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83 views2020-01-16 18:03:12 IJMS, Vol. 21, Pages 589: Release of Cholecystokinin from Rat Intestinal Mucosal Cells and the Enteroendocrine Cell Line STC-1 in Response to Maleic and Succinic Acid, Fermentation Products of Alcoholic Beverages (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
73 views2020-01-16 19:03:32 [ASAP] Au@MoS2@WS2 Core-Shell Architectures: Combining Vapor Phase and Solution-Based Approaches (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
67 views2020-01-17 03:04:28 [ASAP] Introducing Seven Transition Metal Ions into Terpyridine-Based Supramolecules: Self-Assembly and Dynamic Ligand Exchange Study (Journal of the American Chemical Society)
64 views2020-01-17 05:04:23 [ASAP] High-Pressure Crystallography as a Guide in the Design of Single-Molecule Magnets (Inorganic Chemistry)
62 views2020-01-17 05:04:23 [ASAP] Syntheses of Dioxygenyl Salts by Photochemical Reactions in Liquid Anhydrous Hydrogen Fluoride: X-ray Crystal Structures of a- and -O2Sn2F9, O2Sn2F90.9HF, O2GeF5HF, and O2[Hg(HF)]4(SbF6)9 (Inorganic Chemistry)
61 views2020-01-17 04:02:33 [ASAP] Incorporating Exogenous and Endogenous Exposures into Dietary Risk Assessment of Nitrates and Nitrites in Vegetables: A Probabilistic Integrated Toxicokinetic Modeling Approach (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry)
54 views2020-01-16 22:01:07 Engagement and Retention in HIV Care for Transgender Women: Perspectives of Medical and Social Service Providers in New York City (AIDS Patient Care and STDs)
50 views2020-01-17 03:01:01 [ASAP] Proteomic and Metabolomic Profilings Reveal Crucial Functions of ?-Aminobutyric Acid in Regulating Ionic, Water, and Metabolic Homeostasis in Creeping Bentgrass under Salt Stress (Journal of Proteome Research)
48 views2020-01-16 21:02:56 Medicinal cannabis for psychiatric disorders: a clinically-focused systematic review (BMC Psychiatry)
47 views2020-01-16 19:03:22 Entropy, Vol. 22, Pages 106: Spatio-Temporal Evolution Analysis of Drought Based on Cloud Transformation Algorithm over Northern Anhui Province (Entropy)

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222 views12-01-2020 12:01:41 Energies, Vol. 13, Pages 369: Energy End-Use Categorization and Performance Indicators for Energy Management in the Engineering Industry (Energies)
164 views14-01-2020 22:02:25 Sensors, Vol. 20, Pages 462: Design and Implementation of an On-Chip Low-Power and High-Flexibility System for Data Acquisition and Processing of an Inertial Measurement Unit (Sensors)
162 views14-01-2020 21:03:46 Energies, Vol. 13, Pages 409: Comparative Analysis of Web of Science and Scopus on the Energy Efficiency and Climate Impact of Buildings (Energies)
158 views11-01-2020 18:03:25 Materials, Vol. 13, Pages 344: Continuous Ultrasonic Reactors: Design, Mechanism and Application (Materials)
154 views15-01-2020 05:00:08 [ASAP] Integrated Design and Operation Optimization of Hydrogen Commingled with Natural Gas in Pipeline Networks (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
153 views13-01-2020 20:03:18 Sustainability, Vol. 12, Pages 591: Climate Change Education: Mapping the Nature of Climate Change, the Content Knowledge and Examination of Enactment in Upper Secondary Victorian Curriculum (Sustainability)
142 views10-01-2020 18:02:50 IJERPH, Vol. 17, Pages 457: Design and Validation of a Questionnaire on Communicating Bad News in Nursing: A Pilot Study (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
140 views10-01-2020 18:02:50 IJERPH, Vol. 17, Pages 461: Comment on Lecca, L.I.; Portoghese, I.; Mucci, N.; Galletta, M.; Meloni, F.; Pilia, I.; Marcias, G.; Fabbri, D.; Fostinelli, J.; Lucchini, R.G.; Cocco, P.; Campagna, M. Association between Work-Related Stress and QT Prolongation in Male Workers. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2019, 16, 4781 (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
137 views14-01-2020 17:04:00 Association between objectively measured sleep duration, adiposity and weight loss history (International Journal of Obesity)
131 views15-01-2020 20:03:27 Sustainability, Vol. 12, Pages 640: Stakeholders` Engagement on Nature-Based Solutions: A Systematic Literature Review (Sustainability)

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