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19 july 2019

15 views05:04:15 [ASAP] Plasmonic Transition Metal Carbide Electrodes for High-Performance InS... (ACS Nano)
14 views05:04:01 [ASAP] Ligation Technologies for the Synthesis of Cyclic Peptides (Chemical Reviews)
15 views05:03:34 [ASAP] Formation of Copper(I) Oxide- and Copper(I) Cyanide-Polyacetonitrile N... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
15 views05:03:34 [ASAP] Ultrafast Excited-State Intermolecular Proton Transfer in Indigo Oligomer (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
14 views05:03:34 [ASAP] Hierarchical Basis Sets for the Calculation of Nuclear Magnetic Resona... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
15 views05:03:34 [ASAP] Chemical Bond Mechanism for Helium Revealed by Electronic Excitation (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
9 views05:01:09 [ASAP] High-Pressure Studies on the Chain and Segmental Dynamics of a Series ... (Macromolecules)
7 views05:00:17 [ASAP] Cell-Based Metabolomics for Untargeted Screening and Prioritization of... (Environmental Science & Technology)
17 views03:03:21 [ASAP] Three-Dimensional Ordered Macroporous Metal-Organic Framework Single C... (Nano Letters)
17 views03:00:19 [ASAP] Stereoselective Synthesis of the C1-C22 Carbon Framework of (-)-Amphid... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
19 views03:00:19 [ASAP] Synthesis of N-Alkylpyridin-4-ones and Thiazolo[3,2-a]pyridin-5-ones t... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
16 views03:00:19 [ASAP] High-Affinity Binding of Metallacarborane Cobalt Bis(dicarbollide) Ani... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
16 views03:00:19 [ASAP] Pd-Catalyzed Carbonylation of Acyl Azides (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
19 views03:00:18 [ASAP] Strategy and Methodology in the Synthesis of Multicomponent Molecular ... (Accounts of Chemical Research)
16 views03:00:18 [ASAP] Hydrogen Bond Enhanced Halogen Bonds: A Synergistic Interaction in Che... (Accounts of Chemical Research)
18 views03:00:18 [ASAP] Design Principles, Sensing Mechanisms, and Applications of Highly Spec... (Accounts of Chemical Research)
20 views03:00:18 [ASAP] Isomer Effects of Fullerene Derivatives on Organic Photovoltaics and P... (Accounts of Chemical Research)
21 views02:02:43 [ASAP] Probing the Differential Dynamics of the Monomeric and Dimeric Insulin... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
26 views02:02:43 [ASAP] The Interplay between Charge Transport and CO2 Capturing Mechanism in ... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
23 views02:02:43 [ASAP] Investigation of a Pathway for Water Delivery in Photosystem II Protei... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
20 views02:02:43 [ASAP] Is it Always Chemical When Amino Groups Come Across CO2? Anion-Anion-I... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
20 views02:02:43 [ASAP] Formation and Characterization of Air-Stable Lipid Bilayer Membranes I... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
25 views01:03:23 [ASAP] How Does the Recently Discovered Peptide MIP Exhibit Much Higher Bindi... (Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling)
22 views01:03:21 [ASAP] Impacts of Penconazole and Its Enantiomers Exposure on Gut Microbiota ... (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry)
23 views01:03:21 [ASAP] Role of Characteristic Components of Humulus lupulus in Promoting Huma... (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry)
