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4 june 2023

44 views12:21:34 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 4547: Synthesis and In Vitro Biological Evaluation ... (Molecules)
72 views12:14:16 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 9740: Genome-Wide Analysis of Barley bHLH Transcription ... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
44 views11:44:53 Energies, Vol. 16, Pages 4514: Selected Simulation and Experimental Studies o... (Energies)
44 views11:08:35 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 9736: A Targeted Mass Spectrometry Approach to Identify ... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
35 views11:01:57 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 9737: Atherosclerotic and Cardio-Metabolic Diseases: Fro... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
51 views10:39:04 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 9735: MicroRNA and lncRNA as the Future of Pulmonary Art... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)

3 june 2023

72 views20:04:49 Gene coexpression network during ontogeny in the yellow fever mosquito, Aedes... (BMC Genomics)
47 views12:40:25 Energies, Vol. 16, Pages 4510: Decomposition Analysis and Trend Prediction of... (Energies)
40 views11:40:36 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 9720: Metabolic Processes and Biological Macromolecules ... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
40 views10:49:06 Marine Drugs, Vol. 21, Pages 345: Holothurin A Inhibits RUNX1-Enhanced EMT in... (Marine Drugs)
46 views10:43:04 Pharmaceuticals, Vol. 16, Pages 836: Multifaceted Roles of GLP-1 and Its Anal... (Pharmaceuticals)
40 views10:21:46 IJERPH, Vol. 20, Pages 6045: Pollen Sensitization Can Increase the Allergic R... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
38 views09:04:04 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 9709: Notes to the Taxonomic Affiliation of the Bulbophy... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)

2 june 2023

77 views21:43:56 Single-trial extraction of event-related potentials (ERPs) and classification... (Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation)
34 views19:53:09 Comparative plastomes of Pueraria montana var. lobata (Leguminosae: Phaseolea... (BMC Genomics)
37 views18:02:27 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 9702: Microbial Influences on Immune Checkpoint Inhibito... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
40 views17:36:33 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 4532: Is It Still Relevant to Discover New ACE Inhi... (Molecules)
40 views16:26:26 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 4530: Chiral Separation of Oxazolidinone Analogs by... (Molecules)
38 views16:05:08 Energies, Vol. 16, Pages 4500: Thermal Decomposition Processes in Relation to... (Energies)
40 views15:52:23 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 9696: SPINK2 Protein Expression Is an Independent Advers... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
39 views15:51:13 Remote Sensing, Vol. 15, Pages 2912: Analytical Modeling of Electromagnetic S... (Remote Sensing)
40 views15:38:22 IJERPH, Vol. 20, Pages 6040: Risk Factors for Falls and Fall-Related Fracture... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
35 views14:36:06 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 9689: Functionalization of and through Melanin: Strategi... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
54 views14:36:06 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 9688: Next-Generation Sequencing and Triple-Negative Bre... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
37 views14:17:33 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 9681: PNPLA3-I148M Variant Promotes the Progression of L... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
41 views14:01:49 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 9690: Rheumatologist’s Perspective on Non-Infectio... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
42 views13:52:34 IJERPH, Vol. 20, Pages 6036: Unemployment and Job Search Behavior among Peopl... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
37 views13:33:58 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 9686: The Emerging Role of Autophagy-Associated lncRNAs ... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
40 views13:27:12 Remote Sensing, Vol. 15, Pages 2902: Object-Oriented Clustering Approach to D... (Remote Sensing)
38 views12:18:16 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 9684: BS148 Reduces the Aggressiveness of Metastatic Mel... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
49 views12:04:23 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 9677: Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Non-Alcoholic Fatty Live... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
40 views11:51:58 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 9674: Mechanisms of Resistance to Antibody-Drug Conjugates (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
41 views11:34:59 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 4521: Design, Synthesis, and Biological Evaluation ... (Molecules)
33 views10:26:23 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 9671: Liver Fibrosis Resolution: From Molecular Mechanis... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
36 views09:37:45 Energies, Vol. 16, Pages 4492: Power Plant Transients including Hydraulic Sho... (Energies)
40 views09:15:08 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 9664: Fusarium Mycotoxins Zearalenone and Deoxynivalenol... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
47 views09:10:46 Entropy, Vol. 25, Pages 892: A Framework for Analyzing Fraud Risk Warning and... (Entropy)
71 views09:05:56 Energies, Vol. 16, Pages 4490: Simultaneous Hydrogen and Ethanol Production f... (Energies)
51 views08:53:25 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 9660: TREX1 531C/T Polymorphism and Autoantibodies Assoc... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
42 views08:41:01 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 9659: Regulation of Vicia faba L. Response and Its Effec... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
42 views08:41:01 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 9658: TROAP Promotes the Proliferation, Migration, and M... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
41 views08:15:43 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 9652: Transcranial Electromagnetic Wave Treatment: A Fou... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
41 views08:14:43 IJERPH, Vol. 20, Pages 6033: Physical Education: At the Centre of Physical Ac... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
42 views06:47:36 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 9650: Magnesium Nutrient Application Induces Metabolomic... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
34 views06:14:37 Remote Sensing, Vol. 15, Pages 2896: Gas Plume Target Detection in Multibeam ... (Remote Sensing)
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