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13 august 2022

45 views23:17:52 [ASAP] Unconditioned Symmetric Solid-Contact Electrodes for Potentiometric Se... (Analytical Chemistry)
47 views19:18:57 [ASAP] Low Levels of Contaminants Stimulate Harmful Algal Organisms and Enric... (Environmental Science & Technology)
56 views03:22:45 [ASAP] A Metabolite Produced by Gut Microbes Represses Phage Infections in Vi... (ACS Chemical Biology)
49 views00:23:44 [ASAP] Structure-Based Identification of Naphthoquinones and Derivatives as N... (Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling)
52 views00:21:38 [ASAP] Integrating-Sphere-Assisted Resonance Synchronous Spectroscopy for the... (Analytical Chemistry)
61 views00:21:38 [ASAP] Amplified Drug Delivery System with a Pair of Master Keys Triggering P... (Analytical Chemistry)

12 august 2022

59 views23:59:44 [ASAP] Interaction of Heparin with Proteins: Hydration Effects (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
60 views23:36:10 [ASAP] Material Design and Reticular Chemistry: Unveiling New Topologies thro... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
58 views23:23:51 [ASAP] Ratiometric Fluorescent Biosensor Based on Self-Assembled Fluorescent ... (Bioconjugate Chemistry)
55 views23:23:50 [ASAP] Linear Block Copolymer Synthesis (Chemical Reviews)
44 views23:23:49 [ASAP] The Scholl Reaction as a Powerful Tool for Synthesis of Curved Polycyc... (Chemical Reviews)
51 views23:14:51 [ASAP] Bridging Known and Unknown Unknowns: From Natural Products and Their M... (Accounts of Chemical Research)
60 views23:02:45 [ASAP] Simplified Purification of Glycoprotein-Modified Ferritin Nanoparticle... (Biochemistry)
50 views20:05:32 [ASAP] Hydroxylation Regiochemistry Is Robust to Active Site Mutations in Cyt... (Biochemistry)
52 views19:23:19 [ASAP] Development, Validation, and Application of a Human Reproductive Toxic... (Environmental Science & Technology)
51 views19:23:18 [ASAP] Biomolecular Insights into Extracellular Pollutant Reduction Pathways ... (Environmental Science & Technology)
47 views19:23:18 [ASAP] Leachable Additives of Tire Particles Explain the Shift in Microbial C... (Environmental Science & Technology)
50 views19:16:39 [ASAP] Particulate–Droplet Coalescence and Self-Transport on Superhydrophob... (ACS Nano)
52 views19:16:39 [ASAP] Bioinspired Supramolecular Nanotoroids with Aggregation-Induced Emissi... (ACS Nano)
54 views19:16:39 [ASAP] Direct 3D Printing of Binder-Free Bimetallic Nanomaterials as Integrat... (ACS Nano)
52 views19:05:45 [ASAP] Iodine/TBHP-Mediated One-Pot Multicomponent Protocol for Tandem C–N ... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
38 views19:04:57 [ASAP] Multifunctional βâ€`Cyclodextrin Polymer for Simultaneous and Effecti... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
43 views19:04:56 [ASAP] Bismuth-Nanosheet-Based Catalysts with a Reconstituted Bi0 Atom for Pr... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