41 views01:03:21 [ASAP] Anti-Inflammatory and Cytoprotective Effect of Plant Sterol and Galact... (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry)
19 views01:03:21 [ASAP] Metabolism, Excretion, and Tissue Distribution of Astilbin-Zein Nanopa... (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry)
20 views01:03:21 [ASAP] Atypical Nitrogen-Containing Flavonoid in the Fruits of Cumin (Cuminum... (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry)
20 views01:00:53 [ASAP] Like Dissolves Like? A Comprehensive Evaluation of Partial Solubility ... (Biomacromolecules)
20 views00:03:52 [ASAP] Implications of Indenyl Substitution for the Structural Chemistry of R... (Organometallics)
19 views00:03:52 [ASAP] Aryloxy Alkyl Magnesium versus Dialkyl Magnesium in the Lanthanidocene... (Organometallics)
21 views00:03:47 [ASAP] Numerical Simulation of a Natural Gas Cylindrical Cyclone Separator Us... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
23 views00:03:47 [ASAP] Automated Model Selection in Principal Component Analysis: A New Appro... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
20 views00:03:47 [ASAP] Oscillation Detection in Process Industries by a Machine Learning-Base... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
20 views00:03:47 [ASAP] Structural Factors Determining Thermal Stability Limits of Ionic Liqui... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
17 views00:03:47 [ASAP] 110th Anniversary: Reversible Solubilization of Polar Polymers and Pol... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
20 views00:03:47 [ASAP] 110th Anniversary: Comparison of Cavitation Devices Based on Linear an... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
21 views00:03:47 [ASAP] `110th Anniversary:` Interactions of Bis(1-methyl-1-phenylethyl) Perox... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
19 views00:03:47 [ASAP] A Crown Ether-Containing Copolyimide Membrane with Improved Free Volum... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
17 views00:03:47 [ASAP] Amide-Functionalized Ionic Liquids As Curing Agents for Epoxy Resin: P... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
21 views00:03:47 [ASAP] Ultramicroporous Metal-Organic Framework with Polar Groups for Efficie... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
12 views00:03:41 [ASAP] Novel Meta-iodobenzylguanidine-Based Copper Thiosemicarbazide-1-guanid... (Journal of Medicinal Chemistry)
12 views00:03:35 [ASAP] Two-step Gasification of Biochar for Hydrogen-Rich Gas Production: Eff... (Energy & Fuels)
13 views00:03:17 [ASAP] Rhodium-Catalyzed Asymmetric Allylic Dearomatization of ß-Naphthols: E... (Organic Letters)
13 views00:03:17 [ASAP] Iron(0)-Mediated Reformatsky Reaction for the Synthesis of ß-Hydroxyl ... (Organic Letters)
14 views00:03:17 [ASAP] Catalytic Asymmetric and Divergent Synthesis of Tricyclic and Tetracyc... (Organic Letters)
14 views00:03:17 [ASAP] Ligand-Dependent-Controlled Copper-Catalyzed Regio- and Stereoselectiv... (Organic Letters)
12 views00:03:17 [ASAP] Aerobic a,ß-C(sp3)-H Bond Difunctionalization and C-N Bond Cleavage of... (Organic Letters)
8 views00:03:17 [ASAP] Isothiocyanates as H2S Donors Triggered by Cysteine: Reaction Mechanis... (Organic Letters)
8 views00:02:34 [ASAP] Toward Efficient GW Calculations Using Numerical Atomic Orbitals: Benc... (Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation)
7 views00:02:34 [ASAP] QM/MM Study of the Uracil DNA Glycosylase Reaction Mechanism: A Compet... (Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation)
11 views00:02:23 [ASAP] Mallopenins A-E, Antibacterial Phenolic Derivatives from the Fruits of... (Journal of Natural Products)
