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13 november 2019

33 views04:03:29 [ASAP] An Improved High-Throughput Data Processing Based on Combinatorial Mat... (Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry)
17 views04:00:19 [ASAP] Effect of Iron Ions on the Crystal Growth Kinetics and Microstructure ... (Crystal Growth & Design)
18 views04:00:19 [ASAP] Uric Acid Crystallization Interrupted with Competing Binding Agents (Crystal Growth & Design)
19 views04:00:19 [ASAP] Role of Staple Molecules in the Formation of SS Contact in Thioamid... (Crystal Growth & Design)
19 views04:00:19 [ASAP] Solvent-Induced Chirality Switching in the Enantioseparation of Haloge... (Crystal Growth & Design)
21 views04:00:19 [ASAP] A Highly Efficient Near-Infrared-Activated Photocatalyst Based on an E... (Crystal Growth & Design)
18 views04:00:19 [ASAP] Non-Photochemical Pulsed-Laser-Induced Nucleation in a Continuous-Wave... (Crystal Growth & Design)
19 views04:00:19 [ASAP] Metal-p Interactions in Light of Geometry-Corrected Statistical Analysis (Crystal Growth & Design)
19 views03:04:43 [ASAP] Toward Realistic Amorphous Topological Insulators (Nano Letters)
9 views03:03:57 [ASAP] Lead Solubility and Mineral Structures of Coprecipitated Lead/Calcium ... (Environmental Science & Technology)
8 views03:03:57 [ASAP] Nanoholes Regulate the Phytotoxicity of Single-Layer Molybdenum Disulfide (Environmental Science & Technology)
8 views03:03:57 [ASAP] Development of a Handheld Submersible Chemiluminescent Sensor: Quantif... (Environmental Science & Technology)
9 views03:03:57 [ASAP] Pyrolysis of Glyphosate and Its Toxic Products (Environmental Science & Technology)
8 views03:03:57 [ASAP] Sewage from Airplanes Exhibits High Abundance and Diversity of Antibio... (Environmental Science & Technology)
8 views03:03:57 [ASAP] Examining the Temporal Demand and Sustainability of Copper in China (Environmental Science & Technology)
8 views03:03:57 [ASAP] Assessing the Risk of Metals and Their Mixtures in the Antarctic Nears... (Environmental Science & Technology)
9 views03:03:57 [ASAP] A Comparative Study on the Formation of Environmentally Persistent Fre... (Environmental Science & Technology)
10 views03:03:57 [ASAP] Assessing Human Exposure to Chemicals in Materials, Products and Artic... (Environmental Science & Technology)
37 views03:00:53 [ASAP] Proteomic Analysis of an Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Model Reveals S... (Journal of Proteome Research)
10 views03:00:45 [ASAP] Ion Pairing Controls Physical Properties of Ionic Liquid-Solvent Mixtures (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
10 views03:00:45 [ASAP] Elucidating the Thermodynamic Driving Forces of Polyanion-Templated Vi... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
9 views03:00:45 [ASAP] Papain Adsorption on Latex Particles: Charging, Aggregation, and Enzym... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
10 views03:00:45 [ASAP] Understanding Structural Changes through Excited-State Intramolecular ... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
10 views03:00:45 [ASAP] Fully Quantum Chemical Treatment of Chromophore-Protein Interactions i... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
10 views03:00:45 [ASAP] Site-Dependent Fluctuations Optimize Electronic Energy Transfer in the... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
10 views03:00:45 [ASAP] Cholesteryl Hemisuccinate Is Not a Good Replacement for Cholesterol in... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
9 views03:00:45 [ASAP] Controlled Self-Assembly of ?-DNA Networks with the Synergistic Effect... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
