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21 february 2019

12 views22:04:07 Distinct Genetic and Functional Traits of Human Intestinal Prevotella copri S... (Cell Host & Microbe)
14 views22:04:07 Staphylococcus aureus Leukocidins Target Endothelial DARC to Cause Lethality ... (Cell Host & Microbe)
13 views21:03:54 hESC-Derived Thalamic Organoids Form Reciprocal Projections When Fused with C... (Cell Stem Cell)
19 views20:04:22 Deubiquitinases Maintain Protein Homeostasis and Survival of Cancer Cells upo... (Cell Metabolism)
11 views20:04:22 Targeted Elimination of Senescent Beta Cells Prevents Type 1 Diabetes (Cell Metabolism)
14 views20:04:22 Mitochondrial Dysfunction in C.elegans Activates Mitochondrial Relocalizatio... (Cell Metabolism)
10 views20:03:45 System-wide Profiling of RNA-Binding Proteins Uncovers Key Regulators of Viru... (Molecular Cell)
9 views20:03:45 MST1 Negatively Regulates TNF?-Induced NF-?B Signaling through Modulating LUB... (Molecular Cell)
7 views19:00:27 Autophagy-Mediated Cholesterol Trafficking Controls Steroid Production (Developmental Cell)
2 views19:00:27 A Gradient in Metaphase Tension Leads to a Scaled Cellular Response in Mitosis (Developmental Cell)
5 views19:00:27 Maternal Ribosomes Are Sufficient for Tissue Diversification during Embryonic... (Developmental Cell)
4 views19:00:27 Assessment and Maintenance of Unigametic Germline Inheritance for C.elegans (Developmental Cell)
4 views19:00:27 Endocardially Derived Macrophages Are Essential for Valvular Remodeling (Developmental Cell)
7 views18:02:31 Targeting an RNA-Binding Protein Network in Acute Myeloid Leukemia (Cancer Cell)
12 views17:02:03 Acetylation Blocks cGAS Activity and Inhibits Self-DNA-Induced Autoimmunity (Cell)
9 views17:02:03 Extensive Heterogeneity and Intrinsic Variation in Spatial Genome Organization (Cell)
9 views17:02:03 Eukaryotic Acquisition of a Bacterial Operon (Cell)
8 views17:02:03 Human Anti-fungal Th17 Immunity and Pathology Rely on Cross-Reactivity agains... (Cell)

