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33 views2017-02-24 15:16:00 Sensors, Vol. 17, Pages 459: Bismuth Infusion of ABS Enables Additive Manufacturing of Complex Radiological Phantoms and Shielding Equipment (Sensors)
22 views2017-02-24 18:33:42 Chemical Strategies To Target Bacterial Virulence (Chemical Reviews)
20 views2017-02-25 06:30:41 IJMS, Vol. 18, Pages 496: Complex Roles of Microglial Cells in Ischemic Stroke Pathobiology: New Insights and Future Directions (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
19 views2017-02-25 05:50:18 Unusual Water Hydrogen Bond Network around Hydrogenated Nanodiamonds (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
18 views2017-02-24 18:30:38 `Addition` and `Subtraction`: Selectivity Design for Type II Maternal Embryonic Leucine Zipper Kinase Inhibitors (Journal of Medicinal Chemistry)
18 views2017-02-24 18:36:04 Evolutionary Covariance Combined with Molecular Dynamics Predicts a Framework for Allostery in the MutS DNA Mismatch Repair Protein (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
18 views2017-02-24 18:37:45 Efficient Heterotransfer between Visible Quantum Dots (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
18 views2017-02-25 03:32:16 Investigation of the Order-Disorder Rotator Phase Transition in KSiH3 and RbSiH3 (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
18 views2017-02-25 06:37:53 Molecules, Vol. 22, Pages 335: Essential Oil of Aristolochia trilobata: Synthesis, Routes of Exposure, Acute Toxicity, Binary Mixtures and Behavioral Effects on Leaf-Cutting Ants (Molecules)
17 views2017-02-24 18:30:55 Remote Sensing, Vol. 9, Pages 200: Bias Compensation for Rational Polynomial Coefficients of High-Resolution Satellite Imagery by Local Polynomial Modeling (Remote Sensing)

The 10 most viewed articles of the past 7 days

367 views20-02-2017 22:01:53 Antibacterial Paramagnetic Quinones from Actinoallomurus (Journal of Natural Products)
69 views20-02-2017 18:15:22 IJMS, Vol. 18, Pages 453: Bioinformatics Approaches for Fetal DNA Fraction Estimation in Noninvasive Prenatal Testing (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
60 views23-02-2017 17:45:09 Moonwalker Descending Neurons Mediate Visually Evoked Retreat in (Current Biology)
52 views20-02-2017 02:31:08 Sustainability, Vol. 9, Pages 293: Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation--A Sustainable Development Systems Perspective (Sustainability)
51 views21-02-2017 02:31:15 New Possibilities for Magnetic Control of Chemical and Biochemical Reactions (Accounts of Chemical Research)
45 views22-02-2017 14:45:18 Viruses, Vol. 9, Pages 37: Evaluation of Rice Resistance to Southern Rice Black-Streaked Dwarf Virus and Rice Ragged Stunt Virus through Combined Field Tests, Quantitative Real-Time PCR, and Proteome Analysis (Viruses)
44 views19-02-2017 09:45:14 Sensors, Vol. 17, Pages 407: Compliment Graphene Oxide Coating on Silk Fiber Surface via Electrostatic Force for Capacitive Humidity Sensor Applications (Sensors)
44 views22-02-2017 02:36:34 Multicellular Tumor Spheroids Combined with Mass Spectrometric Histone Analysis To Evaluate Epigenetic Drugs (Analytical Chemistry)
44 views22-02-2017 07:48:39 Marine Drugs, Vol. 15, Pages 51: Determination of Inorganic Cations and Anions in Chitooligosaccharides by Ion Chromatography with Conductivity Detection (Marine Drugs)
42 views20-02-2017 10:20:42 Sensors, Vol. 17, Pages 413: Analyzing the Effects of UAV Mobility Patterns on Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Networks (Sensors)

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