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24 january 2020

18 views04:02:52 [ASAP] Integrative X-ray Structure and Molecular Modeling for the Rationaliza... (ACS Chemical Biology)
17 views04:00:08 [ASAP] Proton-Induced Charge Transfer on Imidazole and 2-Aminoimidazole. Role... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
18 views04:00:08 [ASAP] Bridging the Physics and Chemistry of Graphene(s): From Hückel`s Aroma... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
18 views04:00:08 [ASAP] Theoretical Studies of SiC4H2 Isomers Delineate Three Low-Lying Silyli... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
18 views04:00:08 [ASAP] Accelerating Variational Transition State Theory via Artificial Neural... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
17 views04:00:08 [ASAP] Reaction Mechanism and Free Energy Barriers for the Chemisorption of C... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
18 views04:00:08 [ASAP] Gas-Phase Reaction Kinetics of Pyruvic Acid with OH Radicals: The Role... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
17 views04:00:08 [ASAP] The Role of the Density Response Kernel in the Protonation Process (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
18 views04:00:08 [ASAP] Insights into the Luminescence Thermochromism of a Triarylboron Deriva... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
18 views04:00:08 [ASAP] Insight into the Expanded Mislinked Porphyrins with High Second Order ... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
18 views03:00:42 [ASAP] Does the Bubbler Scrub Key Toxicants from Waterpipe Tobacco Smoke?: Me... (Chemical Research in Toxicology)
18 views03:00:42 [ASAP] A Comparison of Potential Azide Antidotes in a Mouse Model (Chemical Research in Toxicology)
20 views03:00:42 [ASAP] Effects of Intermittent versus Chronic-Moderate Ethanol Administration... (Chemical Research in Toxicology)
19 views03:00:27 [ASAP] Assessing the One-Bond Ca-H Spin-Spin Coupling Constants in Proteins: ... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
19 views03:00:27 [ASAP] Li Coordination of a Novel Asymmetric Anion in Ionic Liquid-in-Li Salt... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
19 views03:00:27 [ASAP] Conformational Preferences of DNA Strands from the Promoter Region of ... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
19 views03:00:27 [ASAP] System Size Dependence of Hydration-Shell Occupancy and Its Implicatio... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
20 views03:00:27 [ASAP] Comparing Alchemical Free Energy Estimates to Experimental Values Base... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
15 views03:00:02 [ASAP] Enabling Molecular Gapping and Bridging on a Biosensing Surface via El... (Analytical Chemistry)
6 views03:00:02 [ASAP] Ion Mobility Separation Using a Dual-LIT Miniature Mass Spectrometer (Analytical Chemistry)
6 views03:00:02 [ASAP] Increasing the Accessibility for Characterizing Microplastics: Introdu... (Analytical Chemistry)
6 views03:00:02 [ASAP] Hydrogen Bonding between Tetrahydrocannabinol and Vitamin E Acetate in... (Analytical Chemistry)
6 views03:00:02 [ASAP] Performance Evaluation of Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering-Polymerase... (Analytical Chemistry)
7 views03:00:02 [ASAP] Bioorthogonal Reactions Amplify Magnetic Nanoparticles Binding and Ass... (Analytical Chemistry)
6 views03:00:02 [ASAP] Analysis of Tryptophan Metabolites in Serum Using Wide-Isolation Strat... (Analytical Chemistry)
7 views03:00:02 [ASAP] Low-Level Fusion of Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spe... (Analytical Chemistry)
15 views02:00:31 [ASAP] Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium for the Ternary Systems Water + 1-Butanol + ... (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)
12 views02:00:31 [ASAP] Physicochemical Observation of the Impact of Various Additives on the ... (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)
25 views02:00:24 [ASAP] Gain-Scanning for Protein Microarray Assays (Journal of Proteome Research)
18 views02:00:24 [ASAP] 1H NMR-Based Metabolic Profiles Delineate the Anticancer Effect of Vit... (Journal of Proteome Research)
17 views02:00:24 [ASAP] The Hydroxyproline Proteome of HeLa Cells with Emphasis on the Active ... (Journal of Proteome Research)
17 views02:00:14 [ASAP] Evaluation of Absorption and Plasma Pharmacokinetics of Tyrosol Acyl E... (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry)
9 views01:00:10 [ASAP] Hollow Fiber-Type Facilitated Transport Membrane Composed of a Polymer... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