20 february 2019

14 views17:04:20 Continued Activity of the Pioneer Factor Zelda Is Required to Drive Zygotic G... (Molecular Cell)
4 views17:04:20 Physical Basis for the Loading of a Bacterial Replicative Helicase onto DNA (Molecular Cell)
17 views16:03:25 miR-96 exerts carcinogenic effect by activating AKT/GSK-3?/?-catenin signalin... (Cancer Cell International)
15 views16:03:25 High expression of Linc00959 predicts poor prognosis in breast cancer (Cancer Cell International)
13 views11:00:04 Sirtuin 6 in preosteoclasts suppresses age- and estrogen deficiency-related b... (Cell Death and Differentiation)
15 views11:00:04 Long noncoding RNA LINC00336 inhibits ferroptosis in lung cancer by functioni... (Cell Death and Differentiation)
12 views08:03:18 Interactions between N-terminal Modules in MPS1 Enable Spindle Checkpoint Sil... (Cell Reports)
13 views08:03:18 AMPK Promotes Xenophagy through Priming of Autophagic Kinases upon Detection ... (Cell Reports)
13 views08:03:18 Absence of Cytosolic 2-Cys Prx Subtypes I and II Exacerbates TNF-?-Induced Ap... (Cell Reports)
15 views08:03:18 ORP4L Extracts and Presents PIP2 from Plasma Membrane for PLC?3 Catalysis: Ta... (Cell Reports)
17 views08:03:18 NR4A Nuclear Receptors Target Poly-ADP-Ribosylated DNA-PKcs Protein to Promot... (Cell Reports)
16 views08:03:18 MAP7D2 Localizes to the Proximal Axon and Locally Promotes Kinesin-1-Mediated... (Cell Reports)
16 views08:03:18 Mass Cytometry Analysis Reveals that Specific Intratumoral CD4+ T Cell Subset... (Cell Reports)
16 views08:03:18 Dynamics of the Eukaryotic Replicative Helicase at Lagging-Strand Protein Bar... (Cell Reports)
10 views08:03:18 Loss of Hepatic Oscillatory Fed microRNAs Abrogates Refed Transition and Caus... (Cell Reports)
13 views08:03:18 An Acinetobacter baumannii, Zinc-Regulated Peptidase Maintains Cell Wall Inte... (Cell Reports)
11 views08:03:18 Human and Extracellular DNA Depletion for Metagenomic Analysis of Complex Cli... (Cell Reports)
11 views08:03:18 Autism and Schizophrenia-Associated CYFIP1 Regulates the Balance of Synaptic ... (Cell Reports)
11 views08:03:18 Reinforcement Learning Recruits Somata and Apical Dendrites across Layers of ... (Cell Reports)
10 views08:03:18 Identifying Extrinsic versus Intrinsic Drivers of Variation in Cell Behavior ... (Cell Reports)
10 views08:03:18 Whole-Organ Genomic Characterization of Mucosal Field Effects Initiating Blad... (Cell Reports)
10 views08:03:18 Filamentous Aggregates Are Fragmented by the Proteasome Holoenzyme (Cell Reports)
10 views08:03:18 Kibra Modulates Learning and Memory via Binding to Dendrin (Cell Reports)
8 views08:03:18 Memory Susceptibility to Retroactive Interference Is Developmentally Regulate... (Cell Reports)
10 views08:03:18 A Cross-Species Analysis Reveals a General Role for Piezo2 in Mechanosensory ... (Cell Reports)
5 views08:03:18 eIF4A3 Phosphorylation by CDKs Affects NMD during the Cell Cycle (Cell Reports)
5 views08:03:18 Decoupling the Roles of Cell Shape and Mechanical Stress in Orienting and Cue... (Cell Reports)
6 views08:03:18 RIG-I Selectively Discriminates against 5-Monophosphate RNA (Cell Reports)
14 views05:02:14 Author Correction: Sin1 phosphorylation impairs mTORC2 complex integrity and ... (Nature Cell Biology)
18 views01:00:02 Publisher Correction: Breaking the chains: deubiquitylating enzyme specificit... (Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology)

19 february 2019

13 views19:03:00 Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Rhythms Are Circadian Clock Controlled and Differen... (Cell Metabolism)
12 views19:03:00 Systematic Dissection of the Metabolic-Apoptotic Interface in AML Reveals Hem... (Cell Metabolism)
12 views19:03:00 Serine Metabolism Supports Macrophage IL-1? Production (Cell Metabolism)
15 views19:03:00 Cancer Metabolism Drives a Stromal Regenerative Response (Cell Metabolism)
20 views19:03:00 Glutamine Metabolism Regulates Proliferation and Lineage Allocation in Skelet... (Cell Metabolism)
15 views19:03:00 A Long-Acting PYY3-36 Analog Mediates Robust Anorectic Efficacy with Minimal ... (Cell Metabolism)
14 views19:03:00 Calcium Signaling Controls Pathogenic Th17 Cell-Mediated Inflammation by Regu... (Cell Metabolism)
17 views18:03:16 Influenza Virus Vaccination Elicits Poorly Adapted B Cell Responses in Elderl... (Cell Host & Microbe)
18 views18:03:16 Persistent Antibody Clonotypes Dominate the Serum Response to Influenza over ... (Cell Host & Microbe)
15 views17:01:49 Microscopy-Based Chromosome Conformation Capture Enables Simultaneous Visuali... (Molecular Cell)
15 views17:01:49 Structural Basis for the Action of an All-Purpose Transcription Anti-terminat... (Molecular Cell)
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