44 views19:04:56 [ASAP] Bubble-Size Distribution and Hydrogen Evolution from Pyrolysis of Hydr... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
41 views19:04:04 [ASAP] Porphyrinatonickel(II)–Cyclopentene and Porphyrinatonickel(II)–Cyc... (Organic Letters)
45 views19:04:04 [ASAP] Pseudouridine and N1-Methylpseudouridine Display pH-Independent Reacti... (Organic Letters)
46 views19:04:04 [ASAP] Reaction of Amide and Sodium Azide for the Synthesis of Acyl Azide, Ur... (Organic Letters)
40 views19:04:04 [ASAP] Iron-Catalyzed αâ€`Methylation of Ketones Using Methanol as the C1 So... (Organic Letters)
53 views18:55:35 [ASAP] Angular Jahn–Teller Effect and Photoluminescence of the Tetrahedral ... (Inorganic Chemistry)
49 views18:55:34 [ASAP] AInSn2S6 (A = K, Rb, Cs)î—¸Layered Semiconductors Based on the SnS2 St... (Inorganic Chemistry)
42 views18:55:34 [ASAP] Dithiophosphonate Anchored Heterometallic (Ag(I)/Fe(II)) Molecular Cat... (Inorganic Chemistry)
43 views18:55:34 [ASAP] Theoretical Evaluation of Metal–Ligand Bonding in Neptunium Compound... (Inorganic Chemistry)
41 views16:22:09 [ASAP] One-Pot Fabrication of an MXene-ZrP@PDA Heterojunction for Enhanced Co... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
43 views16:11:42 [ASAP] An Emerging Fluorescent Carbon Nanobead Label Probe for Lateral Flow A... (Analytical Chemistry)
47 views16:11:41 [ASAP] Ternary Zâ€`Scheme Ag-Embedded TiO2–Ag2S Nanojunction as a Novel Pho... (Analytical Chemistry)
40 views15:26:40 [ASAP] Glycosaminoglycan Mimetic Precision Glycomacromolecules with Sequence-... (Biomacromolecules)
41 views15:16:10 [ASAP] Vibrationally-Resolved Xâ€`ray Photoelectron Spectra of Six Polycyclic... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
59 views15:16:09 [ASAP] Proteomic and Targeted Metabolomic Studies on a Silkworm Model of Park... (Journal of Proteome Research)
40 views15:10:39 [ASAP] Application of Super Photoacids in Controlling Dynamic Processes: Ligh... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
50 views12:26:20 [ASAP] Nonbonded Force Field Parameters from Minimal Basis Iterative Stockhol... (Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling)
44 views11:14:29 [ASAP] Nickel-Catalyzed Direct Cross-Coupling of Diaryl Sulfoxide with Aryl B... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
37 views11:10:39 [ASAP] Spicatulides A–G, Phenolic–Monoterpenoid Hybrids from Chloranthus ... (Journal of Natural Products)
47 views04:26:28 [ASAP] Construction of 2D Bismuth Silicate Heterojunctions from Natural Miner... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
48 views04:26:28 [ASAP] Preface to the Joan Brennecke Festschrift (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
44 views04:11:20 [ASAP] Outer Valence Photoionization and Autoionization of Formaldehyde (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
45 views04:10:58 [ASAP] A Novel Highly Stable Carbon Dioxide Hydrate from a New Synergic Addit... (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)