11 views00:00:02 [ASAP] Enantiopure Chiral Two-dimensional Sinusoidal Lanthanide(III) Coordina... (Crystal Growth & Design)
9 views00:00:02 [ASAP] Polymorphism of R-Encenicline Hydrochloride: Access to the Highest Num... (Crystal Growth & Design)
11 views00:00:02 [ASAP] A Stochastic Population Balance Equation Model for Nucleation and Grow... (Crystal Growth & Design)

18 july 2019

17 views23:02:53 [ASAP] Palladium-Catalyzed Synthesis of Deuterated Alkenes through Deuterodec... (Organic Process Research & Development)
16 views23:02:53 [ASAP] Purification of Artemisinin from the Product Solution of a Semisynthet... (Organic Process Research & Development)
19 views23:02:41 [ASAP] Can Galactose Be Converted to Glucose in HepG2 Cells? Improving the in... (Chemical Research in Toxicology)
19 views23:02:41 [ASAP] Controlled Photodynamic Action of Axial Fluorinated DiethoxyP(V)tetrak... (Chemical Research in Toxicology)
16 views22:03:45 [ASAP] Design of Trp-Rich Dodecapeptides with Broad-Spectrum Antimicrobial Po... (Journal of Medicinal Chemistry)
22 views22:03:45 [ASAP] Highly Selective Inhibition of Tyrosine Kinase 2 (TYK2) for the Treatm... (Journal of Medicinal Chemistry)
18 views22:03:45 [ASAP] Opportunities and Challenges in Phenotypic Screening for Neurodegenera... (Journal of Medicinal Chemistry)
20 views22:03:45 [ASAP] Monosaccharide Analogues of Anticancer Peptide R-Lycosin-I: Role of Mo... (Journal of Medicinal Chemistry)
27 views22:03:45 [ASAP] Novel Human Aminopeptidase N Inhibitors: Discovery and Optimization of... (Journal of Medicinal Chemistry)
9 views22:00:46 [ASAP] Discerning the Structure Factor of Charged Micelles in Water and Super... (Langmuir)
7 views22:00:46 [ASAP] In Situ Single-Molecule AFM Investigation of Surface-Induced Fibrinoge... (Langmuir)
6 views22:00:46 [ASAP] Tailoring the Adsorption of ACE-Inhibiting Peptides by Nitrogen Functi... (Langmuir)
5 views22:00:46 [ASAP] Hopanoid-like Sterols Form Compact but Fluid Films (Langmuir)
7 views22:00:46 [ASAP] Coalescence-Induced Swift Jumping of Nanodroplets on Curved Surfaces (Langmuir)
17 views21:00:25 [ASAP] Naturally Occurring Lumazines (Journal of Natural Products)
7 views20:03:07 [ASAP] Does the Cloud Point Temperature of a Polymer Correlate with Its Kinet... (Energy & Fuels)
8 views20:03:07 [ASAP] Liquefaction Behavior of Lignin in Different Alcohol Solvents under th... (Energy & Fuels)
6 views20:03:07 [ASAP] Organic Geochemically Significant High-Molecular-Mass Sulfur Compounds... (Energy & Fuels)
6 views20:03:07 [ASAP] Improved Sensitivity of Natural Gas Infrared Measurements Using a Fill... (Energy & Fuels)
5 views20:03:07 [ASAP] Study on Adsorption and Desorption Performances of Trace C4-C6 Alkane ... (Energy & Fuels)
9 views20:02:57 [ASAP] Droplet-Flow Photopolymerization Aided by Computer: Overcoming the Cha... (Macromolecules)
10 views20:02:57 [ASAP] Expanding Polyethylene and Polypropylene Applications to High-Energy A... (Macromolecules)
9 views20:00:33 [ASAP] Learning Shapelets for Improving Single-Molecule Nanopore Sensing (Analytical Chemistry)
11 views20:00:33 [ASAP] Paper-Based All-in-One Origami Microdevice for Nucleic Acid Amplificat... (Analytical Chemistry)
8 views20:00:16 [ASAP] Solubility and Solvent Effect of Acetamiprid in Thirteen Pure Solvents... (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)
14 views20:00:16 [ASAP] Solid-Liquid Equilibrium of Binary Systems Containing Fatty Acids and ... (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)
9 views20:00:16 [ASAP] Parametric Analysis of Mandelic Acid Separation from Aqueous Solutions... (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)
