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14 august 2022

29 views08:10:51 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 5890: Super-Twisting Algorithm-Based Virtual Synchro... (Energies)
39 views01:07:47 A TGF‐α and TGF‐β1 Poloxamer‐based micelle/hydrogel composite: A prom... (Biotechnology Progress)

13 august 2022

53 views15:19:15 Marine Drugs, Vol. 20, Pages 517: Novel β-Hairpin Peptide from Marine Po... (Marine Drugs)
49 views14:52:09 Entropy, Vol. 24, Pages 1118: A Fast and Efficient Ensemble Transfer Entropy ... (Entropy)
61 views14:35:56 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 9093: Magnetic-Responsive Doxorubicin-Containing Materia... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
44 views14:22:16 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 5171: A Novel Class of Cyclometalated Platinum(II) ... (Molecules)
46 views13:22:48 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 9085: Transcriptome Profiling and Expression Localizatio... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
55 views12:40:13 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 9077: Experimental Evidence for the Anti-Metastatic Acti... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
47 views12:40:12 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 9081: A Dioscorea opposita Thunb Polysaccharide-Based Du... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
58 views12:31:20 Marine Drugs, Vol. 20, Pages 515: Novel Labdane Diterpenes-Based Synthetic De... (Marine Drugs)
48 views12:11:59 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 9055: FAK-Mediated Signaling Controls Amyloid Beta Overl... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
46 views12:06:21 Pharmaceuticals, Vol. 15, Pages 997: Pharmacological Comparative Characteriza... (Pharmaceuticals)
39 views11:57:34 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 9064: The Key Role of Fatty Acid Synthase in Lipid Metab... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
49 views11:19:36 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 5167: Novel Organic Salts Based on Mefloquine: Synt... (Molecules)
44 views11:19:36 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 5165: Date Fruit (Phoenix dactylifera L.) Cultivar ... (Molecules)
44 views11:06:15 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 9057: Phytotherapeuthics Affecting the IL-1/IL-17/G-CSF ... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
49 views10:46:25 Pharmaceuticals, Vol. 15, Pages 996: 64Cu-DOTHA2-PSMA, a Novel PSMA PET Radio... (Pharmaceuticals)
42 views10:32:08 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 5872: Thermal Performance Analysis of Materials and ... (Energies)
48 views10:24:18 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 9054: Neuroprotective and Regenerative Effects of Growth... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
44 views08:42:20 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 9053: AtEAU1 and AtEAU2, Two EAR Motif-Containing ABA Up... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
49 views00:23:44 [ASAP] Structure-Based Identification of Naphthoquinones and Derivatives as N... (Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling)

