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18 august 2017

5 views16:30:57 Viruses, Vol. 9, Pages 230: Interference of Apoptosis by Hepatitis B Virus (Viruses)
8 views16:17:45 Energies, Vol. 10, Pages 1231: A New MCP Method of Wind Speed Temporal Interp... (Energies)
8 views16:15:50 Nutrients, Vol. 9, Pages 899: Choline Supplementation Normalizes Fetal Adipos... (Nutrients)
11 views15:33:23 Sensors, Vol. 17, Pages 1906: Energy Efficiency Maximization for WSNs with Si... (Sensors)
10 views15:15:25 Entropy, Vol. 19, Pages 421: Incipient Fault Diagnosis of Rolling Bearings Ba... (Entropy)
14 views14:37:12 Mechanochemical enzymatic resolution of N-benzylated-β3-amino esters (Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry)
9 views14:34:01 Sensors, Vol. 17, Pages 1908: The Potentiodynamic Bottom-up Growth of the Tin... (Sensors)
12 views14:18:41 Marine Drugs, Vol. 15, Pages 258: Marine Lipids on Cardiovascular Diseases an... (Marine Drugs)
8 views14:15:44 Can Lester Jones tubes be tolerated for decades? (Eye)
10 views14:01:18 Energies, Vol. 10, Pages 1229: Wind Energy Potential of Gaza Using Small Wind... (Energies)
11 views14:00:17 Sensors, Vol. 17, Pages 1903: LoRa Mobile-To-Base-Station Channel Characteriz... (Sensors)
12 views13:57:34 Energies, Vol. 10, Pages 1228: Optimization of Drilling Layouts Based on Cont... (Energies)
12 views13:57:12 Sustainability, Vol. 9, Pages 1465: Environmental Regulation and Industrial S... (Sustainability)
11 views13:53:21 Effects of DCK knockdown on proliferation, apoptosis and tumorigenicity in vi... (Cancer Gene Therapy)
13 views13:50:47 IJERPH, Vol. 14, Pages 932: Urinary Levels of 4-Nonylphenol and 4-t-Octylphen... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
13 views13:48:25 Molbank, Vol. 2017, Article M955: (E)-3,6-bis(Diethylamine)-2-[(2-methoxyna... (Molbank)
13 views13:48:23 Viruses, Vol. 9, Pages 231: Adaption of FMDV Asia-1 to Suspension Culture: Ce... (Viruses)
14 views13:47:01 Pharmaceuticals, Vol. 10, Pages 73: Role of CYP2C9, CYP2C19 and EPHX Polymorp... (Pharmaceuticals)
14 views13:30:30 IJMS, Vol. 18, Pages 1802: EpCAM Expression in Lymph Node Metastases of Uroth... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
13 views13:19:02 Molecules, Vol. 22, Pages 1329: Significance of Resveratrol in Clinical Manag... (Molecules)
13 views13:03:43 Remote Sensing, Vol. 9, Pages 856: A Hierarchical Extension of General Four-C... (Remote Sensing)
11 views12:51:48 Materials, Vol. 10, Pages 964: Mussel-Inspired Dopamine and Carbon Nanotube L... (Materials)
10 views12:51:15 Application of current prognostic models for primary myelofibrosis in the set... (Leukemia)
13 views12:39:41 IJERPH, Vol. 14, Pages 930: Cycle Tracks and Parking Environments in China: L... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
9 views12:37:16 BMC ecology image competition 2017: the winning images (BMC Ecology)
10 views12:37:13 Excessive body fat linked to blunted somatosensory cortex response to general... (International Journal of Obesity)
11 views12:36:15 Sensors, Vol. 17, Pages 1911: Vertical-Strip-Fed Broadband Circularly Polariz... (Sensors)
12 views12:35:26 Nutrients, Vol. 9, Pages 901: Applying a Consumer Behavior Lens to Salt Reduc... (Nutrients)
11 views12:33:56 An effective Pd nanocatalyst in aqueous media: stilbene synthesis by Mizoroki... (Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry)
10 views12:32:47 Sustainability, Vol. 9, Pages 1464: A Longitudinal Comparison of Sustainabili... (Sustainability)
10 views12:19:36 IJMS, Vol. 18, Pages 1800: Determination of Sphingosine-1-Phosphate in Human ... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
11 views12:19:12 Sensors, Vol. 17, Pages 1904: Dynamic Fuzzy-Logic Based Path Planning for Mob... (Sensors)
11 views12:17:44 Remote Sensing, Vol. 9, Pages 855: Multi-Year Mapping of Maize and Sunflower ... (Remote Sensing)
13 views12:16:15 Toxins, Vol. 9, Pages 252: Efficacy and Safety of Letibotulinum Toxin A for t... (Toxins)
11 views11:47:20 IJMS, Vol. 18, Pages 1681: Comprehensive Study of Multiple Stages Progressing... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
9 views11:32:19 Viruses, Vol. 9, Pages 229: Targeting Persistent Human Papillomavirus Infection (Viruses)
12 views11:31:20 Algorithms, Vol. 10, Pages 92: Automatic Modulation Recognition Using Compres... (Algorithms)
13 views10:45:34 The mitochondrial unfolded protein response: Signaling from the powerhouse [S... (Journal of Biological Chemistry)
18 views09:11:14 IJMS, Vol. 18, Pages 1790: Burn Eschar Stimulates Fibroblast and Adipose Mese... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
15 views08:17:26 Acupuncture in the neonatal intensive care unit—using ancient medicine ... (Journal of Perinatology)
18 views06:34:50 Polycystic kidney disease: SMYD2 is a novel epigenetic regulator of cyst growth (Nature Clinical Practice Nephrology)
16 views05:39:58 Entropy, Vol. 19, Pages 279: Atangana-Baleanu and Caputo Fabrizio Analysis of... (Entropy)
21 views05:30:37 Assessment of model accuracy estimations in CASP12 (Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics)
15 views04:31:42 Entropy, Vol. 19, Pages 410: Spatio-Temporal Variability of Soil Water Conten... (Entropy)
17 views01:16:49 [Editorial] 40 years of percutaneous coronary intervention: where next? (Lancet)