21 views19:02:30 [ASAP] Nose Temperature and Anticorrelation between Recrystallization Kinetic... (Molecular Pharmaceutics)
19 views18:03:10 [ASAP] Mineral Defects Enhance Bioavailability of Goethite toward Microbial F... (Environmental Science & Technology)
18 views18:03:01 [ASAP] Deterministic Assembly of Three-Dimensional Suspended Nanowire Structures (Nano Letters)
19 views18:03:01 [ASAP] Plasmonic Nanolasers Enhanced by Hybrid Graphene-Insulator-Metal Struc... (Nano Letters)
17 views18:03:01 [ASAP] Membrane-Mimetic Dendrimersomes Engulf Living Bacteria via Endocytosis (Nano Letters)
21 views18:03:01 [ASAP] Double Switch Biodegradable Porous Hollow Trinickel Monophosphide Nano... (Nano Letters)
17 views15:03:17 [ASAP] Study of Flow-Driven Translocation of Flexible Polymer Chains through ... (Macromolecules)
22 views05:00:58 [ASAP] Fluorescence Enhancement Induced by Curing Reaction in Nanostructured ... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
26 views05:00:58 [ASAP] Raman and Quantum Yield Studies of Trp48-d5 in Azurin: Closed-Shell an... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
22 views05:00:58 [ASAP] Conformers of Ubiquitin 6+ for Different Charge Distributions: Atomist... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
24 views05:00:15 [ASAP] Organic Photocatalyst for ppm-Level Visible-Light-Driven Reversible Ad... (Macromolecules)
27 views05:00:15 [ASAP] Self-Complementary Multiple Hydrogen-Bonding Additives Enhance Thermom... (Macromolecules)
22 views05:00:15 [ASAP] Nonionic Amphiphilic Linear Dendritic Block Copolymers. Solvent-Induce... (Macromolecules)
26 views05:00:15 [ASAP] Multifunctional Linear and Hyperbranched Five-Membered Cyclic Carbonat... (Macromolecules)
22 views04:02:34 [ASAP] Synthesis of S-Alkyl Phosphinocarbodithioates with Switch between P(II... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
22 views04:02:34 [ASAP] Inhibitory and Cooperative Effects Regulated by pH in Host-Guest Compl... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
19 views04:02:34 [ASAP] Spirocyclic Tetramates by Sequential Knoevenagel and [1,5]-Prototropic... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
22 views04:02:34 [ASAP] Atom-Transfer Radical Addition of Alcohols to Aliphatic Alkynes (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
9 views04:02:32 [ASAP] Coupled Cluster Theory with Induced Dipole Polarizable Embedding for G... (Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation)
16 views03:01:20 [ASAP] pH-Assisted Gelation of Lactose-Modified Chitosan (Biomacromolecules)
30 views03:01:01 [ASAP] Influence of the Composition of Raw Bio-Oils on Their Valorization in ... (Energy & Fuels)
34 views03:01:01 [ASAP] Enhancing the Biogas Production of Sludge Anaerobic Digestion by a Com... (Energy & Fuels)
18 views03:01:01 [ASAP] Influence of Adding Asphaltenes and Gas Condensate on CO2 Hydrate Form... (Energy & Fuels)
26 views03:01:01 [ASAP] Detailed One-Dimensional Model for Steam-Biomass Gasification in a Bub... (Energy & Fuels)
23 views03:01:01 [ASAP] Adsorption and Oxidation of Mercury by Montmorillonite Powder Modified... (Energy & Fuels)
24 views02:00:07 [ASAP] Charge Delocalization on BO4- Centers to Improve Conductivity on Singl... (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
19 views02:00:07 [ASAP] Magnetic Circular Dichroism of Substoichiometric Molybdenum Oxide (MoO... (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
21 views02:00:07 [ASAP] Mechanism of Photoluminescence in Ag Nanoclusters: Metal-Centered Emis... (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