12 august 2022

41 views18:55:02 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 5160: A Novel Low-Cost Bio-Sorbent Prepared from Cr... (Molecules)
45 views17:25:49 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 5156: Design, Synthesis and Preliminary Evaluation ... (Molecules)
56 views17:04:21 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 5152: Natural Plant Extracts: An Update about Novel... (Molecules)
49 views16:37:14 Remote Sensing, Vol. 14, Pages 3925: Efficient Dual-Branch Bottleneck Network... (Remote Sensing)
47 views16:11:41 [ASAP] Ternary Z`Scheme Ag-Embedded TiO2–Ag2S Nanojunction as a Novel Pho... (Analytical Chemistry)
41 views15:46:03 IJERPH, Vol. 19, Pages 9976: Changing Primary School Children’s Engagem... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
46 views15:45:28 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 9042: Clinical Translationality of KCNJ5 Mutation in Ald... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
36 views15:41:53 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 5158: Dry Powder Inhalers for Proteins Using Cryo-M... (Molecules)
50 views15:10:18 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 9038: Membrane Internalization Mechanisms and Design Str... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
43 views14:16:05 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 5154: Recent Overview of Resveratrol’s Benefi... (Molecules)
46 views14:05:41 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 5148: Pro-Apoptotic Antitumoral Effect of Novel Acr... (Molecules)
40 views13:44:11 Marine Drugs, Vol. 20, Pages 512: Exopolysaccharides from Marine Microbes: So... (Marine Drugs)
46 views13:42:36 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 5147: Facile Synthesis of Micro-Mesoporous Copper P... (Molecules)
41 views12:54:15 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 5142: Coacervation as a Novel Method of Microencaps... (Molecules)
44 views12:42:36 Algorithms, Vol. 15, Pages 284: A Vibration Based Automatic Fault Detection S... (Algorithms)
50 views12:15:37 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 5143: Activation of Nrf2 by Esculetin Mitigates Inf... (Molecules)
43 views12:14:25 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 9012: Global Identification of White Lupin lncRNAs Revea... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
41 views12:04:54 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 5141: Grey Wolf Optimizer for Variable Selection in... (Molecules)
50 views11:34:10 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 5140: Anti-Cancer Drug Solubility Development withi... (Molecules)
46 views10:02:08 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 5136: Staphylococcus epidermidis Cicaria, a Novel S... (Molecules)
48 views09:48:36 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 8990: Sensory-Motor Perturbations in Larval Zebrafish (D... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
40 views09:38:44 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 8989: A Novel Drug Modulator Diarylheptanoid (trans-1,7-... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
43 views09:15:59 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 5135: Novel N-normetazocine Derivatives with Opioid... (Molecules)
50 views07:51:59 Entropy, Vol. 24, Pages 1109: Gaussian-Based Adaptive Fish Migration Optimiza... (Entropy)
56 views05:33:02 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 5131: Prediction of Drug–Target Interaction U... (Molecules)
45 views04:10:58 [ASAP] A Novel Highly Stable Carbon Dioxide Hydrate from a New Synergic Addit... (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)

11 august 2022

47 views19:00:48 Remote Sensing, Vol. 14, Pages 3906: A Novel Sparse Bayesian Space-Time Adapt... (Remote Sensing)
39 views16:31:56 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 8981: Web-MCOT Server for Motif Co-Occurrence Search in ... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
53 views15:51:02 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 8982: SARS-CoV-2 and Immunity: Natural Infection Compare... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
38 views15:07:59 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 8967: Bio-Based Degradable Poly(ether-ester)s from Melt-... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
46 views15:02:34 Marine Drugs, Vol. 20, Pages 510: High-Purity Fucoxanthin Can Be Efficiently ... (Marine Drugs)
46 views14:58:04 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 5839: A Neuro-Predictive Controller Scheme for Integ... (Energies)
43 views14:50:36 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 8972: The Pivotal Role of NF-kB in the Pathogenesis and ... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
44 views14:31:41 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 5836: Detection of Cellulose Particles in Transforme... (Energies)
50 views14:22:55 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 8971: Multiple Roles of m6A RNA Modification in Translat... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
49 views13:34:50 Remote Sensing, Vol. 14, Pages 3891: A Multivariate Drought Index for Seasona... (Remote Sensing)
46 views13:25:56 IJERPH, Vol. 19, Pages 9917: Conceptualising Inclusion and Participation in t... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
44 views13:22:27 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 5113: Synthesis and Stereochemical Characterization... (Molecules)
52 views13:14:06 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 8963: Discovery of the Key Mutation Site Influencing the... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
46 views12:46:26 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 5832: A Novel Borehole Cataloguing Method Based on a... (Energies)
52 views12:25:44 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 8948: N-Octyl Caffeamide, a Caffeic Acid Amide Derivativ... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
58 views11:42:14 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 5826: Advanced Local Grid Control System for Offshor... (Energies)
44 views11:30:31 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 8946: Immunofluorescent Evidence for Nuclear Localizatio... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
56 views09:31:48 Pharmaceuticals, Vol. 15, Pages 986: Search for Novel Potent Inhibitors of th... (Pharmaceuticals)
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