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47 views2018-04-21 06:01:03 Viruses, Vol. 10, Pages 212: Does BCA3 Play a Role in the HIV-1 Replication Cycle? (Viruses)
39 views2018-04-21 06:01:03 Metabolic disease: Liver enzyme inflames fat (Nature Reviews Drug Discovery)
37 views2018-04-21 06:00:05 Microtubule dynamics: an interplay of biochemistry and mechanics (Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology)
24 views2018-04-22 00:01:34 Pharmaceuticals, Vol. 11, Pages 35: Research Progress on Rolling Circle Amplification (RCA)-Based Biomedical Sensing (Pharmaceuticals)
22 views2018-04-22 00:01:28 Sensors, Vol. 18, Pages 1281: Enhanced Pedestrian Navigation Based on Course Angle Error Estimation Using Cascaded Kalman Filters (Sensors)
21 views2018-04-22 00:01:43 Author Correction: Transient Scute activation via a self-stimulatory loop directs enteroendocrine cell pair specification from self-renewing intestinal stem cells (Nature Cell Biology)
20 views2018-04-22 00:01:31 Correction: Natal and breeding philopatry of female Steller sea lions in southeastern Alaska (PLoS ONE)
20 views2018-04-22 00:01:45 Adaptive and Selective Time Averaging of Auditory Scenes (Current Biology)
20 views2018-04-22 00:03:07 Vacuum Bloch-Siegert shift in Landau polaritons with ultra-high cooperativity (Nature Photonics)
19 views2018-04-22 00:01:44 Tapping the RNA world for therapeutics (Nature Structural & Molecular Biology)

The 10 most viewed articles of the past 7 days

130 views18-04-2018 06:00:18 The actin filament twist changes abruptly at boundaries between bare and cofilin-decorated segments [Protein Structure and Folding] (Journal of Biological Chemistry)
125 views16-04-2018 18:00:03 Novelty-Sensitive Dopaminergic Neurons in the Human Substantia Nigra Predict Success of Declarative Memory Formation (Current Biology)
108 views18-04-2018 06:00:19 Sensors, Vol. 18, Pages 1246: Active and Assisted Living Ecosystem for the Elderly (Sensors)
107 views15-04-2018 12:00:07 Pharmaceuticals, Vol. 11, Pages 32: Antibody-Drug Conjugates for Cancer Therapy: Chemistry to Clinical Implications (Pharmaceuticals)
102 views15-04-2018 18:01:08 [Editorial] Closing the gender pay gap: when and how? (Lancet)
68 views15-04-2018 18:00:07 Author Correction: Local generation of fumarate promotes DNA repair through inhibition of histone H3 demethylation (Nature Cell Biology)
63 views18-04-2018 00:00:04 Marine Drugs, Vol. 16, Pages 131: Marine Longilenes, Oxasqualenoids with Ser-Thr Protein Phosphatase 2A Inhibition Activity (Marine Drugs)
60 views15-04-2018 12:00:08 Collagen IV-conveyed signals can regulate chemokine production and promote liver metastasis (Oncogene)
60 views20-04-2018 18:01:23 Using NanoSIMS coupled with microfluidics to visualize the early stages of coral infection by Vibrio coralliilyticus (BMC Microbiology)
59 views16-04-2018 00:00:12 [Editorial] Hope and foresight for your patients with ALS (Lancet Neurology)

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