23 views02:00:07 [ASAP] Transition Metal Ion-Based Nanocrystalline Luminescent Thermometry in ... (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
20 views02:00:07 [ASAP] Theoretical Prediction of the Strong Solvent Effect on Reduced Ethylen... (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
36 views01:04:06 [ASAP] Shape-Adaptive, Self-Healable Triboelectric Nanogenerator with Enhance... (ACS Nano)
24 views01:04:06 [ASAP] Transition of Deformation Mechanisms in Single-Crystalline Metallic Na... (ACS Nano)
23 views01:04:06 [ASAP] Two-Dimensional Ti3C2Tx MXene Membranes as Nanofluidic Osmotic Power G... (ACS Nano)
22 views01:04:06 [ASAP] Fiber-Coupled Luminescent Concentrators for Medical Diagnostics, Agric... (ACS Nano)
28 views01:04:00 [ASAP] Antibacterial Salinaphthoquinones from a Strain of the Bacterium Salin... (Journal of Natural Products)
8 views01:02:40 [ASAP] Global Aromaticity in Macrocyclic Polyradicaloids: Hückel`s Rule or Ba... (Accounts of Chemical Research)
23 views00:03:03 [ASAP] Palladium-Catalyzed Annulation of Phenazastannines with 9-(Dibromometh... (Organic Process Research & Development)
18 views00:03:03 [ASAP] Asymmetric Transfer Hydrogenation in Thermomorphic Microemulsions Base... (Organic Process Research & Development)
31 views00:00:26 [ASAP] Highly pH-Dependent Chemoselective Transfer Hydrogenation of a,ß-Unsat... (Organometallics)
19 views00:00:18 [ASAP] Stability of Charge Transfer States in F4TCNQ-Doped P3HT (Chemistry of Materials)
19 views00:00:18 [ASAP] Measurement of the Solubility of Diclazuril and Discussion of the Effe... (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)
22 views00:00:18 [ASAP] Influence of a-Olefin Concentration and Length on the High-Pressure Ph... (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)
23 views00:00:18 [ASAP] Solid-Liquid Equilibrium Measurements for Posaconazole and Voriconazol... (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)

17 july 2019

26 views23:03:13 [ASAP] Sulfamyl Radicals Direct Photoredox-Mediated Giese Reactions at Unacti... (Organic Letters)
23 views23:03:13 [ASAP] Modular Continuous Flow Synthesis of Imatinib and Analogues (Organic Letters)
30 views23:00:25 [ASAP] Molecular Computations of Preferential Interaction Coefficients of IgG... (Molecular Pharmaceutics)
25 views23:00:11 [ASAP] Effect of Iodination on the Photophysics of the Laser Borane anti-B18H... (Inorganic Chemistry)
24 views23:00:11 [ASAP] Generation of Microsecond Charge-Separated Excited States in Rhenium(I... (Inorganic Chemistry)
121 views23:00:11 [ASAP] Positive Charge on Porphyrin Ligand and Nature of Metal Center Define ... (Inorganic Chemistry)
25 views23:00:11 [ASAP] Long-Lived Trimetallic Complexes of Fe(II), Ru(II), and Os(II) Based o... (Inorganic Chemistry)
25 views23:00:11 [ASAP] Mechanistic Investigation of Oxygen Rebound in a Mononuclear Nonheme I... (Inorganic Chemistry)
24 views23:00:11 [ASAP] Coordination Isomers of Trinuclear Pt2Hg Complex That Differ in Type o... (Inorganic Chemistry)
26 views23:00:11 [ASAP] Spinel LiMn2O4 Nanofiber: An Efficient Electrocatalyst for N2 Reductio... (Inorganic Chemistry)
28 views20:00:45 [ASAP] Thymol Mediates Bactericidal Activity against Staphylococcus aureus by... (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry)
28 views20:00:45 [ASAP] The Role of IP3 in NO-Enhanced Chilling Tolerance in Peach Fruit (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry)
42 views20:00:43 [ASAP] A Novel Water-Swelling Sampling Probe for in Vivo Detection of Neonico... (Environmental Science & Technology)
