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4 april 2020

31 views05:02:30 [ASAP] Remodeling of Cross-bridges Controls Peptidoglycan Cross-linking Level... (ACS Chemical Biology)
48 views05:02:27 [ASAP] Understanding The Role of Reline, a Natural DES, on Temperature-Induce... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
50 views04:03:48 [ASAP] Bioavailability and Bioaccumulation of 6:2 Fluorotelomer Sulfonate, 6:... (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry)
47 views04:03:48 [ASAP] Assessment of the Multifunctional Behavior of Lupin Peptide P7 and Its... (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry)
50 views04:03:48 [ASAP] Production of Squalene in Bacillus subtilis by Squalene Synthase Scree... (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry)
35 views04:03:25 [ASAP] Group Contribution Method to Predict the Mass Transfer Coefficients of... (Environmental Science & Technology)
36 views04:03:24 [ASAP] The Synthesis of a Quasi-One-Dimensional Iron-Based Telluride with Ant... (Inorganic Chemistry)
44 views04:03:24 [ASAP] Chelation in One Fell Swoop: Optimizing Ligands for Smaller Radiometal... (Inorganic Chemistry)
34 views04:03:24 [ASAP] Effect of Mo/P Ratios on Dimensions: Syntheses, Structures, and Proper... (Inorganic Chemistry)
10 views03:00:14 [ASAP] Efficient and Practical Synthesis of Sulfonamides Utilizing SO2 Gas Ge... (Organic Process Research & Development)
13 views02:01:05 [ASAP] In Vivo Spectral Distortions of Infrared Luminescent Nanothermometers ... (ACS Nano)
17 views02:01:05 [ASAP] Reconfigurable 2D/0D p-n Graphene/HgTe Nanocrystal Heterostructure for... (ACS Nano)
19 views02:01:05 [ASAP] In Vivo Tracking of Mesenchymal Stem Cell-Derived Extracellular Vesicl... (ACS Nano)
15 views02:01:05 [ASAP] Biomimetic Presentation of Cryptic Ligands via Single-Chain Nanogels f... (ACS Nano)
16 views02:00:55 [ASAP] Molecular Packing: Another Key Point for the Performance of Organic an... (Accounts of Chemical Research)
20 views02:00:41 [ASAP] Characterization of Tailoring Steps of Nargenicin A1 Biosynthesis Reve... (ACS Chemical Biology)
9 views02:00:24 [ASAP] Polymorphic Transition in Traditional Energetic Materials: Influencing... (Crystal Growth & Design)
8 views02:00:24 [ASAP] Snap Frozen! Capturing Two Metastable Polymorphs in a Tetramorphic One... (Crystal Growth & Design)
8 views02:00:24 [ASAP] Modeling of Solution Growth of ZnO Hexagonal Nanorod Arrays in Batch R... (Crystal Growth & Design)
8 views02:00:24 [ASAP] Facile Growth of Metal-Rich Cu1.75S and Cu1.8S Microspheres Assembled ... (Crystal Growth & Design)
17 views01:00:29 [ASAP] Nonaffine Displacements Encode Collective Conformational Fluctuations ... (Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation)
17 views00:03:18 [ASAP] New Generation Oxyntomodulin Peptides with Improved Pharmacokinetic Pr... (Bioconjugate Chemistry)
18 views00:02:48 [ASAP] Designing Optimal Terpolymers for Enhanced Oil Recovery (Polymer Flood... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
19 views00:02:48 [ASAP] Facile Preparation of Lightweight and Robust Polybenzoxazine Foams (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
18 views00:02:48 [ASAP] Facile Construction of a Superhydrophobic Surface on a Textile with Ex... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
20 views00:02:48 [ASAP] Nanostructured d-MnO2/Cd(OH)2 Heterojunction Constructed under Ambient... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
17 views00:02:48 [ASAP] Ultrasonic-Enhanced Fabrication of Metal Nanoparticles by Laser Ablati... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
