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9 march 2021

35 views02:41:06 [ASAP] Data Filtering and Its Prioritization in Pipelines for Spatial Segment... (Analytical Chemistry)
23 views02:39:28 [ASAP] Uptake, Stability, and Activity of Antisense Anti-acpP PNA-Peptide Con... (ACS Chemical Biology)
25 views02:38:35 [ASAP] Controlling Pd-Catalyzed N-Arylation and Dimroth Rearrangement in the ... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
27 views02:31:21 [ASAP] Aromatic and Aliphatic Apiuronides from the Bark of Cinnamomum cassia (Journal of Natural Products)
27 views02:31:14 [ASAP] Recent Progress in Bile Acid-Based Antimicrobials (Bioconjugate Chemistry)
27 views02:28:01 [ASAP] Phosphocholine-Decorated PPI-Dendrimers Mimic Cell Membrane Phosphocho... (Biomacromolecules)

8 march 2021

32 views22:51:43 [ASAP] Metabolomic Changes after Subacute Exposure to Polycyclic Aromatic Hyd... (Environmental Science & Technology)
39 views22:51:42 [ASAP] Superior Oxidative Dehydrogenation Performance toward NH3 Determines t... (Environmental Science & Technology)
39 views22:51:42 [ASAP] Silica Nanoparticle Dissolution Rate Controls the Suppression of Fusar... (Environmental Science & Technology)
35 views22:49:47 [ASAP] Spectroscopic Investigation of a Metal–Metal-Bonded Fe6 Single-Molec... (Inorganic Chemistry)
37 views22:48:07 [ASAP] Singlet Oxygen Quantum Yields in Environmental Waters (Chemical Reviews)
30 views22:47:29 [ASAP] Updates on metaQuantome Software for Quantitative Metaproteomics (Journal of Proteome Research)
36 views22:47:29 [ASAP] An Update on MRMAssayDB: A Comprehensive Resource for Targeted Proteom... (Journal of Proteome Research)
31 views22:47:12 [ASAP] Asymmetric Synthesis of γ-Lactams Containing α,β-Contiguous Stereoc... (Organic Letters)
28 views22:47:12 [ASAP] A Flavin-Dependent Monooxygenase Mediates Divergent Oxidation of Rifam... (Organic Letters)
26 views22:47:11 [ASAP] 2:1 versus 1:1 Coupling of Alkylacetylenes with Secondary Amines: Sele... (Organic Letters)
34 views22:47:11 [ASAP] Correction to “Rubriflordilactones A and B, Two Novel Bisnortriterpe... (Organic Letters)
28 views22:47:11 [ASAP] Visible-Light-Induced Catalyst-Free Carboxylation of Acylsilanes with ... (Organic Letters)
34 views22:47:11 [ASAP] Electroselective and Controlled Reduction of Cyclic Imides to Hydroxyl... (Organic Letters)
33 views22:47:10 [ASAP] Cobalt-Catalyzed Dearomatization of Indoles via Transfer Hydrogenation... (Organic Letters)
28 views22:39:58 [ASAP] Microfluidics for Liquid Biopsies: Recent Advances, Current Challenges... (Analytical Chemistry)
35 views22:39:58 [ASAP] Correction to “Dual-Emissive Probe for Reversible Visualization of ... (Analytical Chemistry)
29 views22:39:41 [ASAP] C–C versus C–H Activation: Understanding How the Carbene π-Accept... (Organometallics)
27 views22:39:41 [ASAP] Synthesis and Characterization of 2,2-Dimethylpent-4-en-1-yl Complexes... (Organometallics)
36 views22:38:35 [ASAP] Gas-Phase Anionic Metal Clusters are Model Systems for Surface Oxidati... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
26 views22:38:24 [ASAP] Synthesis of All Thiophene-Based [7]Helicenes and Trithienothiepines w... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
27 views22:38:24 [ASAP] Asymmetric Transfer Hydrogenation of Arylidene-Substituted Chromanones... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
22 views22:38:22 [ASAP] Mechanisms of Scaffold-Mediated Microcompartment Assembly and Size Con... (ACS Nano)
32 views22:31:19 [ASAP] Customized Fading Scaffolds: Strong Polyorthoester Networks via Thiol... (Biomacromolecules)
