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26 june 2019

17 views19:03:21 EXD2 Protects Stressed Replication Forks and Is Required for Cell Viability i... (Molecular Cell)
7 views19:00:03 The inhibitory effect of compound ChlA-F on human bladder cancer cell invasio... (Cell Death and Differentiation)
5 views19:00:03 Prmt7 promotes myoblast differentiation via methylation of p38MAPK on arginin... (Cell Death and Differentiation)
4 views19:00:03 REG? ablation impedes dedifferentiation of anaplastic thyroid carcinoma and a... (Cell Death and Differentiation)
13 views17:02:52 Quantitative Analyses of the Yeast Oxidative Protein Folding Pathway In Vitro... (Antioxidants & Redox Signaling)

25 june 2019

18 views21:03:02 Pioneer Factor-Nucleosome Binding Events during Differentiation Are Motif Enc... (Molecular Cell)
17 views21:03:02 Structural Basis of BRCC36 Function in DNA Repair and Immune Regulation (Molecular Cell)
17 views18:00:28 ARIH2 Is a Vif-Dependent Regulator of CUL5-Mediated APOBEC3G Degradation in H... (Cell Host & Microbe)
15 views18:00:27 Interplay between Follistatin, Activin A, and BMP4 Signaling Regulates Postna... (Cell Reports)
13 views18:00:27 Panicle-Shaped Sympathetic Architecture in the Spleen Parenchyma Modulates An... (Cell Reports)
15 views18:00:27 Elav-Mediated Exon Skipping and Alternative Polyadenylation of the Dscam1 Gen... (Cell Reports)
8 views18:00:27 Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cell Engulfment Reveals Metastatic Advantage in Brea... (Cell Reports)
8 views18:00:27 Mutant FUS and ELAVL4 (HuD) Aberrant Crosstalk in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Cell Reports)
7 views18:00:27 Genome-wide Transcript Structure Resolution Reveals Abundant Alternate Isofor... (Cell Reports)
4 views18:00:27 Microglia Are Indispensable for Synaptic Plasticity in the Spinal Dorsal Horn... (Cell Reports)
4 views18:00:27 Dysregulated Glial Differentiation in Schizophrenia May Be Relieved by Suppre... (Cell Reports)
6 views18:00:27 Physical and Molecular Landscapes of Mouse Glioma Extracellular Vesicles Defi... (Cell Reports)
8 views18:00:27 Single-Cell RNA-Seq Reveals Developmental Origins and Ontogenetic Stability o... (Cell Reports)
6 views18:00:27 Immature Low-Density Neutrophils Exhibit Metabolic Flexibility that Facilitat... (Cell Reports)
7 views18:00:27 Glucose Metabolism Drives Histone Acetylation Landscape Transitions that Dict... (Cell Reports)
7 views18:00:27 Metallothionein 3 Controls the Phenotype and Metabolic Programming of Alterna... (Cell Reports)
5 views18:00:27 Activation of a Visual Cortical Column by a Directionally Selective Thalamoco... (Cell Reports)
7 views18:00:27 Small Extracellular Vesicles Are Key Regulators of Non-cell Autonomous Interc... (Cell Reports)
8 views18:00:27 HSF2BP Interacts with a Conserved Domain of BRCA2 and Is Required for Mouse S... (Cell Reports)
7 views18:00:27 Aquaporin-4 Surface Trafficking Regulates Astrocytic Process Motility and Syn... (Cell Reports)
6 views18:00:27 Spiny and Non-spiny Parvalbumin-Positive Hippocampal Interneurons Show Differ... (Cell Reports)
4 views18:00:27 A Role for FACT in RNA Polymerase II Promoter-Proximal Pausing (Cell Reports)
7 views18:00:27 H3K36 Methylation and the Chromodomain Protein Eaf3 Are Required for Proper C... (Cell Reports)
7 views18:00:27 Early Seizure Activity Accelerates Depletion of Hippocampal Neural Stem Cells... (Cell Reports)
6 views18:00:27 SponGee: A Genetic Tool for Subcellular and Cell-Specific cGMP Manipulation (Cell Reports)
6 views18:00:27 CRISPR-READI: Efficient Generation of Knockin Mice by CRISPR RNP Electroporat... (Cell Reports)
8 views18:00:27 Increased Cholesterol Biosynthesis Is a Key Characteristic of Breast Cancer S... (Cell Reports)

24 june 2019

4 views19:00:41 An ARF6-Exportin-5 axis delivers pre-miRNA cargo to tumour microvesicles (Nature Cell Biology)
4 views19:00:41 R-spondin-3 induces secretory, antimicrobial Lgr5+ cells in the stomach (Nature Cell Biology)
4 views19:00:41 Whsc1 links pluripotency exit with mesendoderm specification (Nature Cell Biology)
4 views19:00:41 Tumour vesicular micromachinery uncovered (Nature Cell Biology)
27 views14:00:13 The NuRD chromatin-remodeling complex enzyme CHD4 prevents hypoxia-induced en... (Cell Death and Differentiation)
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Cell Biology

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