16 views00:02:35 [ASAP] Isomer-Selective Threshold Photoelectron Spectra of Phenylnitrene and ... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)

3 april 2020

23 views23:00:02 [ASAP] Enhanced Extraction of AFFF-Associated PFASs from Source Zone Soils (Environmental Science & Technology)
20 views22:03:57 [ASAP] Simultaneous Measurement of Metabolite Concentration and Isotope Incor... (Analytical Chemistry)
26 views20:04:21 [ASAP] Milk Metabotyping Identifies Metabolite Alterations in the Whole Raw M... (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry)
19 views20:04:20 [ASAP] Facilitating Low-Energy Activation in the Near-Infrared Persistent Lum... (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
16 views20:04:20 [ASAP] Convection Dynamics Forced by Optical Trapping with a Focused Laser Beam (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
9 views20:03:43 [ASAP] Nickel-Catalyzed Formal Aminocarbonylation of Unactivated Alkyl Iodide... (Organic Letters)
9 views20:03:43 [ASAP] Cascade Claisen and Meinwald Rearrangement for One-Pot Divergent Synth... (Organic Letters)
10 views20:03:43 [ASAP] Gold-Catalyzed Oxidative Cascade Cyclization of 1,3-Diynamides: Polycy... (Organic Letters)
8 views20:03:20 [ASAP] Chemical Synthesis of Single Atomic Site Catalysts (Chemical Reviews)
9 views20:03:05 [ASAP] In Situ Phase Transition of Elastin-Like Polypeptide Chains Regulates ... (Biomacromolecules)
8 views20:02:54 [ASAP] Molecular Information on the Potential of Europium Complexes for Local... (Langmuir)
8 views20:02:54 [ASAP] Rapid Preparation of TiO2-x and Its Photocatalytic Oxidation for Arsen... (Langmuir)
8 views20:02:54 [ASAP] Exploring a New Method to Study the Effects of Surface Functional Grou... (Langmuir)
9 views20:02:54 [ASAP] Synthesis and Characterization of Zwitterionic Polymer Brush Functiona... (Langmuir)
13 views20:00:13 [ASAP] The Proteomic Landscape of Cysteine Oxidation That Underpins Retinoic ... (Journal of Proteome Research)
16 views20:00:13 [ASAP] S-Trap Eliminates Cell Culture Media Polymeric Surfactants for Effecti... (Journal of Proteome Research)
10 views20:00:05 [ASAP] Structural Comparison between Sucrose and Trehalose in Aqueous Solution (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
10 views20:00:05 [ASAP] Photon Upconversion in TTA-Inducing Ionic Liquids: Pinpointing the Rol... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
28 views04:03:50 [ASAP] Kinetics of DNA Adducts and Abasic Site Formation in Tissues of Mice T... (Chemical Research in Toxicology)
27 views04:03:50 [ASAP] Comprehensive In Vitro Metabolism Study of Bisphenol A Using Liquid Ch... (Chemical Research in Toxicology)
26 views04:03:35 [ASAP] Thioamycolamides A-E, Sulfur-Containing Cycliclipopeptides Produced by... (Organic Letters)
29 views04:03:35 [ASAP] Oxidative Kinetic Resolution of Acyclic Amines Based on Equilibrium Co... (Organic Letters)
28 views04:03:35 [ASAP] Diisobutylaluminum Hydride Promoted Selectivity-Switchable Synthesis o... (Organic Letters)
28 views04:03:35 [ASAP] K2CO3-Catalyzed Synthesis of 2,5-Dialkyl-4,6,7-tricyano-Decorated Indo... (Organic Letters)
39 views04:03:35 [ASAP] Palladium-Catalyzed Mizoroki-Heck Reaction of Nitroarenes and Styrene ... (Organic Letters)
27 views04:03:35 [ASAP] Alternarin A, a Drimane Meroterpenoid, Suppresses Neuronal Excitabilit... (Organic Letters)
39 views04:03:35 [ASAP] Construction of Silicon-Containing Seven-Membered Rings by Catalytic [... (Organic Letters)