28 views20:00:43 [ASAP] Fate of Labile Organic Carbon in Paddy Soil Is Regulated by Microbial ... (Environmental Science & Technology)
25 views20:00:43 [ASAP] Cellular Responses to Exposure to Outdoor Air from the Chinese Spring ... (Environmental Science & Technology)
25 views20:00:35 [ASAP] Lewis Acidic PSbP Pincer Ligand in Pt-Catalyzed 1,6-Enyne Cycloisomeri... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
17 views20:00:28 [ASAP] Effect of Ions on the Optical Absorption Spectra of Aqueously Solvated... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
18 views20:00:28 [ASAP] Combined Experimental and Theoretical Survey of the Gas-Phase Reaction... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
17 views17:04:14 [ASAP] Bioinspired Production of Noniridescent Structural Colors by Adhesive ... (Langmuir)
18 views17:04:14 [ASAP] Deposition of Aminomalononitrile-Based Films: Kinetics, Chemistry, and... (Langmuir)
26 views17:04:14 [ASAP] Creation of High-Density and Low-Defect Molecular Films with a Flat-on... (Langmuir)
18 views17:04:14 [ASAP] Anion Specificity Effects on the Interfacial Aggregation Behavior of P... (Langmuir)
23 views17:04:14 [ASAP] Silver Mesh Electrodes via Electroless Deposition-Coupled Inkjet-Print... (Langmuir)
20 views17:01:04 [ASAP] Scattering from Melts of Combs and Bottlebrushes: Molecular Dynamics S... (Macromolecules)
12 views17:01:04 Nutrients, Vol. 11, Pages 1626: Effects of Anserine/Carnosine Supplementation... (Nutrients)
23 views16:03:12 [ASAP] Stable Multimetallic Nanoparticles for Oxygen Electrocatalysis (Nano Letters)
32 views16:00:14 [ASAP] MsDBP: Exploring DNA-Binding Proteins by Integrating Multiscale Sequen... (Journal of Proteome Research)
28 views05:00:20 [ASAP] Discovery of a Thiadiazole-Pyridazine-Based Allosteric Glutaminase 1 I... (Journal of Medicinal Chemistry)
32 views05:00:15 [ASAP] Monitoring Base-Specific Dynamics during Melting of DNA-Ligand Complex... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
23 views05:00:15 [ASAP] Computational Study of Glycerol Binding within the Active Site of Coen... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
20 views05:00:15 [ASAP] Correction to `Thermal, Mutual, and Self-Diffusivities of Binary Liqui... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
34 views05:00:15 [ASAP] Possible Proton Conduction Mechanism in Pseudo-Protic Ionic Liquids: A... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
29 views05:00:15 [ASAP] Halogen Bond Structure and Dynamics from Molecular Simulations (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
28 views05:00:15 [ASAP] Ergosterol-Induced Ordered Phase in Ternary Lipid Mixture Systems of U... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
30 views05:00:15 [ASAP] Comprehensive Insight into the Protein-Surface Biomolecular Interactio... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
27 views04:03:32 [ASAP] Cyanoacetylenes as Triggers and Partners in KOH-Assisted Assemblies of... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
38 views04:03:32 [ASAP] A Photochemical Route to Optically Active Hexahydro-4H-furopyranol, a ... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
24 views04:03:32 [ASAP] Nickel-Catalyzed Direct Alkenylation of Methyl Heteroarenes with Prima... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
28 views04:03:32 [ASAP] Synthesis of ?-Pyrones from Formal [4 + 2] Cyclization of Ketene Dithi... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
32 views04:03:32 [ASAP] Transition-Metal-Free Synthesis of Fused Quinazolinones by Oxidative C... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
