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RSS FeedsMolecules, Vol. 26, Pages 5626: Slow Magnetic Relaxation in {[CoCxAPy)] 2.15 H2O}n MOF Built from Ladder-Structured 2D Layers with Dimeric SMM Rungs (Molecules)


16 september 2021 15:37:23

Molecules, Vol. 26, Pages 5626: Slow Magnetic Relaxation in {[CoCxAPy)] 2.15 H2O}n MOF Built from Ladder-Structured 2D Layers with Dimeric SMM Rungs (Molecules)

We present the magnetic properties of the metal-organic framework {[CoCxAPy]·2.15 H2O}n (Cx = bis(carboxypropyl)tetramethyldisiloxane; APy = 4,4`-azopyridine) (1) that builds up from the stacking of 2D coordination polymers. The 2D-coordination polymer in the bc plane is formed by the adjacent bonding of [CoCxAPy] 1D two-leg ladders with Co dimer rungs, running parallel to the c-axis. The crystal packing of 2D layers shows the presence of infinite channels running along the c crystallographic axis, which accommodate the disordered solvate molecules. The Co(II) is six-coordinated in a distorted octahedral geometry, where the equatorial plane is occupied by four carboxylate oxygen atoms. Two nitrogen atoms from APy ligands are coordinated in apical positions. The single-ion magnetic anisotropy has been determined by low temperature EPR and magnetization measurements on an isostructural compound {[Zn0.8Co0.2CxAPy]·1.5 CH3OH}n (2). The results show that the Co(II) ion has orthorhombic anisotropy with the hard-axis direction in the C2V main axis, lying the easy axis in the distorted octahedron equatorial plane, as predicted by the ab initio calculations of the g-tensor. Magnetic and heat capacity properties at very low temperatures are rationalized within a S* = 1/2 magnetic dimer model with anisotropic antiferromagnetic interaction. The magnetic dimer exhibits slow relaxation of the magnetization (SMM) below 6 K in applied field, with a tlf ≈ 2 s direct process at low frequencies, and an Orbach process at higher frequencies with U/kB = 6.7 ± 0.5 K. This compound represents a singular SMM MOF built-up of Co-dimers with an anisotropic exchange interaction.

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