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21 october 2021

41 views22:49:36 [ASAP] iCYP-MFE: Identifying Human Cytochrome P450 Inhibitors Using Multitask... (Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling)
40 views22:30:36 [ASAP] Photocatalytic H2O Overall Splitting into H2 Bubbles by Single Atomic ... (ACS Nano)
41 views22:30:36 [ASAP] Bi2O3 Nanosheets Grown on Carbon Nanofiber with Inherent Hydrophobicit... (ACS Nano)
41 views22:30:35 [ASAP] Nanoprotein Interaction Atlas Reveals the Transport Pathway of Gold Na... (ACS Nano)
36 views22:29:24 [ASAP] Mechanistic Insight on BioIL-Induced Structural Alterations in DMPC Li... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
34 views22:29:24 [ASAP] Concerted Motions and Molecular Function: What Physical Chemistry We C... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
44 views22:29:23 [ASAP] Accelerated Vibrational Energy Relaxation of Water in Alkaline Environ... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
41 views22:28:52 [ASAP] A Shift from Snow to Rain in Midlatitude Japan Increases Fresh Submari... (Environmental Science & Technology)
48 views22:28:52 [ASAP] Comparative Assessment of Cooking Emission Contributions to Urban Orga... (Environmental Science & Technology)
27 views22:20:03 [ASAP] Aryl Transfer Strategies Mediated by Photoinduced Electron Transfer (Chemical Reviews)
26 views22:19:33 [ASAP] Solvate-Assisted Grinding: Metal Solvates as Solvent Sources in Mechan... (Organometallics)
39 views22:19:32 [ASAP] Bridging the Gap from Mononuclear PdII Precatalysts to Pd Nanoparticle... (Organometallics)
34 views18:50:01 [ASAP] Optimal Aqueous Biphasic Systems Design for the Recovery of Ionic Liquids (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
37 views18:50:01 [ASAP] Electrodeposition of a Three-Dimensional Nanostructure Composed of 2D ... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
40 views18:50:01 [ASAP] Pretreatment of Biomass by Selected Type-III Deep Eutectic Solvents an... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
35 views18:50:00 [ASAP] A First-Principles Microkinetic Rate Equation Theory for Heterogeneous... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
33 views18:50:00 [ASAP] Cu–Ni/AC Catalyst for Low-Temperature CO-Selective Catalytic Denitra... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
44 views18:49:43 [ASAP] Encapsulating Mn3O4 Nanorods in a Shell of SiO2 Nanobubbles for Confin... (Inorganic Chemistry)
31 views18:49:42 [ASAP] Near-Infrared Emitting Phosphor LaMg0.5(SnGe)0.5O3:Cr3+ for Plant Grow... (Inorganic Chemistry)
62 views18:37:26 [ASAP] Single-Neuron RNA Modification Analysis by Mass Spectrometry: Characte... (Analytical Chemistry)
59 views18:37:26 [ASAP] Development of a Single Quantum Dot-Mediated FRET Nanosensor for Sensi... (Analytical Chemistry)
39 views18:30:42 [ASAP] Facile Synthesis of Thienoacenes via Transition-Metal-Free Ladderization (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
33 views18:30:42 [ASAP] Biomimetic Total Syntheses of (+)-Chloropupukeananin, (`)-Chloropupu... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
46 views18:30:20 [ASAP] Investigation of Praziquantel/Cyclodextrin Inclusion Complexation by N... (Molecular Pharmaceutics)
42 views18:29:54 [ASAP] Advances and Utility of the Human Plasma Proteome (Journal of Proteome Research)
36 views18:19:43 [ASAP] Structural Characterization of the PawL-Derived Peptide Family, an Anc... (Journal of Natural Products)
36 views18:19:43 [ASAP] Dereplication of Bioactive Spirostane Saponins from Agave macroacantha (Journal of Natural Products)
31 views18:19:14 [ASAP] ortho-C–H Acetoxylation of Cubane Enabling Access to Cubane Analogue... (Organic Letters)
30 views18:19:14 [ASAP] Enantioselective Radical SN2-Type Alkylation of Morita–Baylis–Hill... (Organic Letters)