40 views04:03:32 [ASAP] Inhibitory Evaluation of aPMM/PGM from Pseudomonas aeruginosa: Chemica... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
17 views04:03:23 [ASAP] RhI, IrIII ,and CoIII Complexes with Atropchiral Biaryl Cyclopentadien... (Organometallics)
45 views04:03:05 [ASAP] Water-Soluble Poly(3-hydroxyalkanoate) Sulfonate: Versatile Biomateria... (Biomacromolecules)
17 views04:02:59 [ASAP] Light- and pH-Controlled Hierarchical Coassembly of Peptide Amphiphiles (Langmuir)
14 views04:02:59 [ASAP] Mn2+-Assisted DNA Oligonucleotide Adsorption on Ti2C MXene Nanosheets (Langmuir)
19 views04:02:59 [ASAP] Controlled Tuning of the Size of Ag-Hydrosol Nanoparticles by Nonstabi... (Langmuir)
17 views04:02:59 [ASAP] Contrasting Assemblies of Oppositely Charged Proteins (Langmuir)
17 views04:02:59 [ASAP] Fluorescence Polarization for Probing DNA Adsorption by Nanomaterials ... (Langmuir)
42 views04:02:59 [ASAP] Designing an `Off-On` Fluorescence Sensor Based on Cluster-Based CaII-... (Langmuir)
23 views04:02:59 [ASAP] Label-Free Exosome Detection Based on a Low-Cost Plasmonic Biosensor A... (Langmuir)
19 views04:02:59 [ASAP] Triplet-Triplet Annihilation-Based Upconversion Sensitized by a Revers... (Langmuir)
20 views04:02:59 [ASAP] Ion Concentration Polarization for Microparticle Mesoporosity Differen... (Langmuir)
20 views04:02:33 [ASAP] Human Vault Nanoparticle Targeted Delivery of Antiretroviral Drugs to ... (Bioconjugate Chemistry)
26 views03:00:33 [ASAP] Molecular Routes to Two-Dimensional Metal Dichalcogenides MX2 (M = Mo,... (Inorganic Chemistry)
23 views03:00:33 [ASAP] Synthesis and Performance in OLEDs of Selenium-Containing Phosphoresce... (Inorganic Chemistry)
23 views03:00:33 [ASAP] Structural and Spectroscopic Investigation of Novel 2D and 3D Uranium ... (Inorganic Chemistry)
76 views03:00:33 [ASAP] Azobenzene Decorated NbO-Type Metal-Organic Framework for High-Capacit... (Inorganic Chemistry)
25 views03:00:33 [ASAP] Hierarchical Gelation of a Pd12L24 Metal-Organic Cage Regulated by Cho... (Inorganic Chemistry)
21 views03:00:33 [ASAP] Mössbauerite as Iron-Only Layered Oxyhydroxide Catalyst for WO3 Photoa... (Inorganic Chemistry)
24 views03:00:33 [ASAP] The Path of Gallium from Chemical Bath into ZnO Nanowires: Mechanisms ... (Inorganic Chemistry)
24 views03:00:33 [ASAP] Influence of Host-Guest and Host-Host Interactions on the Spin-Crossov... (Inorganic Chemistry)
26 views03:00:33 [ASAP] Iron(II) Mediated Desulfurization of Organosulfur Substrates Produces ... (Inorganic Chemistry)
27 views03:00:33 [ASAP] Effect of Fluorination on the Structure and Anti-Trypanosoma cruzy Act... (Inorganic Chemistry)
114 views03:00:33 [ASAP] One-Pot-Architectured Au-Nanodot-Promoted MoS2/ZnIn2S4: A Novel p-n He... (Inorganic Chemistry)
23 views03:00:33 [ASAP] Tailored Tunnel Magnetoresistance Response in Three Ultrathin Chromium... (Nano Letters)
25 views03:00:33 [ASAP] Potential Applications of Heterostructures of TMDs with MXenes in Sodi... (Nano Letters)
21 views03:00:33 [ASAP] Realizing Efficient Charge/Energy Transfer and Charge Extraction in Fu... (Nano Letters)
38 views03:00:33 [ASAP] Immunomodulatory Lipocomplex Functionalized with Photosensitizer-Embed... (Nano Letters)
27 views03:00:31 [ASAP] Procaspase-3 Overexpression in Cancer: A Paradoxical Observation with ... (ACS Chemical Biology)
23 views03:00:16 [ASAP] Synthesis of Unsymmetrical Derivatives of Pentacene for Materials Appl... (Accounts of Chemical Research)
31 views03:00:16 [ASAP] Organic and Organometallic Chemistry at the Single-Molecule, -Particle... (Accounts of Chemical Research)