9 views03:00:45 [ASAP] Complexation Kinetics of Cyclodextrins with Bile Salt Anions: Energy B... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
9 views03:00:43 [ASAP] Oral Administration of Succinoglycan Riclin Improves Diet-Induced Hype... (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry)
6 views03:00:03 [ASAP] Establishment of an In Vitro-In Vivo Correlation for Melanin Binding a... (Molecular Pharmaceutics)
16 views02:04:53 [ASAP] Dynamics of Liquid 1-Ethyl-3-Methylimidazolium Acetate Measured with I... (Chemistry of Materials)
21 views02:04:53 [ASAP] Rock-Salt-Type MnCo2O3/C as Efficient Oxygen Reduction Electrocatalyst... (Chemistry of Materials)
17 views02:02:24 [ASAP] Monitoring Microalgal Biofilm Growth and Phenol Degradation with Fiber... (Analytical Chemistry)
16 views02:02:24 [ASAP] Advanced Methods for MALDI-MS Imaging of the Chemical Communication in... (Analytical Chemistry)
16 views02:02:24 [ASAP] Precise Measurements of 12CH2D2 by Tunable Infrared Laser Direct Absor... (Analytical Chemistry)
17 views02:02:24 [ASAP] Biosensors Made of Synthetic Functional Nucleic Acids Toward Better Hu... (Analytical Chemistry)
17 views02:02:24 [ASAP] Site-Specific Quantification of Persulfidome by Combining an Isotope-C... (Analytical Chemistry)
15 views02:02:24 [ASAP] Isothermal Titration Calorimetry Enables Rapid Characterization of Enz... (Analytical Chemistry)
15 views02:02:24 [ASAP] Two-Photon Probe for TNF-a. Assessment of the Transmembrane TNF-a Leve... (Analytical Chemistry)
17 views02:02:24 [ASAP] Protein and Proteome Measurements with Microfluidic Chips (Analytical Chemistry)
16 views02:02:24 [ASAP] An Autonomous Nonenzymatic Concatenated DNA Circuit for Amplified Imag... (Analytical Chemistry)
18 views02:02:24 [ASAP] Synergistic Structural Information from Covalent Labeling and Hydrogen... (Analytical Chemistry)
15 views00:02:58 [ASAP] Mutations of Triad Determinants Changes the Substrate Alignment at the... (ACS Chemical Biology)
16 views00:02:58 [ASAP] Lost in (Clinical) Translation: Recent Advances in Heparin Neutralizat... (ACS Chemical Biology)
16 views00:02:58 [ASAP] Targeting Regorafenib-Induced Toxicity through Inhibition of Gut Micro... (ACS Chemical Biology)
14 views00:02:53 [ASAP] Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Crystal Nucleation from Solution at ... (Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation)

12 november 2019

18 views23:03:03 [ASAP] Solubility and Data Correlation of -Arbutin in Different Monosolvents... (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)
16 views23:03:03 [ASAP] Thermodynamic Solubility and Mixing Properties of Phenformin in 14 Pur... (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)
19 views23:03:03 [ASAP] Thermodynamic Modeling and Solubility Measurement of Cetirizine Hydroc... (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)
19 views23:03:03 [ASAP] Modeling the Critical and Phase Equilibrium Properties of Pure Fluids ... (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)
17 views23:03:03 [ASAP] Solubility and Thermodynamic Modeling of Sulfanilamide in 12 Mono Solv... (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)
18 views23:00:35 [ASAP] Highly Efficient Multigram Synthesis of Dibenzoazacyclooctyne (DBCO) w... (Organic Process Research & Development)
19 views23:00:35 [ASAP] Scale-Up of the Manufacturing Process To Produce Docetaxel-Loaded mPEG... (Organic Process Research & Development)
18 views23:00:35 [ASAP] Mapping the Separation Landscape of Pharmaceuticals: Rapid and Efficie... (Organic Process Research & Development)
