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22 april 2019

13 views09:04:17 Molecules, Vol. 24, Pages 1576: An Investigation on Glucuronidation Metabolit... (Molecules)

21 april 2019

35 views22:00:32 IJMS, Vol. 20, Pages 1954: Identification of Tea Plant Purple Acid Phosphatas... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
39 views18:04:50 Nutrients, Vol. 11, Pages 899: Uncontrolled Eating during Pregnancy Predicts ... (Nutrients)
37 views07:00:10 Molecules, Vol. 24, Pages 1572: Analyzing Secondary Structure Patterns in DNA... (Molecules)

20 april 2019

37 views22:04:37 Entropy, Vol. 21, Pages 422: The Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Steering and Its Cer... (Entropy)
66 views16:03:10 Nutrients, Vol. 11, Pages 893: Potential Nutritional and Metabolomic Advantag... (Nutrients)
72 views15:01:27 Sensors, Vol. 19, Pages 1884: An Interoperable Access Control Framework for D... (Sensors)
29 views13:00:02 Materials, Vol. 12, Pages 1303: Effect of Microbiological Growth Components f... (Materials)
46 views12:02:44 Nutrients, Vol. 11, Pages 892: Specific Collagen Peptides in Combination with... (Nutrients)
110 views12:00:12 Sustainability, Vol. 11, Pages 2369: The Influence of Geographical Factors in... (Sustainability)
24 views11:02:14 Marine Drugs, Vol. 17, Pages 237: Dokdolipids A-C, Hydroxylated Rhamnolipids ... (Marine Drugs)
125 views10:04:26 Viruses, Vol. 11, Pages 363: Identification of a Novel Gammaherpesvirus in Ca... (Viruses)
31 views10:01:31 Sensors, Vol. 19, Pages 1883: Event-Triggered Ephemeral Group Communication a... (Sensors)
30 views09:03:34 Molecules, Vol. 24, Pages 1566: Probing the Effect of Bulky Lesion-Induced Re... (Molecules)
28 views09:03:34 Molecules, Vol. 24, Pages 1567: A Stapled Peptide Mimic of the Pseudosubstrat... (Molecules)
27 views08:04:28 Viruses, Vol. 11, Pages 362: Twenty-Five Years of Structural Parvovirology (Viruses)
74 views07:04:15 Sustainability, Vol. 11, Pages 2364: Bayesian-Based NIMBY Crisis Transformati... (Sustainability)
26 views06:01:40 IJMS, Vol. 20, Pages 1939: How Charge and Triple Size-Selective Membrane Sepa... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
37 views03:01:05 `Global deal for nature` fleshed out with specific conservation goals (Nature)

19 april 2019

23 views20:02:32 Sensors, Vol. 19, Pages 1879: A Polyamidoamine Dendrimer-Based Electrochemica... (Sensors)
26 views17:01:30 Molecules, Vol. 24, Pages 1548: Silibinin Downregulates the NF-?B Pathway and... (Molecules)
25 views17:01:30 Molecules, Vol. 24, Pages 1542: Activation and Disproportionation of Zr2Fe Al... (Molecules)
24 views17:01:30 Molecules, Vol. 24, Pages 1557: Future Prospects in the Treatment of Parasiti... (Molecules)
22 views14:04:25 IJMS, Vol. 20, Pages 1926: Dating Whole Genome Duplication in Ceratopteris th... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
22 views14:04:25 IJMS, Vol. 20, Pages 1937: A Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification Assay for... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
13 views14:01:32 Two alternative mechanisms regulate the onset of chaperone-mediated assembly ... (Journal of Biological Chemistry)
8 views14:01:32 Defining the mechanism of action of S1QELs, specific suppressors of superoxid... (Journal of Biological Chemistry)
5 views14:01:32 Isotopic tagging of oxidized and reduced cysteines (iTORC) for detecting and ... (Journal of Biological Chemistry)
10 views14:01:32 Differential interactions of missing in metastasis and insulin receptor tyros... (Journal of Biological Chemistry)
8 views14:01:32 Molecular basis of cullin-3 (Cul3) ubiquitin ligase subversion by vaccinia vi... (Journal of Biological Chemistry)
8 views14:01:32 Specificity from nonspecific interaction: regulation of tumor necrosis factor... (Journal of Biological Chemistry)
9 views14:01:32 The endoplasmic reticulum (ER) chaperones BiP and Grp94 selectively associate... (Journal of Biological Chemistry)
8 views14:01:32 Trout myomaker contains 14 minisatellites and two sequence extensions but ret... (Journal of Biological Chemistry)
7 views14:01:32 Polyglutamylation of tubulin`s C-terminal tail controls pausing and motility ... (Journal of Biological Chemistry)
6 views14:01:32 Cross-talk between N-terminal and C-terminal domains in stromal interaction m... (Journal of Biological Chemistry)
7 views14:01:32 Design of split superantigen fusion proteins for cancer immunotherapy [Protei... (Journal of Biological Chemistry)
8 views14:01:32 In vivo localization of human acetylcholinesterase-derived species in a {beta... (Journal of Biological Chemistry)
11 views14:01:32 A synthetic non-histone substrate to study substrate targeting by the Gcn5 HA... (Journal of Biological Chemistry)
20 views13:04:17 Remote Sensing, Vol. 11, Pages 945: Relative Radiometric Calibration of Airbo... (Remote Sensing)
20 views13:03:48 Viruses, Vol. 11, Pages 360: First Evidence of Antibodies Against Lloviu Viru... (Viruses)
19 views12:01:51 Energies, Vol. 12, Pages 1489: Feasibility Study on Variable-Speed Air Condit... (Energies)
22 views11:01:28 Sensors, Vol. 19, Pages 1869: Optimizing the Scale of a Wavelet-Based Method ... (Sensors)
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