30 views04:03:35 [ASAP] Photocatalytic [2 + 2] Cycloaddition in DNA-Encoded Chemistry (Organic Letters)
25 views04:03:35 [ASAP] Selenacalix[4]selenophene: Synthesis, Structure, and Gel Formation of ... (Organic Letters)
26 views04:03:35 [ASAP] Unexpected ortho-Heck Reaction under the Catellani Conditions (Organic Letters)
26 views04:03:35 [ASAP] Rhodium(III)-Catalyzed Asymmetric C-H Activation of N-Methoxybenzamide... (Organic Letters)
13 views04:00:38 [ASAP] Automatic Generation of Flexible-Monomer Intermolecular Potential Ener... (Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation)
16 views04:00:02 [ASAP] Effective and Reusable Oxidative Desulfurization of Dibenzothiophene v... (Energy & Fuels)
20 views03:03:34 [ASAP] Sulfonate Version of OHPAS Linker Has Two Distinct Pathways of Breakdo... (Bioconjugate Chemistry)
20 views03:00:57 [ASAP] Adsorption of Fatty Acid Molecules on Amine-Functionalized Silica Nano... (Langmuir)
22 views03:00:32 [ASAP] Overlap Concentration and the Effect of Macromolecular Crowding on Cit... (Biochemistry)
19 views03:00:32 [ASAP] Consensus Mutagenesis and Ancestral Reconstruction Provide Insight int... (Biochemistry)
69 views03:00:32 [ASAP] The Biochemistry of Survival Motor Neuron Protein Is Paving the Way to... (Biochemistry)
18 views02:03:03 [ASAP] Cosolvent Effects on the Aggregation and Micellar Growth of Ester-Cont... (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)
20 views02:02:42 [ASAP] Mesoporous Iron-doped MoS2/CoMo2S4 Heterostructures through Organic-Me... (ACS Nano)
19 views02:02:33 [ASAP] Pragmatic Solution for a Fully E,J-Resolved Master Equation (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
20 views02:02:33 [ASAP] Spectroscopic Signatures of Mode-Dependent Tunnel Splitting in the Iod... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
25 views02:02:33 [ASAP] Quantum Chemistry Study on Gas Reaction Mechanism in AlN MOVPE Growth (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
18 views02:02:33 [ASAP] Unravelling the Keto-Enol Tautomer Dependent Photochemistry and Degrad... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
19 views02:02:33 [ASAP] High-Resolution Laser Spectroscopic Survey of the H3Su--X3Sg- Electron... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
21 views01:03:40 [ASAP] Effect of Surfactant Choice and Concentration on the Dimensions and Yi... (Chemistry of Materials)
51 views01:03:40 [ASAP] Precise Control of Cu Nanoparticle Size and Catalytic Activity through... (Chemistry of Materials)
23 views01:03:40 [ASAP] Unraveling the Role of Lattice Substitutions on the Stabilization of t... (Chemistry of Materials)
20 views01:03:25 [ASAP] Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics Simulations for Understanding the Im... (Molecular Pharmaceutics)
22 views01:03:08 [ASAP] Metagenomics Unravels Differential Microbiome Composition and Metaboli... (Environmental Science & Technology)
21 views01:03:08 [ASAP] Accelerated Passive Dosing of Hydrophobic Complex Mixtures-Controlling... (Environmental Science & Technology)
23 views01:00:13 [ASAP] Surface-Protection-Induced Controllable Restructuring of Pores and Aci... (Langmuir)
21 views01:00:13 [ASAP] Halloysite Nanotubes: Interfacial Properties and Applications in Cultu... (Langmuir)
21 views01:00:13 [ASAP] Asphaltene Adsorption on Functionalized Solids (Langmuir)
19 views00:00:05 [ASAP] Deep Generative Models for 3D Linker Design (Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling)

2 april 2020

25 views23:03:23 [ASAP] Activation of C-C Bonds via s-Bond Metathesis: Hydroborenium-Catalyzed... (Organometallics)