19 views23:00:08 [ASAP] Synthesis of Isoxazolines and Oxazines by Electrochemical Intermolecul... (Organic Letters)
19 views23:00:08 [ASAP] Spiroalanfurantones A-D, Four Eudesmanolide-Furan Sesquiterpene Adduct... (Organic Letters)
8 views23:00:08 [ASAP] Access to Stereodefined (E)-2-Silylallylboronates via Regioselective C... (Organic Letters)
9 views23:00:08 [ASAP] Green-Light Activatable, Water-Soluble Red-Shifted Coumarin Photocages (Organic Letters)
8 views23:00:08 [ASAP] Ni-Catalyzed Intermolecular Allylic Dearomatization Reaction of Trypto... (Organic Letters)
7 views23:00:07 [ASAP] Quantifying Triplet State Formation in Zinc Dipyrrin Complexes (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
10 views23:00:07 [ASAP] Double-Hybrid Functionals and Tailored Basis Set: Fullerene (C60) Dime... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
9 views23:00:07 [ASAP] Electronegativities of Pauling and Mulliken in Density Functional Theory (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
7 views23:00:07 [ASAP] CO2 Capture on Functionalized Calixarenes: A Computational Study (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
8 views23:00:07 [ASAP] Pyrolysis of Furan and Its Methylated Derivatives: A Shock-Tube/TOF-MS... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
20 views22:04:44 [ASAP] Flexible Thin Film and Bulk Switchable Relaxor Coexisting Most Optimal... (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
20 views22:04:28 [ASAP] Barrier Capability of Skin Lipid Models: Effect of Ceramides and Free ... (Langmuir)
18 views22:04:28 [ASAP] How Confinement Affects the Nucleation, Crystallization, and Dielectri... (Langmuir)
8 views22:04:28 [ASAP] Self-Arranged Levitating Droplet Clusters: A Reversible Transition fro... (Langmuir)
7 views22:04:28 [ASAP] Reversible Redox Switching of Concurrent Luminescence and Visual Color... (Langmuir)
6 views22:04:28 [ASAP] Polarization Effects in Simulations of Kaolinite-Water Interfaces (Langmuir)
8 views22:04:28 [ASAP] BMP-2-Loaded HAp:Ln3+ (Ln = Yb, Er, Gd) Nanorods with Dual-Mode Imagin... (Langmuir)
5 views22:04:28 [ASAP] Complex Coacervation in Asymmetric Solutions of Polycation and Polyanion (Langmuir)
6 views22:04:28 [ASAP] Quaternized Chitosan-Coated Montmorillonite Interior Antimicrobial Met... (Langmuir)
7 views22:04:28 [ASAP] Fabrication of Orange-Emitting Organic Nanoparticle-Protamine Conjugat... (Langmuir)
6 views22:04:28 [ASAP] Correction to `Mechanism of Superlubricity Conversion with Polyalkylen... (Langmuir)
8 views22:04:21 [ASAP] Synthesis of Fmoc-Protected Amino Alcohols via the Sharpless Asymmetri... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
9 views22:04:21 [ASAP] Methoxy Groups Increase Reactivity of Bifunctional Tetraarylphosphoniu... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
8 views22:04:21 [ASAP] Introduction of Aryl Fluorosulfates into the Realm of Catellani Reacti... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
6 views22:04:19 [ASAP] PIEZO1-Mediated Currents Are Modulated by Substrate Mechanics (ACS Nano)
6 views22:03:38 [ASAP] Oxidative Access via Aqua Regia to an Electrophilic, Mesoionic Dicobal... (Organometallics)
8 views22:03:23 [ASAP] Identification and Characterization of New RNA Tetraloop Sequence Fami... (Biochemistry)
10 views22:03:22 [ASAP] Microbial Transformation of Cycloastragenol and Astragenol by Endophyt... (Journal of Natural Products)
9 views22:03:22 [ASAP] Neuroprotective Dihydro--agarofuran-Type Sesquiterpenes from the Seed... (Journal of Natural Products)
11 views22:00:54 [ASAP] Hierarchical Cross-Linked Poly(caprolactone-co-urethane) toward Connec... (Chemistry of Materials)
