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22 views2015-01-27 00:16:05 High-Pressure Methane Storage in Porous Materials: Are Carbon Materials in the Pole Position? (Chemistry of Materials)
21 views2015-01-27 02:07:31 Robust, Basis-Set Independent Method for the Evaluation of Charge-Transfer Energy in Noncovalent Complexes (Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation)
20 views2015-01-27 03:21:20 Evidence of Localized Lithium Removal in Layered and Lithiated Spinel Li1-xCoO2 (0 (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
20 views2015-01-27 03:23:19 A Spontaneous Single-Crystal-to-Single-Crystal Polymorphic Transition Involving Major Packing Changes (Journal of the American Chemical Society)
20 views2015-01-27 04:03:50 Haemoglobin level at birth is associated with short term outcomes and mortality in preterm infants (BMC Medicine)
19 views2015-01-27 03:16:01 Volatility of Atmospherically Relevant Alkylaminium Carboxylate Salts (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
19 views2015-01-27 03:31:21 Selective Binding Affinity between Quaternary Ammonium Cations and Water-Soluble Calix[4]resorcinarene (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
18 views2015-01-27 00:37:49 Direct Dynamics Simulation of Dissociation of the [CH3--I--OH]- Ion-Molecule Complex (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
18 views2015-01-27 01:03:21 NiAl(110) Surface as a Template for Growing Transition Metal Linear Atomic Chains: A DFT Investigation (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
18 views2015-01-27 03:47:07 Characterization, Recovery Opportunities, and Valuation of Metals in Municipal Sludges from U.S. Wastewater Treatment Plants Nationwide (Environmental Science & Technology)

The 10 most viewed articles of the past 7 days

365 views21-01-2015 05:17:48 Nanocarrier-mediated drugs targeting cancer stem cells: an emerging delivery approach (Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery)
348 views22-01-2015 20:00:46 hnRNP K Coordinates Transcriptional Silencing by SETDB1 in Embryonic Stem Cells (PLoS Genetics)
120 views21-01-2015 19:48:01 The Phylogenetically-Related Pattern Recognition Receptors EFR and XA21 Recruit Similar Immune Signaling Components in Monocots and Dicots (PLoS Pathogens)
91 views20-01-2015 20:08:22 Where Next for Microbiome Research? (PLoS Biology)
70 views23-01-2015 05:33:36 Opposing regulation of endolysosomal pathways by long-acting nanoformulated antiretroviral therapy and HIV-1 in human macrophages (Retrovirology)
68 views22-01-2015 17:34:09 Alteration of substrate specificity of alanine dehydrogenase (Protein Engineering Design and Selection)
54 views22-01-2015 20:16:59 Chronic Filarial Infection Provides Protection against Bacterial Sepsis by Functionally Reprogramming Macrophages (PLoS Pathogens)
53 views21-01-2015 16:21:32 Decoding the processing of lying using functional connectivity MRI (Behavioral and Brain Functions)
49 views22-01-2015 12:34:11 IJERPH, Vol. 12, Pages 1216-1236: Environmental Pollution from Illegal Waste Disposal and Health Effects: A Review on the `Triangle of Death` (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
36 views21-01-2015 02:49:24 Global analysis of gene expression profiles in physic nut (Jatropha curcas L.) seedlings exposed to drought stress (Epidemiologic Perspectives & Innovations)

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