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2 august 2021

28 views22:40:37 [ASAP] Synthesis of Unsymmetrical 1,4-Dicarbonyl Compounds by Photocatalytic ... (Organic Letters)
33 views22:40:37 [ASAP] Pd-Catalyzed β-C–H Arylation of Aldehydes and Ketones Based on a Tr... (Organic Letters)
28 views22:40:37 [ASAP] Hydroxyl-Directed Ruthenium-Catalyzed peri-Selective C–H Acylmethyla... (Organic Letters)
31 views22:40:37 [ASAP] Silver-Catalyzed Regioselective Synthesis of Highly Substituted 2-Trif... (Organic Letters)
33 views22:40:13 [ASAP] Anti-HIV Effects of Baculiferins Are Regulated by the Potential Target... (ACS Chemical Biology)
33 views22:40:08 [ASAP] Multiplexed Magnetofluorescent Bioplatform for the Sensitive Detection... (Analytical Chemistry)
25 views22:39:32 [ASAP] Carbohydrate-Based Macromolecular Biomaterials (Chemical Reviews)
34 views22:39:31 [ASAP] Non-Isothermal Kinetic Model of Water Vapor Adsorption on a Desiccant ... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
30 views22:39:30 [ASAP] Unraveling the Role of Metal in M/NiAl2O4 (M = Pt, Pd, Ru) Catalyst fo... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
33 views22:39:30 [ASAP] Effect of a Synthesized Pulsed Electrodeposited Ti/PbO2–RuO2 Nanocom... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
29 views22:39:12 [ASAP] The Total Chemical Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of the Cationic... (Journal of Natural Products)
28 views22:38:14 [ASAP] Gas-Phase UV Spectroscopy of Chemical Intermediates Produced in Soluti... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
30 views22:38:14 [ASAP] 3-Phonon Scattering Pathways for Vibrational Energy Transfer in Crysta... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
29 views22:38:10 [ASAP] Selective Inclusion of Secondary Amine Guests in sH Hydrate Systems (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)
32 views22:38:10 [ASAP] A Calorimetric Study on the Phase Behavior of Tetra-n-butyl Phosphoniu... (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)
26 views22:37:26 [ASAP] Microbial Roles in Dissolved Organic Matter Transformation in Full-Sca... (Environmental Science & Technology)
42 views22:37:26 [ASAP] Data Analytics for Environmental Science and Engineering Research (Environmental Science & Technology)
28 views22:37:26 [ASAP] Aquatic Toxicity Calculation of Mixtures: A Chemical Activity Approach... (Environmental Science & Technology)
33 views22:37:26 [ASAP] Acid–Base Clusters during Atmospheric New Particle Formation in Urba... (Environmental Science & Technology)
23 views22:31:01 [ASAP] Effect of Counterions on Dissolution of Amorphous Solid Dispersions St... (Molecular Pharmaceutics)
28 views22:20:44 [ASAP] Quantitative Top-Down Proteomics by Isobaric Labeling with Thiol-Direc... (Journal of Proteome Research)
31 views22:20:33 [ASAP] Question Answering System for Chemistry (Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling)
23 views22:19:31 [ASAP] Slow-Onset, Potent Inhibition of Mandelate Racemase by 2-Formylphenylb... (Biochemistry)
32 views22:19:19 [ASAP] Orientation of Individual Anisotropic Nanocrystals Identified by Polar... (ACS Nano)
31 views22:19:19 [ASAP] Cell Walls Are Remodeled to Alleviate nY2O3 Cytotoxicity by Elaborate ... (ACS Nano)
38 views22:19:19 [ASAP] Tailoring Nanoporous-Engineered Sponge Fiber Molecular Sieves with Ter... (ACS Nano)
25 views22:18:29 [ASAP] Dendronized Arm Snowflake Polymer as a Highly Branched Scaffold for Ce... (Biomacromolecules)
32 views18:51:27 [ASAP] Two-Phase Transition Induced Amorphous Metal Phosphides Enabling Rapid... (ACS Nano)
29 views18:40:52 [ASAP] Lithium-Promoted Cycloaddition of Indole-2,3-dienolates and Carbon Dis... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
29 views18:40:52 [ASAP] Litosetoenins A–E, Diterpenoids from the Soft Coral Litophyton setoe... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
30 views18:40:52 [ASAP] Enyne Amides to Fused Pyridones: Scope and Limitations (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
29 views18:38:40 [ASAP] Complex Crystallization Kinetics of a Mg–Al Hydrotalcite and Their P... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
28 views18:37:16 [ASAP] Metalloporphyrin and Ionic Liquid-Functionalized Covalent Organic Fram... (Inorganic Chemistry)
34 views18:37:16 [ASAP] Tailoring the Solid-State Fluorescence of BODIPY by Supramolecular Ass... (Inorganic Chemistry)
27 views18:37:15 [ASAP] Direct Access to Palladium(II) Complexes Based on Anionic C,C,C-Phosph... (Inorganic Chemistry)
46 views18:17:53 [ASAP] Renal Cell-Targeted Drug Delivery Strategy Based on Acute Kidney Injur... (Molecular Pharmaceutics)

1 august 2021

57 views22:40:17 [ASAP] BN/BO-Ullazines and Bis-BO-Ullazines: Effect of BO Doping on Aromatici... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
62 views22:38:17 [ASAP] Dynamical Water Ingress and Dissolution at the Amorphous–Crystalline... (Biomacromolecules)
52 views22:38:17 [ASAP] Structure and Dynamics Perturbations in Ubiquitin Adsorbed or Entrappe... (Biomacromolecules)
44 views22:30:28 [ASAP] Anti-inflammatory Cassane-Type Diterpenoids from the Seed Kernels of C... (Journal of Natural Products)
60 views22:28:30 [ASAP] Electrochemically Engineering Antimony Interspersed on Graphene toward... (Inorganic Chemistry)
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