8 views22:00:54 [ASAP] Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Photomechanical Crystals Consisting of Diaryl... (Chemistry of Materials)
11 views22:00:44 [ASAP] Cardiac Glycoside Compound Isolated from Helleborus thibetanus Franch ... (Chemical Research in Toxicology)
8 views22:00:03 [ASAP] Study on the Re-emulsification Process of Water in Heavy Oil Emulsion ... (Energy & Fuels)
9 views22:00:03 [ASAP] Thermochemical Recycling of Automotive Shredder Residue by Chemical-Lo... (Energy & Fuels)
7 views22:00:03 [ASAP] Crude Oil-Contaminated Soil Treatment and Oil Recovery through Micro-E... (Energy & Fuels)
7 views22:00:03 [ASAP] Fourier-Transform Infrared Proxies for Oil Source and Maturity: Insigh... (Energy & Fuels)
8 views22:00:03 [ASAP] Voltammetric Determination of Formaldehyde at Low Concentrations in th... (Energy & Fuels)
7 views22:00:03 [ASAP] Computational Fluid Dynamics Study of the Flow and Thermochemical Beha... (Energy & Fuels)
6 views22:00:03 [ASAP] Graphitic Carbon Nitride Decorated with CoP Nanocrystals for Enhanced ... (Energy & Fuels)
20 views21:00:02 [ASAP] Comparison of Solution Properties of Polymethylated DOTA-like Lanthani... (Inorganic Chemistry)
21 views21:00:02 [ASAP] Coordination and Dehydrogenation of Diphosphine-Borane Ph2PCH2PPh2BH3... (Inorganic Chemistry)
21 views21:00:02 [ASAP] Intermetallic RE6T5Al7 Phases (RE = Sc, Y, Ce-Nd, Sm, Gd-Lu; T = Ru, I... (Inorganic Chemistry)
19 views21:00:02 [ASAP] Proton-Conducting Humidity-Sensitive NiII-NbIV Magnetic Coordination N... (Inorganic Chemistry)
21 views21:00:02 [ASAP] Blue Phosphorescence with High Quantum Efficiency Engaging the Trifluo... (Inorganic Chemistry)
18 views21:00:02 [ASAP] Coordination of 2,2`-(Trifluoroazanediyl)bis(N,N`-dimethylacetamide) w... (Inorganic Chemistry)
21 views21:00:02 [ASAP] On Transannulation in Azaphosphatranes: Synthesis and Theoretical Anal... (Inorganic Chemistry)
19 views21:00:02 [ASAP] Characterization of Terminal Iron(III)-Oxo and Iron(III)-Hydroxo Compl... (Inorganic Chemistry)
22 views20:02:57 [ASAP] High-Temperature Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis of Light Olefins over Nano-... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
22 views20:02:57 [ASAP] Selective Production of Jet-Fuel-Range Alkanes from Palmitic Acid over... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
20 views20:02:57 [ASAP] Two-Stage Enrichment of Ventilation Air Methane with Vacuum, Temperatu... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
19 views20:00:38 [ASAP] Chemical Imaging of Atmospheric Particles (Accounts of Chemical Research)
21 views20:00:38 [ASAP] The Electrogenerated Cyanomethyl Anion: An Old Base Still Smart (Accounts of Chemical Research)
22 views19:02:45 [ASAP] Identification of a Novel Nitroreductase LNR and Its Role in Pendimeth... (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry)
23 views19:02:45 [ASAP] Quantitation of a-Dicarbonyls and Advanced Glycation Endproducts in Co... (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry)
22 views19:02:45 [ASAP] Genipin-Aided Protein Cross-linking to Modify Structural and Rheologic... (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry)
22 views19:02:45 [ASAP] Enhancing the Sensitivity of the Bio-barcode Immunoassay for Triazopho... (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry)
21 views19:02:45 [ASAP] Flazin as a Promising Nrf2 Pathway Activator (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry)
21 views19:02:37 [ASAP] Could Dissecting the Molecular Framework of -Lactam Integrin Ligands ... (Journal of Medicinal Chemistry)
