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25 january 2022

39 views03:29:47 [ASAP] Enantioselective Radical Reactions Using Chiral Catalysts (Chemical Reviews)
35 views03:20:05 [ASAP] Glenthenamines AF: Enamine Pyranonaphthoquinones from the Australian P... (Journal of Natural Products)
46 views03:18:36 [ASAP] Conditional Alternative Protein Splicing Promoted by Inteins from Halo... (Biochemistry)

24 january 2022

43 views23:19:19 [ASAP] Self-IsomerizedCyclometalated Rhodium NHC Complexes as Active Catalyst... (Organometallics)
48 views23:18:47 [ASAP] RGD-Modified Titanium as an Improved Osteoinductive Biomaterial for Us... (Bioconjugate Chemistry)
43 views23:09:30 [ASAP] Simultaneous Polar Metabolite and NGlycan Extraction Workflow for Join... (Journal of Proteome Research)
51 views23:09:30 [ASAP] MetaNetwork Enhances Biological Insights from Quantitative Proteomics ... (Journal of Proteome Research)
42 views23:09:01 [ASAP] Dipolar Interactions and Protein Hydration in Highly Concentrated Anti... (Molecular Pharmaceutics)
39 views23:08:59 [ASAP] Molecular Dynamics Study on the Condensation of PAH Molecules on Quasi... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
49 views23:07:07 [ASAP] Fully Automated Creation of Virtual Chemical Fragment Spaces Using the... (Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling)
38 views23:07:02 [ASAP] Exploration of Twin-Pocket Aldimine Luminophore for Ultrasensitive As3... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
41 views23:07:02 [ASAP] Cellulose-Based Conductive Films with Superior Joule Heating Performan... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
39 views23:07:02 [ASAP] Construction of Tensile Strength and Density Prediction Models for Sem... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
40 views22:59:18 [ASAP] Synthesis, Structure, and Photophysical Properties of BN-Embedded Anal... (Organic Letters)
35 views22:59:18 [ASAP] ESelective Ring-Closing Metathesis in Helical Stapled Peptides Using C... (Organic Letters)
39 views22:49:25 [ASAP] Salting-Out-Assisted LiquidLiquid Extraction for Nicotine from Its Aqu... (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)
47 views19:09:47 [ASAP] Deformation-Induced Phase Transformations in Gold Nanoribbons with the... (ACS Nano)
49 views19:09:47 [ASAP] Scaffold-Free Spheroids with Two-Dimensional Heteronano-Layers (2DHNL)... (ACS Nano)
40 views19:09:32 [ASAP] Template-Free Synthesis of an Interlocked Covalent Organic Molecular Cage (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
39 views19:00:05 [ASAP] R346K Mutation in the Mu Variant of SARS-CoV2 Alters the Interactions ... (Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling)
54 views18:59:30 [ASAP] Single-Cell Quantitative Phenotyping via the Aptamer-Mounted Nest-PCR ... (Analytical Chemistry)
38 views18:59:30 [ASAP] Construction of Two-Dimensional Fluorescent Covalent Organic Framework... (Analytical Chemistry)
44 views18:51:01 [ASAP] Hepatic Fatty Acid Profiles Associated with Exposure to Emerging and L... (Environmental Science & Technology)
39 views18:51:01 [ASAP] Understanding Selectivity in SoluteSolute Separation: Definitions, Mea... (Environmental Science & Technology)
41 views18:49:23 [ASAP] Discovery and Development of Dolastatin 10-Derived Antibody Drug Conju... (Journal of Natural Products)
37 views18:48:52 [ASAP] The Biochemical Landscape of Riboswitch Ligands (Biochemistry)
39 views18:48:52 [ASAP] Resolving the Hydride Transfer Pathway in Oxidative Conversion of Prol... (Biochemistry)
40 views15:39:35 [ASAP] Self-Bonded Hydrogel Inverse Opal Particles as Sprayed Flexible Patch ... (ACS Nano)
35 views15:38:56 [ASAP] Substituent and Solvent Effects on the Photoisomerization of Cinnamate... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
42 views15:29:48 [ASAP] Highly Efficient Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence Quenching on Lipid... (Analytical Chemistry)
46 views15:29:14 [ASAP] Inclusion of Desolvation Energy into ProteinProtein Docking through At... (Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling)
56 views11:29:08 [ASAP] Time-Resolved Infrared Spectroscopy with Multivariate Analysis on Phot... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
47 views11:20:11 [ASAP] Electrochromic Behavior Originating from the W6+/W5+ Redox in Aurivill... (Inorganic Chemistry)
53 views11:20:11 [ASAP] Spontaneous Dissolution of Oxometalates Boosting the Surface Reconstru... (Inorganic Chemistry)
44 views11:20:11 [ASAP] One-Pot Dual Catalysis of a Photoactive Coordination Polymer and Palla... (Inorganic Chemistry)
52 views11:18:42 [ASAP] Metal-Based Linear Light Upconversion Implemented in Molecular Complex... (Accounts of Chemical Research)
43 views11:07:17 [ASAP] Carbene Character in a Series of Neutral PCcarbeneP Cobalt(I) Complexe... (Organometallics)
47 views11:00:34 [ASAP] Facile Synthesis of Butenolides and Maleic Anhydrides via Annulation o... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)

23 january 2022

61 views23:09:12 [ASAP] Isolation and Quantification of Methylated Cell-Free DNA in Plasma on ... (Analytical Chemistry)
54 views23:08:01 [ASAP] Chiral Bicyclic NHC/Rh Complexes and Their Application to Catalytic As... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
49 views23:07:49 [ASAP] Magnolol Hybrid Nanofibrous Mat with Antibacterial, Anti-Inflammatory,... (Biomacromolecules)
89 views03:09:40 [ASAP] Ligand Optimization of Exchange Interaction in Co(II) Dimer Single Mol... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
56 views02:48:10 [ASAP] Metal-Ion Coupling in MetalOrganic Framework Materials Regulating the ... (Inorganic Chemistry)

22 january 2022

76 views18:38:00 [ASAP] SolidLiquid Equilibria and Kinetics of the Solid Formation in Binary a... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
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