20 october 2021

50 views22:50:28 [ASAP] The Red Edge: Bilin-Binding Photoreceptors as Optogenetic Tools and Fl... (Chemical Reviews)
40 views22:41:07 [ASAP] Photo-Triggered Chiroptical Switching of Platinum Complexes Bearing Az... (Organometallics)
37 views22:41:07 [ASAP] C–H Bond Activation Facilitated by Bis(phosphinoamide) Heterobimetal... (Organometallics)
41 views22:39:20 [ASAP] Characterization of the Depth of Discharge-Dependent Charge Transfer R... (Analytical Chemistry)
43 views22:28:43 [ASAP] Development and Validation of AMBER-FB15-Compatible Force Field Parame... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
45 views22:28:09 [ASAP] Developing Biodegradable Lipid Nanoparticles for Intracellular mRNA De... (Accounts of Chemical Research)
51 views22:27:55 [ASAP] Cucurbiturils as Effectors on the Self-Assembly of Pd(II) and Pt(II) M... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
39 views22:27:54 [ASAP] Computational Investigation of the Formation of Substituted Isoindole ... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
49 views22:21:05 [ASAP] Climate Justice and California`s Methane Superemitters: Environmental ... (Environmental Science & Technology)
45 views22:17:57 [ASAP] Tetralin Hydrogenation over Supported Nickel Catalysts (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
61 views22:17:28 [ASAP] Photochemistry of Cannabidiol (CBD) Revised. A Combined Preparative an... (Journal of Natural Products)
52 views22:17:22 [ASAP] Understanding the Doping Chemistry of High Oxidation States in Scheeli... (Inorganic Chemistry)
48 views22:17:22 [ASAP] A Series of High-Nuclear Gadolinium Cluster Aggregates with a Magnetoc... (Inorganic Chemistry)
45 views18:40:44 [ASAP] Depletion of Highly Abundant Protein Species from Biosamples by the Us... (Analytical Chemistry)
46 views18:40:43 [ASAP] Nanopipettes for the Electrochemical Study of Enhanced Enzymatic Activ... (Analytical Chemistry)
51 views18:37:32 [ASAP] Rhodium and Palladium Complexes of N-Heterocyclic Olefin (NHO) Ligand ... (Organometallics)
43 views18:37:31 [ASAP] [6,5] CNN Palladium(II) Pincer Complexes Containing N-Substituted Mono... (Organometallics)
51 views18:29:42 [ASAP] Less-Ordered Hydration Shell around Poly(N,N-diethylacrylamide) Is Ins... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
48 views18:29:03 [ASAP] Drug Repurposing to Identify Nilotinib as a Potential SARS-CoV-2 Main ... (Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling)
52 views18:27:50 [ASAP] Tailoring Release Profiles of BCS Class II Drugs Using Controlled Rele... (Molecular Pharmaceutics)
46 views18:19:15 [ASAP] Estimation of Microstructural Properties of Wormlike Micelles Via a Mu... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
37 views18:19:14 [ASAP] Mechanistic Study on the Effect of Magnetic Field on the Crystallizati... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
47 views18:19:14 [ASAP] Stress-Responsive Reinforced Polymer Composites via Functionalization ... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
48 views18:18:34 [ASAP] Cyan Emission in Two-Dimensional Colloidal Cs2CdCl4:Sb3+ Ruddlesden–... (ACS Nano)
48 views18:18:33 [ASAP] Cucurbit-Like Polymersomes with Aggregation-Induced Emission Propertie... (ACS Nano)
39 views18:18:33 [ASAP] On the Stiffness of Gold at the Nanoscale (ACS Nano)
45 views18:18:06 [ASAP] Target and Nontarget Screening of PFAS in Biosolids, Composts, and Oth... (Environmental Science & Technology)
45 views18:18:06 [ASAP] Synthesis and Hydrolysis of Atmospherically Relevant Monoterpene-Deriv... (Environmental Science & Technology)