18 views19:02:37 [ASAP] Discovery of Small Molecule Antagonists of the USP5 Zinc Finger Ubiqui... (Journal of Medicinal Chemistry)
18 views19:02:37 [ASAP] Influence of Non-natural Cationic Amino Acids on the Biological Activi... (Journal of Medicinal Chemistry)
17 views19:00:16 [ASAP] In Vivo Brain Delivery and Brain Deposition of Proteins with Various S... (Molecular Pharmaceutics)
19 views19:00:16 [ASAP] Scalable Self-Assembling Micellar System for Enhanced Oral Bioavailabi... (Molecular Pharmaceutics)
16 views19:00:11 [ASAP] Cold-Responsive Nanoparticle Enables Intracellular Delivery and Rapid ... (Nano Letters)
20 views17:03:32 [ASAP] Copper-Catalyzed Cascade Denitrogenative Transannulation/Hydrolyzation... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
22 views15:02:58 [ASAP] Electron Attachment to DNA Base Pairs: An Interplay of Dipole- and Val... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
27 views15:02:58 [ASAP] Photoinduced Carrier Dynamics at the Interface of Black Phosphorus and... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
23 views15:02:58 [ASAP] H atom Product Channels in the Ultraviolet Photodissociation of the 2-... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
25 views15:02:21 [ASAP] Efficient Low Driving Force Charge Separation in an Electron Deficient... (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
25 views15:02:21 [ASAP] Origin of Chemisorption Energy Scaling Relations over Perovskite Surfaces (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
26 views15:02:21 [ASAP] Magnetic Resonance Characteristics of Negative Polarons in Neat Poly(3... (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
26 views15:02:21 [ASAP] Elucidating the Electronic Structure and Magnetic and Conducting Prope... (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
24 views15:02:21 [ASAP] Understanding the Water Splitting Mechanism on WO3(001)--A Theoretical... (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
30 views03:00:14 [ASAP] Wetting on Micropatterned Surfaces: Partial Penetration in the Cassie ... (Langmuir)
40 views03:00:14 [ASAP] Effect of the Quadrupolar Trap Potential on the Rayleigh Instability a... (Langmuir)
27 views03:00:14 [ASAP] Nanostructured Mixed Layers of Organic Materials Obtained by Nanospher... (Langmuir)
35 views03:00:14 [ASAP] Asymmetric Morphology Transformation of Azo Molecular Glass Microspher... (Langmuir)
27 views03:00:14 [ASAP] Anion Storage Behavior of Graphite Electrodes in LiBF4/Sulfone/Ethyl M... (Langmuir)
28 views03:00:14 [ASAP] Revealing the Sequence-Structure-Electronic Property Relation of Self-... (Langmuir)
28 views03:00:05 [ASAP] Rational Design of Flexible Two-Dimensional MXenes with Multiple Funct... (Chemical Reviews)
52 views02:03:00 [ASAP] Identification and Profiling of Environmental Chemicals That Inhibit t... (Chemical Research in Toxicology)
42 views02:03:00 [ASAP] Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers Quinone Induces NCOA4-Mediated Ferritin... (Chemical Research in Toxicology)
35 views02:03:00 [ASAP] Iron Oxide Nanoparticle-Induced Neoplastic-Like Cell Transformation in... (Chemical Research in Toxicology)
113 views01:03:52 [ASAP] Carboxylic Acid Initiated Organocatalytic Ring-Opening Polymerization ... (Macromolecules)
30 views01:03:52 [ASAP] Reptation of Active Entangled Polymers (Macromolecules)
32 views01:03:52 [ASAP] Tuning Conformational H-Bonding Arrays in Aromatic/Alicyclic Polythiou... (Macromolecules)
36 views01:00:47 [ASAP] Correction to ``Breeding` Diagnostic Antibodies for Higher Assay Perfo... (Analytical Chemistry)