6 views01:00:10 [ASAP] Comment on `Three-Phase Equilibrium Computations for Hydrocarbon-Water... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
6 views01:00:10 [ASAP] Sensor Fusion with Irregular Sampling and Varying Measurement Delays (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
7 views01:00:10 [ASAP] Facile Fabrication of Multifunctional Poly(ethylene-co-octene)/Carbon ... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
6 views01:00:10 [ASAP] Continuous Semi-Micro Reactor Prototype for the Electrochemical Reduct... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
6 views01:00:10 [ASAP] Enhanced Energy Savings from Simultaneous Triple Esterification of C4-... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
5 views01:00:10 [ASAP] Improvement of H2O2 Utilization by the Persistent Heterogeneous Fenton... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
16 views00:03:33 [ASAP] Reconciling Simulated Ensembles of Apomyoglobin with Experimental Hydr... (Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation)
17 views00:01:00 [ASAP] Synthesis of 4,7-Difunctionalized Indoles via Imino Exchange and Sulfi... (Organic Letters)
16 views00:01:00 [ASAP] Open-Air Stereoselective Construction of C-Aryl Glycosides (Organic Letters)
15 views00:01:00 [ASAP] Regioselective Wacker-Type Oxidation of Internal Olefins in tBuOH Usin... (Organic Letters)
15 views00:01:00 [ASAP] Heterologous Expression Leads to Discovery of Diversified Lobophorin A... (Organic Letters)
16 views00:01:00 [ASAP] Visible-Light-Promoted Photocatalyst-Free Hydroacylation and Diacylati... (Organic Letters)
16 views00:01:00 [ASAP] Catalytic Diastereoselective [5 + 2] Annulation of N-Acryloyl Indoles ... (Organic Letters)
16 views00:00:57 [ASAP] Exploring Chloride Selectivity and Halogenase Regioselectivity of the ... (Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling)
17 views00:00:34 [ASAP] Photoelectron Spectroscopy on Polycyclic Hydrocarbon-F6TCNNQ Interfaces (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
17 views00:00:34 [ASAP] Zeta Potential Determination from Molecular Simulations (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
16 views00:00:34 [ASAP] Energy-Efficient Stacks--Covellite (CuS) on Polyethylene Terephthalate... (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
16 views00:00:34 [ASAP] Observation of Extremely Weakly Interacting OH (~3600 cm-1) in the Vic... (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
16 views00:00:34 [ASAP] Whispering Gallery Mode Lasing from CH3NH3PbBr3/PEO Composites Grown i... (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
22 views00:00:34 [ASAP] Surface and Bulk Distribution of Fluorides and Ti3+ Species in TiO2 Na... (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
16 views00:00:34 [ASAP] Electron Transfer in Rhodamine-TiO2 Complexes Studied as a Function of... (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
8 views00:00:34 [ASAP] Toward an Improved Method for Determining the Hamaker Constant of Soli... (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
8 views00:00:34 [ASAP] High-Pressure Synthesis of Cyclic Phosphazenes by Near-UV Photoinduced... (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
8 views00:00:34 [ASAP] Light Exposure Promotes Degradation of Intermediates and Growth of Pho... (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
7 views00:00:34 [ASAP] Thermodynamic Determination of Bimetallic Particle Geometry: Suitabili... (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
8 views00:00:34 [ASAP] Modulation of Surface Bonding Topology: Oxygen Bridges on OH-Terminate... (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
7 views00:00:34 [ASAP] Self-Assembly of a Two-Dimensional Sheet with Ta@Si16 Superatoms and I... (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
7 views00:00:34 [ASAP] Observation of Femtosecond Acoustic Anomaly in a Solid Liquid Interface (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
9 views00:00:33 [ASAP] Short-Term Iodine Dynamics in Soil Solution (Environmental Science & Technology)
10 views00:00:33 [ASAP] Freezing-Induced Bromate Reduction by Dissolved Organic Matter and the... (Environmental Science & Technology)
5 views00:00:16 [ASAP] Metal Complexes of Two Specific Regions of ZnuA, a Periplasmic Zinc(II... (Inorganic Chemistry)
4 views00:00:16 [ASAP] Coordination-Assisted Reversible Photoswitching of Spiropyran-Based Pl... (Inorganic Chemistry)
6 views00:00:16 [ASAP] Effect of the Counteranion on the Formation Pathway of Cu2ZnSnS4 (CZTS... (Inorganic Chemistry)
5 views00:00:16 [ASAP] Selective Lanthanide Sensing with Gold Nanoparticles and Hydroxypyridi... (Inorganic Chemistry)