25 views22:28:26 [ASAP] Using Deposition Rate and Substrate Temperature to Manipulate Liquid C... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
29 views22:28:26 [ASAP] Structural Arrangement within a Peptide Fibril Derived from the Glauco... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
27 views22:28:26 [ASAP] Quantum Dots for Improved Single-Molecule Localization Microscopy (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
26 views22:28:26 [ASAP] Conformational Ensemble of TteAdoCbl Riboswitch Provides Stable Struct... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
31 views22:17:59 [ASAP] Celebrating Women in the Pharmaceutical Sciences (Molecular Pharmaceutics)
38 views18:48:25 [ASAP] Mapping Yearly Fine Resolution Global Surface Ozone through the Bayesi... (Environmental Science & Technology)
40 views18:48:14 [ASAP] A SARS-CoV-2 Peptide Spectral Library Enables Rapid, Sensitive Identif... (Journal of Proteome Research)
35 views18:48:14 [ASAP] Chemical Depletion of Histidine-Containing Peptides Allows Identificat... (Journal of Proteome Research)
35 views18:48:13 [ASAP] PHONEMeS: Efficient Modeling of Signaling Networks Derived from Large-... (Journal of Proteome Research)
34 views18:40:34 [ASAP] The Origin of the Sheet Size Predicament in Graphene Macroscopic Papers (ACS Nano)
32 views18:40:34 [ASAP] Identifying the Manipulation of Individual Atomic-Scale Defects for Bo... (ACS Nano)
30 views18:40:34 [ASAP] Inverse Evolution of Helicity from the Molecular to the Macroscopic Le... (ACS Nano)
29 views18:40:32 [ASAP] Solid Solutions between PbVO3 and BiCoO3 (Inorganic Chemistry)
28 views18:40:31 [ASAP] Calixarene-Protected Titanium-Oxo Clusters and Their Photocurrent Resp... (Inorganic Chemistry)
38 views18:37:51 [ASAP] Nonaqueous MEA/PEG200 Absorbent with High Efficiency and Low Energy Co... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
40 views18:37:51 [ASAP] Kinetics of the Reduction of 4-Nitrophenol by Silver Nanoparticles Imm... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
33 views18:31:18 [ASAP] [3 + 2]-Annulation of gem-Difluoroalkenes and Pyridinium Ylides: Acces... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
27 views18:29:16 [ASAP] Reversible Control of DNA Binding with Cucurbit[8]uril-Induced Supramo... (Bioconjugate Chemistry)
29 views18:27:34 [ASAP] Salt Solubility and Saturated Electrical Conductivity Data for Water +... (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)
29 views18:27:34 [ASAP] Thermophysical Properties of 1-Butyl-3-methylimidazolium tris(pentaflu... (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)
31 views18:27:06 [ASAP] Dihydro-β-agarofuran-Type Sesquiterpenoids from the Seeds of Celastru... (Journal of Natural Products)
29 views18:20:19 [ASAP] Bayesian Particle Instance Segmentation for Electron Microscopy Image ... (Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling)
37 views14:31:22 [ASAP] Solution-Based Group 14 Zintl Anions: New Frontiers and Discoveries (Accounts of Chemical Research)

6 march 2021

50 views22:50:21 [ASAP] Spin-Coupled Generalized Valence Bond Theory: New Perspectives on the ... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
54 views22:38:11 [ASAP] Ultrafast Directional Janus Pt–Mesoporous Silica Nanomotors for Smar... (ACS Nano)
41 views22:29:57 [ASAP] Iridium(III) Complex-Loaded Perfluoropropane Nanobubbles for Enhanced ... (Bioconjugate Chemistry)
39 views22:27:36 [ASAP] Redox-Neutral 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition of 2H-Azirines with 2,4,6-Tria... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
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