124 views01:00:47 [ASAP] Exploiting the Semidestructive Nature of Gas Cluster Ion Beam Time-of-... (Analytical Chemistry)
28 views01:00:47 [ASAP] Bioluminescent Probe for Monitoring Endogenous Fibroblast Activation P... (Analytical Chemistry)
29 views01:00:47 [ASAP] Multicolor Fluorescence Based on FRET Regulated by Functional Peptides... (Analytical Chemistry)
27 views01:00:47 [ASAP] Portable and Field-Ready Detection of Circulating MicroRNAs with Paper... (Analytical Chemistry)
17 views01:00:47 [ASAP] Simultaneous High-Resolution Detection of Bioenergetic Molecules using... (Analytical Chemistry)
12 views01:00:47 [ASAP] Personalized Drug Efficacy Monitoring Chip (Analytical Chemistry)
21 views01:00:47 [ASAP] Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of Bis(7-(N-(2-morpholinoethyl... (Analytical Chemistry)
18 views01:00:47 [ASAP] Single-/Dual-Responsive pH Fluorescent Probes Based on the Hybridizati... (Analytical Chemistry)
17 views01:00:42 [ASAP] On Excitation Energy Transfer within the Baseplate BChl a-CsmA Complex... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
17 views01:00:06 [ASAP] Fragment-Based Computational Method for Designing GPCR Ligands (Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling)
19 views01:00:03 [ASAP] Theoretical Study on Fe-Se-H Hydrides under High Pressure (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
20 views01:00:03 [ASAP] Label-Free Super-Resolution Imaging of Transparent Dielectric Objects ... (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
13 views01:00:03 [ASAP] Spin Selection Rule in Single-Site Catalysis of Molecular Oxygen Adsor... (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
13 views01:00:03 [ASAP] Molecular Rheology of a Nanometer-Confined Ionic Liquid (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
17 views01:00:03 [ASAP] Flexibility in the Graphene Sheet: The Influence on Gas Adsorption fro... (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
10 views01:00:03 [ASAP] Pressure-Induced Structural Phase Transformation and Yield Strength of... (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
26 views00:03:28 [ASAP] Phase Diagram of AlCl3-FeCl3-H2O(-HCl) Salt Water System at 298.15 K a... (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)
24 views00:03:28 [ASAP] Mean Activity Coefficients of NaCl in the NaCl + SrCl2 + H2O Ternary S... (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)
26 views00:03:28 [ASAP] Highly Efficient Antimonate Removal from Water by Pyrite/Hematite Bi-M... (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)
19 views00:03:26 [ASAP] Improving the Accuracy of PCM-UAHF and PCM-UAKS Calculations Using Opt... (Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation)
29 views00:03:26 [ASAP] Stochastic Resolution of Identity for Real-Time Second-Order Green`s F... (Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation)
23 views00:03:26 [ASAP] Bridge: A Graph-Based Algorithm to Analyze Dynamic H-Bond Networks in ... (Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation)

11 november 2019

23 views23:03:20 [ASAP] Multifunctional Nanorobot System for Active Therapeutic Delivery and S... (Nano Letters)
25 views23:03:20 [ASAP] Molecularly Thin Electrolyte for All Solid-State Nonvolatile Two-Dimen... (Nano Letters)
24 views23:03:20 [ASAP] Transverse Detection of DNA Using a MoS2 Nanopore (Nano Letters)
21 views23:03:20 [ASAP] Polar Organic Solvent-Tolerant Perovskite Nanocrystals Permanently Lig... (Nano Letters)
23 views23:03:18 [ASAP] Discovery of Amidotemplated Natural Product Assembly (Biochemistry)