11 august 2022

59 views23:25:40 [ASAP] Moroidin, a Cyclopeptide from the Seeds of Celosia cristata That Induc... (Journal of Natural Products)
48 views23:25:10 [ASAP] Revving an Engine of Human Metabolism: Activity Enhancement of Triosep... (ACS Chemical Biology)
53 views23:23:14 [ASAP] Comprehensive Survey of 14 Benzophenone UV Filters in Sunscreen Produc... (Environmental Science & Technology)
53 views23:23:14 [ASAP] Multiplex Lateral Flow Assay and the Sample Preparation Method for the... (Environmental Science & Technology)
52 views23:23:14 [ASAP] Complete Reductive Dechlorination of 4â€`Hydroxy-chlorothalonil by Deh... (Environmental Science & Technology)
54 views23:23:13 [ASAP] Detailed Investigation of the Contribution of Gas-Phase Air Contaminan... (Environmental Science & Technology)
54 views23:23:13 [ASAP] The Emissions Fractions Approach to Assessing the Long-Range Transport... (Environmental Science & Technology)
61 views23:21:45 [ASAP] Improving All-Atom Force Field to Accurately Describe DNA Gâ€`Quadrupl... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
67 views23:21:45 [ASAP] Phospholipid Monolayer/Graphene Interfaces: Curvature Effect on Lipid ... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
64 views23:16:00 [ASAP] Nâ€`Heterocyclic Carbene-Based Iridium and Ruthenium/Iridium Nanoparti... (Organometallics)
53 views23:16:00 [ASAP] Pd–PEPPSI Nâ€`Heterocyclic Carbene Complexes from Caffeine: Applicat... (Organometallics)
45 views23:13:54 [ASAP] Ancestral Sequence Reconstruction Identifies Structural Changes Underl... (Biochemistry)
45 views23:05:47 [ASAP] Correction to Interfacial Engineering of CuCo2S4/gâ€`C3N4 Hybrid Nanor... (Inorganic Chemistry)
35 views23:05:47 [ASAP] Relativistic Effects Stabilize Unusual Gold(II) Sulfate Structure via ... (Inorganic Chemistry)
44 views23:03:32 [ASAP] Reductive Cross-Coupling of Unreactive Electrophiles (Accounts of Chemical Research)
50 views20:24:35 [ASAP] Isomer Differentiation of Trapped C16H10+ Using Low-Energy Collisions ... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
49 views20:24:34 [ASAP] Explicit-by-Implicit Treatment of Natural Orbital Occupations Using Fi... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
48 views20:19:12 [ASAP] Absorption Separation of Hydrofluorocarbon/Hydrofluoroolefin Refrigera... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
51 views20:18:59 [ASAP] Ultrasensitive Reagent for Ratiometric Detection and Detoxification of... (Inorganic Chemistry)
44 views20:16:34 [ASAP] Visible-Light-Induced Decarboxylative Fluorination of Aliphatic Carbox... (Organic Letters)
49 views20:16:34 [ASAP] Copper-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling of Alkyl and Phosphorus Radicals for C... (Organic Letters)
51 views20:16:33 [ASAP] Visible-Light-Induced [1+5] Annulation of Phosphoryl Diazomethylarenes... (Organic Letters)
43 views20:16:33 [ASAP] Sequential Heck Cross-Coupling and Hydrothiolation Reactions Taking Pl... (Organic Letters)
43 views20:10:23 [ASAP] 11Câ€`Labeled Radiotracer for Noninvasive and Quantitative Assessment ... (Bioconjugate Chemistry)
55 views19:22:48 [ASAP] Functional Loop Dynamics and Characterization of the Inactive State of... (Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling)
49 views19:20:00 [ASAP] Rhodium-Promoted C–H Bond Activation of Quinoline, Methylquinolines,... (Organometallics)
52 views19:15:00 [ASAP] Electron-Injection and Atomic-Interface Engineering toward Stabilized ... (ACS Nano)
50 views19:14:59 [ASAP] Rapid Synthesis of Multifunctional Apatite via the Laser-Induced Hydro... (ACS Nano)
43 views19:14:59 [ASAP] Bubble Templated Flexible Ceramic Nanofiber Aerogels with Cascaded Res... (ACS Nano)
48 views19:06:09 [ASAP] Crystallographically Textured Electrodes for Rechargeable Batteries: S... (Chemical Reviews)
50 views19:00:46 [ASAP] In the Chalcogenoxide Elimination Panorama: Systematic Insight into a ... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
41 views19:00:46 [ASAP] Modification of Pyrrolo[2,1â€`a]isoquinolines and Polysubstituted Pyrr... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
47 views19:00:46 [ASAP] Sterically Shielded Hydrophilic Analogs of Indocyanine Green (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
53 views15:19:26 [ASAP] Low-Frequency Vibrational Spectroscopy and Quantum Mechanical Simulati... (Molecular Pharmaceutics)
41 views15:08:26 [ASAP] Phase Separation Properties in Transcriptional Organization (Biochemistry)
57 views11:14:46 [ASAP] Near-Infrared Responsive Synergistic Chemo-Phototherapy from Surface-F... (Biomacromolecules)
44 views11:12:31 [ASAP] Specific Recognition of In Situ Self-Assembly Prepared and Molecularly... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
52 views11:04:55 [ASAP] Oxygen Free Radical Scavenger PtPd@PDA as a Dual-Mode Quencher of Elec... (Analytical Chemistry)
54 views11:04:55 [ASAP] Rational Design of Conducting Polymer-Derived Tubular Carbon Nanoreact... (Analytical Chemistry)
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