23 january 2020

13 views23:03:01 [ASAP] Micelle Self-Assembly and Chain Exchange Kinetics of Tadpole Block Cop... (Macromolecules)
14 views23:03:01 [ASAP] Universal Approach to Photo-Crosslink Bottlebrush Polymers (Macromolecules)
15 views23:03:01 [ASAP] Solution-Processable Porous Nanoparticles of a Conjugated Ladder Polym... (Macromolecules)
16 views23:02:44 [ASAP] Toggling Preassembly with Single-Site Mutation Switches the Cytotoxic ... (Journal of Medicinal Chemistry)
15 views23:02:44 [ASAP] Developing Inhibitors of the p47phox-p22phox Protein-Protein Interacti... (Journal of Medicinal Chemistry)
15 views23:02:44 [ASAP] Plasmepsin Inhibitors in Antimalarial Drug Discovery: Medicinal Chemis... (Journal of Medicinal Chemistry)
16 views23:02:29 [ASAP] Role of Gas Coal in Directional Regulation of Sulfur during Coal-Blend... (Energy & Fuels)
14 views23:02:29 [ASAP] Effect of Using Rejuvenators on the Chemical, Thermal, and Rheological... (Energy & Fuels)
14 views23:02:29 [ASAP] Interfacial Behaviors of Ionic Liquid Cations and Asphaltenes at Oil-W... (Energy & Fuels)
14 views23:02:29 [ASAP] Characterization of Inorganic Solids Present in Brazilian Crude Oil Em... (Energy & Fuels)
13 views23:02:29 [ASAP] ? Potential as a Measure of Asphalt Emulsion Stability (Energy & Fuels)
15 views23:02:29 [ASAP] Impact of Sodium on the Formation Mechanism and Physicochemical Proper... (Energy & Fuels)
14 views23:02:29 [ASAP] The Adsorption and Desorption Behavior of CH4 on Jincheng Anthracite M... (Energy & Fuels)
6 views23:02:29 [ASAP] Density Functional Theory Study of Steam Effect on SeO2 Capture by CaO... (Energy & Fuels)
7 views23:02:29 [ASAP] SnO2@C@Fe3O4 Sandwich-like Hollow Nanospheres for High-Performance Lit... (Energy & Fuels)
7 views23:02:28 [ASAP] A Perspective on Continuous Flow Chemistry in the Pharmaceutical Industry (Organic Process Research & Development)
7 views23:00:02 [ASAP] Tuning the Supramolecular Structure and Function of Collagen Mimetic I... (Langmuir)
8 views23:00:02 [ASAP] Surface Interactions between Water-in-Oil Emulsions with Asphaltenes a... (Langmuir)
8 views23:00:02 [ASAP] Droplet Directional Movement on the Homogeneously Structured Superhydr... (Langmuir)
8 views23:00:02 [ASAP] Interaction of Vitamin K1 and Vitamin K2 with Dimyristoylphosphatidylc... (Langmuir)
7 views23:00:02 [ASAP] Structural Arrest and Phase Transition in Glassy Nanocellulose Colloids (Langmuir)
7 views23:00:02 [ASAP] Investigation of Au SAMs Photoclick Derivatization by PM-IRRAS (Langmuir)
7 views23:00:02 [ASAP] Hydrogel Matrix-Grafted Impedimetric Aptasensors for the Detection of ... (Langmuir)
21 views21:00:32 Molecules, Vol. 25, Pages 491: Innovative Three-Step Microwave-Promoted Synth... (Molecules)

21 january 2020

15 views17:03:03 Sensors, Vol. 20, Pages 593: Consumption Optimization in an Office Building C... (Sensors)
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