19 october 2021

50 views22:39:53 [ASAP] Conditional Antisense Oligonucleotides Triggered by miRNA (ACS Chemical Biology)
63 views22:30:48 [ASAP] A Machine Learning Attack Resilient True Random Number Generator Based... (ACS Nano)
51 views22:30:48 [ASAP] Dislocation-Driven Relaxation Processes at the Conical to Helical Phas... (ACS Nano)
52 views22:30:48 [ASAP] Overcoming the Rate-Directionality Trade-off: A Room-Temperature Ultra... (ACS Nano)
63 views22:30:47 [ASAP] Multicolor Patterning of 2D Semiconductor Nanoplatelets (ACS Nano)
46 views22:29:59 [ASAP] Novel Nanocarrier Platform for Effective Treatment of Visceral Leishma... (Bioconjugate Chemistry)
54 views22:29:55 [ASAP] Predicting Methane Hydrate Equilibrium Conditions in Ethylene Glycol a... (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)
51 views18:50:24 [ASAP] Ultraefficient Terahertz Emission Mediated by Shift-Current Photovolta... (ACS Nano)
50 views18:50:24 [ASAP] Redox-Responsive Molecularly Imprinted Nanoparticles for Targeted Intr... (ACS Nano)
55 views18:50:24 [ASAP] Environmentally Adaptive Shape-Morphing Microrobots for Localized Canc... (ACS Nano)
47 views18:48:17 [ASAP] Semimechanistic Population Pharmacokinetic Modeling to Investigate Amy... (Molecular Pharmaceutics)
50 views18:40:15 [ASAP] How Is the Oxidation Related to the Tautomerization in Vitamin B9? (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
55 views18:39:21 [ASAP] Rapid Enrichment and Detection of Silk Residues from Tombs by Double-A... (Analytical Chemistry)
46 views18:38:19 [ASAP] Data-Efficient Constrained Learning for Optimal Tracking of Batch Proc... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
61 views18:38:19 [ASAP] Optimal Design of a Subambient Membrane Separation System with Work an... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
49 views18:38:18 [ASAP] Influence of H2O on Adsorbed CH4 on Coal Displaced by CO2 Injection: I... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
51 views18:37:27 [ASAP] Time to Reveal Chemical Identities of Polymers and UVCBs (Environmental Science & Technology)
56 views18:37:26 [ASAP] Unveiling Sodium Ion Pollution in Spray-Dried Precursors and Its Impli... (Environmental Science & Technology)
52 views18:37:26 [ASAP] Postflood Monitoring in a Subtropical Estuary and Benchmarking with PF... (Environmental Science & Technology)
51 views18:37:06 [ASAP] Versatile Types of Inorganic/Organic NIR-IIa/IIb Fluorophores: From St... (Chemical Reviews)
38 views18:30:22 [ASAP] Cyclic Oxime Esters as Deconstructive Bifunctional Reagents for Cyanoa... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
32 views18:30:22 [ASAP] Practical Synthesis of (Z)-α,β-Unsaturated Nitriles via a One-Pot Se... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
43 views18:29:01 [ASAP] The Birth of Genomic Enzymology: Discovery of the Mechanistically Dive... (Biochemistry)
40 views18:27:10 [ASAP] Correction to “Isopiestic Determination of Osmotic and Activity Coef... (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)
42 views18:27:06 [ASAP] Ambiphilic Nature of Dipyrrolylpyridine-Supported Divalent Germanium a... (Organometallics)
48 views18:19:00 [ASAP] Structural Insights into the Human Mitochondrial Pyruvate Carrier Comp... (Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling)
38 views18:18:59 [ASAP] Dioxygen-Triggered Oxosulfonylation/Sulfonylation of Terminal Olefins ... (Organic Letters)
39 views18:18:59 [ASAP] Synthesis, Properties, and Regioselective Functionalization of 9,9a-BN... (Organic Letters)
42 views18:18:59 [ASAP] Transient Directing Group Strategy as a Unified Method for Site Select... (Organic Letters)
39 views18:18:59 [ASAP] Nickel-Catalyzed Reductive Csp2–Csp3 Cross Coupling Using Phosphoniu... (Organic Letters)
31 views18:18:43 [ASAP] The Highly Frustrated 5d2 Double Perovskite Doppelgängers, SrLaMgReO6... (Inorganic Chemistry)
40 views18:18:43 [ASAP] Mixed-Metal Cu–Zn Thiocyanate Coordination Polymers with Melting Beh... (Inorganic Chemistry)
34 views18:17:27 [ASAP] Influence of Magnesium on the Structure of Complex Multicomponent Sili... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
42 views18:17:26 [ASAP] Amphiphilicity of Intricate Layered Graphene/g-C3N4 Nanosheets (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
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