25 views23:03:23 [ASAP] Metal-Free Room-Temperature Phosphorescence from Amorphous Triarylbora... (Organometallics)
25 views23:03:22 [ASAP] Microscopic Theory of Plasmons in Substrate-Supported Borophene (Nano Letters)
25 views23:03:22 [ASAP] Diffusion of Nanoparticles with Activated Hopping in Crowded Polymer S... (Nano Letters)
23 views23:03:22 [ASAP] Optically Stimulated Synaptic Devices Based on the Hybrid Structure of... (Nano Letters)
23 views23:03:21 [ASAP] Suppressed Interdiffusion and Degradation in Flexible and Transparent ... (Nano Letters)
63 views23:00:35 [ASAP] Anthocyanin Biosynthesis and Methylation of the MdMYB10 Promoter Are A... (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry)
23 views23:00:03 [ASAP] Modern Approaches to Exact Diagonalization and Selected Configuration ... (Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation)
60 views23:00:02 [ASAP] Continuous Process Improvement in the Manufacture of Carfilzomib, Part... (Organic Process Research & Development)
60 views23:00:02 [ASAP] Continuous Process Improvement in the Manufacture of Carfilzomib, Part... (Organic Process Research & Development)
22 views22:03:01 [ASAP] From In Silico to Experimental Validation: Tailoring Peptide Substrate... (Biomacromolecules)
25 views22:03:01 [ASAP] Optimization of Cationic Nanogel PEGylation to Achieve Mammalian Cytoc... (Biomacromolecules)
23 views22:03:01 [ASAP] Correction to `Protein Paper from Exfoliated Eri Silk Nanofibers` (Biomacromolecules)
21 views22:02:47 [ASAP] Revealing Mitochondrial Microenvironmental Evolution Triggered by Phot... (Analytical Chemistry)
18 views22:02:47 [ASAP] Electrochemical Sensing at a Confined Space (Analytical Chemistry)
20 views22:02:47 [ASAP] Evaluation of Sibling and Twin Fragment Ions Improves the Structural C... (Analytical Chemistry)
19 views22:02:47 [ASAP] Hydrogel-Based Colorimetric Assay for Multiplexed MicroRNA Detection i... (Analytical Chemistry)
18 views22:02:47 [ASAP] Noninvasive In Situ Ratiometric Imaging of Biometals Based on Self-Ass... (Analytical Chemistry)
18 views22:02:47 [ASAP] Highly Selective Wearable Smartsensors for Vapor/Liquid Amphibious Met... (Analytical Chemistry)
18 views22:02:47 [ASAP] First-Principles Study of Fluorinated Tetrahexcarbon: Stable Configura... (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
18 views22:02:47 [ASAP] Reaction Mechanism and Kinetic Analysis of the Solid-State Reaction to... (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
19 views22:02:47 [ASAP] Nucleation Pathway of Calcium Sulfate Hemihydrate (Bassanite) from Sol... (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
20 views22:02:47 [ASAP] Thermal Conductivity of a 2D Covalent Organic Framework and Its Enhanc... (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
18 views22:02:47 [ASAP] Self-Formed Double Tribolayers Play Collaborative Roles in Achieving S... (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
19 views22:02:47 [ASAP] Investigating the Chemical Reactivity of Lithium Silicate Model SEI La... (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)
20 views22:00:11 [ASAP] Cationic Metal-Organic Frameworks Based on Linear Zwitterionic Ligands... (Crystal Growth & Design)
21 views21:00:36 [ASAP] Betulinic Acid Inhibits RANKL-Induced Osteoclastogenesis via Attenuati... (Journal of Natural Products)
21 views21:00:36 [ASAP] Oleanane Triterpenoids from the Leaves of Gymnema inodorum and Their I... (Journal of Natural Products)
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