10 views01:03:01 [ASAP] Quantum Ensembles of Silicon Nanoparticles: Discrimination of Static a... (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
14 views01:03:01 [ASAP] Selective Excited-State Dynamics in a Unique Set of Rationally Designe... (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
13 views01:03:01 [ASAP] Multifunctional Few-Layer MoS2 for Photodetection and Surface-Enhanced... (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
13 views01:03:01 [ASAP] CO2 Behavior in a Highly Selective Ultramicroporous Framework: Insight... (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
12 views01:03:01 [ASAP] Bromine Substituent Position Triggered Halogen versus Hydrogen Bond in... (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
13 views01:03:01 [ASAP] Chemical Effect of Halide Ligands on the Electromechanical Properties ... (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
12 views01:03:01 [ASAP] Halogen Bonding and Cooperative Effects in Chlorine Clathrate: Ab Init... (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
9 views01:03:01 [ASAP] Trapping of Gd(III) Ions by Keplerate Polyanionic Nanocapsules in Wate... (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
10 views01:03:01 [ASAP] Oxygen-Sensitive Photoluminescence of Rare Earth Ions in TiO2 Thin Films (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
26 views00:00:10 [ASAP] Mechanochemical Nonhydrolytic Sol-Gel-Strategy for the Production of M... (Chemistry of Materials)
20 views00:00:10 [ASAP] Asymmetric 3D Hole-Transporting Materials Based on Triphenylethylene f... (Chemistry of Materials)
25 views00:00:10 [ASAP] Inner and Outer Surface Functionalizations of Ultrasmall Fluorescent S... (Chemistry of Materials)
26 views00:00:10 [ASAP] Combined Theoretical and Experimental Investigations of Atomic Doping ... (Chemistry of Materials)
22 views00:00:10 [ASAP] Intersystem Subpopulation Charge Transfer and Conformational Relaxatio... (Chemistry of Materials)
20 views00:00:10 [ASAP] Correction to Cascade-Promoted Photo-Chemotherapy against Resistant Ca... (Chemistry of Materials)
33 views00:00:10 [ASAP] Self-Healing Hydrogel with a Double Dynamic Network Comprising Imine a... (Chemistry of Materials)
24 views00:00:10 [ASAP] Hydroxide Ion Diffusion in Anion-Exchange Membranes at Low Hydration: ... (Chemistry of Materials)

16 july 2019

24 views23:03:24 [ASAP] pH Dependence of Arsenic Oxidation by Rice-Husk-Derived Biochar: Roles... (Environmental Science & Technology)
23 views23:03:24 [ASAP] Taking Stock of Built Environment Stock Studies: Progress and Prospects (Environmental Science & Technology)
22 views23:03:00 [ASAP] Solubility Measurement, Correlation, and Molecular Interactions of 3-M... (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)
20 views23:03:00 [ASAP] Effective Removal of Humic Acid from Aqueous Solution in an Al-Based M... (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)
22 views23:03:00 [ASAP] Correction to `Investigation of Binary Mixtures Containing 1-Ethyl-3-m... (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)
24 views23:03:00 [ASAP] Solubility Study of (2E)-1-(3-Pyridyl)-3-(dimethylamino)-2-propen-1-on... (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)
19 views23:00:04 [ASAP] Defect-Tolerant Plasmonic Elliptical Resonators for Long-Range Energy ... (ACS Nano)
14 views23:00:04 [ASAP] Correction to Simultaneous Diagnosis and Gene Therapy of Immuno-Reject... (ACS Nano)
10 views23:00:04 [ASAP] Nonuniform Crowding Enhances Transport (ACS Nano)
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