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36 views2019-02-23 04:02:53 [ASAP] Application of a Novel Phosphonium-Based Ionic Liquid to the Separation of Platinum Group Metals from Automobile Catalyst Leach Liquor (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
25 views2019-02-23 03:00:26 Entropy, Vol. 21, Pages 210: An Overview on Denial-of-Service Attacks in Control Systems: Attack Models and Security Analyses (Entropy)
23 views2019-02-23 04:02:53 [ASAP] Effects of Calcination Condition on the Network Structure of Triethoxysilane (TRIES) and How Si-H Groups Influence Hydrophobicity Under Hydrothermal Conditions (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
22 views2019-02-22 10:01:51 Molecules, Vol. 24, Pages 789: Free Accessible Databases as a Source of Information about Food Components and Other Compounds with Anticancer Activity-Brief Review (Molecules)
22 views2019-02-23 03:00:17 [ASAP] Oligophosphine-thiocyanate Copper(I) and Silver(I) Complexes and Their Borane Derivatives Showing Delayed Fluorescence (Inorganic Chemistry)
22 views2019-02-23 04:02:53 [ASAP] Application of SAFT-VRE in the Flowsheet Simulation of an Advanced PUREX Process (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
22 views2019-02-23 04:02:53 [ASAP] Precisely Tailoring Bubble Morphology in Microchannel by Nanoparticles Self-assembly (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
21 views2019-02-22 10:01:51 Molecules, Vol. 24, Pages 792: Increased Selectivity of Novozym 435 in the Asymmetric Hydrolysis of a Substrate with High Hydrophobicity Through the Use of Deep Eutectic Solvents and High Substrate Concentrations (Molecules)
21 views2019-02-23 04:02:53 [ASAP] Synergetic Effect of a Reactive Compatibilizer and Organo-montmorillonite on the Dispersion of Polyamide 6 /Polydimethylsilicone Blend with a High Viscosity Ratio (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
21 views2019-02-23 04:02:53 [ASAP] A Statistical Associating Fluid Theory Perspective of the Modeling of Compounds Containing Ethylene Oxide Groups (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)

The 10 most viewed articles of the past 7 days

186 views20-02-2019 01:00:03 [ASAP] Enteroids: Promising in Vitro Models for Studies of Intestinal Physiology and Nutrition in Farm Animals (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry)
132 views20-02-2019 16:00:27 [ASAP] Factors Affecting Transfer of the Heavy Metals Arsenic, Lead, and Cadmium from Diatomaceous-Earth Filter Aids to Alcoholic Beverages during Laboratory-Scale Filtration (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry)
127 views19-02-2019 11:04:56 Energies, Vol. 12, Pages 670: Improving Energy Efficiency in a Synchronized Road-Transportation System by Using a TFMC (Transportation Fleet-Management Control) in Finland (Energies)
122 views20-02-2019 21:02:18 Publisher Correction: An evolutionary framework for measuring epigenomic information and estimating cell-type-specific fitness consequences (Nature Genetics)
116 views21-02-2019 07:03:30 Nutrients, Vol. 11, Pages 447: Beverage Intake and Drinking Patterns--Clues to Support Older People Living in Long-Term Care to Drink Well: DRIE and FISE Studies (Nutrients)
113 views20-02-2019 14:04:47 Molecules, Vol. 24, Pages 757: Evaluation of WBSF, Color, Cooking Loss of Longissimus Lumborum Muscle with Fiber Optic Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-NIR), Depending on Aging Time (Molecules)
111 views21-02-2019 17:01:42 Nutrients, Vol. 11, Pages 452: Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Consumption and Associated Factors in School-Going Adolescents of New Caledonia (Nutrients)
111 views17-02-2019 02:01:28 Molecules, Vol. 24, Pages 690: Application of a Pillared-Layer Zn-Triazolate Metal-Organic Framework in the Dispersive Miniaturized Solid-Phase Extraction of Personal Care Products from Wastewater Samples (Molecules)
109 views21-02-2019 23:02:32 [ASAP] Medical Uses of Silver: History, Myths, and Scientific Evidence (Journal of Medicinal Chemistry)
106 views19-02-2019 22:00:28 Sustainability, Vol. 11, Pages 1094: Evaluation of the Criteria for Selecting Proposed Variants of Utility Functions in the Adaptation of Historic Regional Architecture (Sustainability)

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