21 views2014-04-17 20:52:28 The process of developing and implementing a telephone-based peer support program for postpartum depression: evidence from two randomized controlled trials (Trials)
21 views2014-04-18 02:34:31 A Fixed-Charge Model for Alcohol Polarization in the Condensed Phase, and Its Role in Small Molecule Hydration (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)

The 10 most viewed articles of the past 7 days

84 views12-04-2014 13:49:06 A feasibility study to inform the design of a randomized controlled trial to identify the most clinically and cost effective Anticoagulation Length with low molecular weight heparin In the treatment of Cancer Associated Thrombosis (ALICAT): study protocol for a mixed-methods study (Trials)
72 views13-04-2014 02:07:52 Prognostic and predictive value of cathepsin X in serum from colorectal cancer patients (BMC Cancer)
65 views13-04-2014 03:03:36 A remote monitoring and telephone nurse coaching intervention to reduce readmissions among patients with heart failure: study protocol for the Better Effectiveness After Transition - Heart Failure (BEAT-HF) randomized controlled trial (Epidemiologic Perspectives & Innovations)
64 views15-04-2014 09:16:15 Materials, Vol. 7, Pages 3049-3064: Physical Characterization of Cementitious Materials on Casting and Placing Process (Materials)
55 views12-04-2014 19:18:18 Facilitating the transition from physiology to hospital wards through an interdisciplinary case study of septic shock (BMC Medical Education)
54 views13-04-2014 08:03:05 Aromatic Amino Acid Activation of Signaling Pathways in Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells Depends on Oxygen Tension (PLoS ONE)
53 views13-04-2014 04:55:39 Assessing Trait Covariation and Morphological Integration on Phylogenies Using Evolutionary Covariance Matrices (PLoS ONE)
51 views13-04-2014 03:16:32 Species-Independent Down-Regulation of Leaf Photosynthesis and Respiration in Response to Shading: Evidence from Six Temperate Tree Species (PLoS ONE)
49 views13-04-2014 04:00:39 Identification of Novel Genomic Aberrations in AML-M5 in a Level of Array CGH (PLoS ONE)
48 views17-04-2014 15:20:21 Cardioprotective activity of placental growth factor in a rat model of acute myocardial infarction: nanoparticle-based delivery versus direct myocardial injection (BMC Cardiovascular Disorders)

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