24 views23:03:18 [ASAP] APEX, a Master Key To Resolve Membrane Topology in Live Cells (Biochemistry)
24 views23:03:18 [ASAP] Ether Hydrolysis, Ether Thiolysis, and the Catalytic Power of Etherase... (Biochemistry)
26 views23:03:18 [ASAP] Glutathione Directly Intercepts DNA Radicals To Inhibit Oxidative DNA-... (Biochemistry)
20 views23:00:23 [ASAP] Soft Bacterial Cellulose Microcapsules with Adaptable Shapes (Biomacromolecules)
29 views23:00:06 [ASAP] Environmental Effects of Silicon within Biochar (Sichar) and Carbon-Si... (Environmental Science & Technology)
21 views22:03:02 [ASAP] Direct Observation of Nanoparticulate Goethite Recrystallization by At... (Environmental Science & Technology)
25 views22:00:19 [ASAP] Deciphering the Antitoxin-Regulated Bacterial Stress Response via Sing... (ACS Chemical Biology)
32 views21:04:49 [ASAP] Validation of Human Sterol 14a-Demethylase (CYP51) Druggability: Struc... (Journal of Medicinal Chemistry)
24 views21:04:47 [ASAP] CO Adsorption and Activation of ?-Fe2C Fischer-Tropsch Catalyst (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
30 views21:04:47 [ASAP] Three-dimensional Interconnected Nanosheet Architecture as a Transitio... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
29 views21:04:47 [ASAP] Preparation of Polyamide Thin-Film Composite Membranes Using Hydrophil... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
29 views21:04:47 [ASAP] Facile Fabrication of Multifunctional Polymer Composites Based on Thre... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
29 views21:04:47 [ASAP] 110th Anniversary: Fluidized-Bed Chemical Reactors for Heterogeneously... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
33 views21:04:47 [ASAP] Preparation of Thermoplastic Polyurethane Parts Reinforced with in Sit... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
29 views21:04:47 [ASAP] Investigation of Gasification Atmosphere on Nickel and Vanadium Transf... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
29 views21:04:47 [ASAP] Preparation and Activity of Copper-Gallium Nanocomposite Catalysts for... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
28 views21:00:06 [ASAP] Determination of Protein-Protein Interactions in a Mixture of Two Mono... (Molecular Pharmaceutics)
28 views21:00:06 [ASAP] Vitamin E-Conjugated Phosphopeptide Inhibitor of the Polo-Box Domain o... (Molecular Pharmaceutics)
35 views20:03:54 [ASAP] In Situ Study of Metabolic Response of Arabidopsis thaliana Leaves to ... (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry)
33 views20:03:54 [ASAP] Phytochemical Profile, Bioactivity, and Prebiotic Potential of Bound P... (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry)
35 views20:03:54 [ASAP] Effect of a Shading Mesh on the Metabolic, Nutritional, and Defense Pr... (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry)
29 views20:03:54 [ASAP] Modulation of Glucosinolate Composition in Brassicaceae Seeds by Germi... (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry)
32 views20:03:54 [ASAP] Comparison of Differences of a-Dicarbonyl Compounds between Naturally ... (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry)
24 views20:03:22 [ASAP] Modular Polymer Antigens To Optimize Immunity (Biomacromolecules)
29 views20:03:22 [ASAP] Addition to `DNA-Inspired Adhesive Hydrogels Based on the Biodegradabl... (Biomacromolecules)
24 views20:03:22 [ASAP] Antibiofilm Platform based on the Combination of Antimicrobial Polymer... (Biomacromolecules)
27 views20:03:10 [ASAP] Ligand-Assisted Volatilization and Thermal Stability of Bis(imido)dich... (Organometallics)
13 views20:00:03 [ASAP] A Potential Hybrid Hole-Transport Material Incorporating a Redox-Activ... (Inorganic Chemistry)
