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56 views2014-10-30 15:23:01 Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel N-α-haloacylated homoserine lactones as quorum sensing modulators (Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry)
20 views2014-10-30 14:07:16 Impact of long-term lifestyle programmes on weight loss and cardiovascular risk factors in overweight/obese participants: a systematic review and network meta-analysis (Epidemiologic Perspectives & Innovations)
20 views2014-10-30 19:07:21 dcGOR: An R Package for Analysing Ontologies and Protein Domain Annotations (PLoS Computational Biology)
19 views2014-10-30 13:51:04 Materials, Vol. 7, Pages 7243-7275: PbSe-Based Colloidal Core/Shell Heterostructures for Optoelectronic Applications (Materials)
19 views2014-10-31 01:34:39 DFT Elucidation of Materials Properties (Accounts of Chemical Research)
19 views2014-10-31 01:36:46 Non-invasive pulse wave analysis for monitoring the cardiovascular effects of CO2 pneumoperitoneum during laparoscopic cholecystectomy- a prospective case-series study (BMC Anesthesiology)
17 views2014-10-31 01:48:30 Dehydrative C-H/N-OH Functionalizations in H2O by Ruthenium(II) Catalysis: Subtle Effect of Carboxylate Ligands and Mechanistic Insight (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
17 views2014-10-31 02:16:36 CRP genotype and haplotype associations with serum C-reactive protein level and DAS28 in untreated early rheumatoid arthritis patients (Arthritis Research & Therapy)
17 views2014-10-31 02:46:24 Nitro-Substituted Aromatic Thiolate Self-Assembled Monolayers: Structural Properties and Electron Transfer upon Resonant Excitation of the Tail Group (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
17 views2014-10-31 05:03:21 Hypoxia alters expression of Zebrafish Microtubule-associated protein Tau (mapta, maptb) gene transcripts (BMC Research Notes)

The 10 most viewed articles of the past 7 days

124 views27-10-2014 06:21:57 Glycemic control with empagliflozin, a novel selective SGLT2 inhibitor, ameliorates cardiovascular injury and cognitive dysfunction in obese and type 2 diabetic mice (Cardiovascular Diabetology)
112 views27-10-2014 13:08:23 A multicentre, randomised, controlled trial to assess the safety, ease of use, and reliability of hyaluronic acid/carboxymethylcellulose powder adhesion barrier versus no barrier in colorectal laparoscopic surgery (Trials)
82 views24-10-2014 19:48:37 Uric Acid Is Associated with Metabolic Syndrome in Children and Adults in a Community: The Bogalusa Heart Study (PLoS ONE)
81 views24-10-2014 12:53:29 The formation of source memory under distraction (Behavioral and Brain Functions)
66 views29-10-2014 05:34:20 Benchmarking mutation effect prediction algorithms using functionally validated cancer-related missense mutations (Genome Biology)
65 views25-10-2014 20:08:28 The association between adolescents` health and disparities in school career: a longitudinal cohort study (BMC Public Health)
62 views25-10-2014 01:48:26 Range shift and introgression of the rear and leading populations in two ecologically distinct Rubus species (BMC Evolutionary Biology)
60 views27-10-2014 20:37:12 Implementing comprehensive prevention of mother-to-child transmission and HIV prevention for South African couples: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial (Trials)
56 views30-10-2014 15:23:01 Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel N-α-haloacylated homoserine lactones as quorum sensing modulators (Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry)
52 views28-10-2014 09:37:11 Autoinflammation: NLRC4 mutation causes rare autoinflammatory disease (Nature Clinical Practice Rheumatology)

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