7 views20:00:03 [ASAP] Theoretical Insight into the Performance of MnII/III-Monosubstituted H... (Inorganic Chemistry)
10 views20:00:03 [ASAP] Infrared Spectra of CH3CN?M, M-?2-(NC)-CH3, CH3-MNC Prepared by Reacti... (Inorganic Chemistry)
16 views20:00:03 [ASAP] (Benz-)imidazolin-2-ylidene-benzimidazolatonickel(II) Chelates: Synthe... (Inorganic Chemistry)
18 views20:00:03 [ASAP] A Two-Dimensional Spin-Crossover Coordination Polymer Exhibiting Inter... (Inorganic Chemistry)
18 views20:00:03 [ASAP] Interplay of Tri- and Bidentate Linkers to Evolve Micropore Environmen... (Inorganic Chemistry)
13 views20:00:03 [ASAP] Functional Nanostructured Perovskite Oxides from Radical Polymer Precu... (Inorganic Chemistry)
17 views20:00:02 [ASAP] Utilization of Water Utility Lime Sludge for Flue Gas Desulfurization ... (Energy & Fuels)
12 views20:00:02 [ASAP] Fines Stabilization by Ca Ions and Its Effect on LSW Injection (Energy & Fuels)
19 views20:00:02 [ASAP] Shape-Stabilized Phase Change Material for Solar Thermal Energy Storag... (Energy & Fuels)
13 views20:00:02 [ASAP] Ethanol Spray Combustion under a MILD Condition: A Chemical Kinetic Study (Energy & Fuels)
22 views19:02:48 [ASAP] `Ship-in-Bottle` Strategy to Encapsulate Shape-Controllable Metal Nano... (Chemistry of Materials)
32 views19:02:48 [ASAP] Austalides, Osteoclast Differentiation Inhibitors from a Marine-Derive... (Journal of Natural Products)
27 views19:02:48 [ASAP] Anti-inflammatory and a-Glucosidase Inhibitory Activities of Labdane a... (Journal of Natural Products)
19 views19:02:43 [ASAP] Mn-Enabled Radical-Based Alkyl-Alkyl Cross-Coupling Reaction from 4-Al... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
31 views19:02:43 [ASAP] I2-DMSO-H2O: A Metal-Free Combination System for the Oxidative Additio... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
29 views19:02:43 [ASAP] Donor-Acceptor p-Conjugated Enamines: Functional Group-Compatible Synt... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
27 views19:02:43 [ASAP] Enantioselective Synthesis of CF3S-Containing Compounds via Ir-Catalyz... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
26 views19:02:43 [ASAP] Characterizing Cation Chemistry for Anion Exchange Membranes--A Produc... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
27 views19:02:43 [ASAP] General Approach for the Liquid-Phase Fragment Synthesis of Orthogonal... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
30 views19:02:43 [ASAP] Direct Transformation of N-Protected a,-Unsaturated ?-Amino Amides in... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
26 views18:04:14 [ASAP] Optimization and Gram-Scale Preparation of S-Trifluoromethyl Sulfoximi... (Organic Process Research & Development)
24 views17:02:34 [ASAP] An Aseptic One-Shot Bottom-Up Method To Produce Progesterone Nanocryst... (Molecular Pharmaceutics)
23 views17:02:34 [ASAP] Molecular Mobility Suppression of Ibuprofen-Rich Amorphous Nanodroplet... (Molecular Pharmaceutics)
23 views16:03:30 [ASAP] Aggregation-Induced Emission of Nitrogen-Bridged Naphthalene Monoimide... (Organic Letters)
15 views15:02:41 [ASAP] Salt Dependence of A-Form RNA Duplexes: Structures and Implications (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
16 views15:02:41 [ASAP] Attraction between Like-Charged Macroions Mediated by Specific Counter... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)

10 november 2019

75 views18:03:53 Hospital mortality in acute coronary syndrome: adjustment of GRACE score by D... (BMC Cardiovascular Disorders)
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