17 august 2017

16 views23:32:48 Inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor of the lacrimal gland: case report of an e... (BMC Clinical Pathology)
19 views22:18:31 Mutations in KEOPS-complex genes cause nephrotic syndrome with primary microc... (Nature Genetics)
19 views22:00:50 Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) vs GreenLight photoselective v... (International Journal of Impotence Research)
19 views21:52:36 Coreference annotation and resolution in the Colorado Richly Annotated Full T... (BMC Bioinformatics)
19 views21:46:04 Post-treatment haemolysis in African children with hyperparasitaemic falcipar... (BMC Infectious Diseases)
18 views21:00:08 Activation and Desensitization Mechanism of AMPA Receptor-TARP Complex by Cry... (Cell)
19 views20:40:55 Correction: O-GlcNAcylation mediates the control of cytosolic phosphoenolpyru... (PLoS ONE)
17 views20:32:23 AAV-mediated direct in vivo CRISPR screen identifies functional suppressors i... (Nature Neuroscience)
19 views20:20:05 Comparative studies on tolerance of rice genotypes differing in their toleran... (BMC Plant Biology)
68 views20:06:35 Evolutionarily Conserved Principles Predict 3D Chromatin Organization (Molecular Cell)
20 views20:04:25 Revisit NIH biosafety guidelines (Science)
21 views19:45:21 Ten simple rules to initiate and run a postdoctoral association (PLoS Computational Biology)
17 views19:31:48 Variations in adolescents` motivational characteristics across gender and phy... (BMC Public Health)
19 views19:17:43 Sustainability, Vol. 9, Pages 1462: Smart Thermostats: An Experimental Facili... (Sustainability)
23 views19:10:23 Regulation of Stem Cell Aging by Metabolism and Epigenetics (Cell Metabolism)
33 views19:02:29 Encoding of Discriminative Fear Memory by Input-Specific LTP in the Amygdala (Neuron)
20 views18:33:40 Performance, biochemical and haematological responses, and relative organ wei... (BMC Veterinary Research)
29 views18:18:02 Broad Targeting Specificity during Bacterial Type III CRISPR-Cas Immunity Con... (Cell Host & Microbe)
17 views18:00:34 Remote Sensing, Vol. 9, Pages 854: Technical Evaluation of Sentinel-1 IW Mode... (Remote Sensing)
19 views17:50:39 Molecules, Vol. 22, Pages 1360: Bioactive Compounds from Mexican Varieties of... (Molecules)
20 views17:50:14 Epitope and Paratope Mapping Reveals Temperature-Dependent Alterations in the... (Structure)
16 views17:46:37 Antagonistic Activities of Sox2 and Brachyury Control the Fate Choice of Neur... (Developmental Cell)
23 views17:31:18 Zika-Virus-Encoded NS2A Disrupts Mammalian Cortical Neurogenesis by Degrading... (Cell Stem Cell)
33 views17:30:38 Transposon Sequencing Uncovers an Essential Regulatory Function of Phosphorib... (Current Biology)
23 views16:32:07 Entropy, Vol. 19, Pages 418: Quality Systems. A Thermodynamics-Related Interp... (Entropy)
21 views16:01:50 Toxins, Vol. 9, Pages 250: The Preparation and Identification of a Monoclonal... (Toxins)
30 views15:48:12 Energies, Vol. 10, Pages 1217: A Comprehensive Study of Key Electric Vehicle ... (Energies)
19 views15:46:47 IJMS, Vol. 18, Pages 1787: Dysfunctional Natural Killer Cells in the Aftermat... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
21 views15:46:43 Remote Sensing, Vol. 9, Pages 852: Influence of Droughts on Mid-Tropospheric CO2 (Remote Sensing)
23 views15:31:53 Sensors, Vol. 17, Pages 1895: Ag Nanorods-Oxide Hybrid Array Substrates: Synt... (Sensors)
30 views15:23:31 Energies, Vol. 10, Pages 1226: A Sensitivity Analysis of a Computer Model-Bas... (Energies)
49 views15:22:16 Materials, Vol. 10, Pages 961: A Novel Approach to Eliminate the Effect of Ex... (Materials)
19 views15:18:47 Theoretical simulation of the infrared signature of mechanically stressed pol... (Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry)
31 views14:45:02 IJERPH, Vol. 14, Pages 925: Forecasting the Incidence of Mumps in Zibo City B... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
34 views14:31:13 Entropy, Vol. 19, Pages 416: Thermal and Exergetic Analysis of the Goswami Cy... (Entropy)
20 views14:30:30 Sustainability, Vol. 9, Pages 1456: Psychological and Socio-Economic Factors ... (Sustainability)
38 views14:22:44 Energies, Vol. 10, Pages 1224: Best Practices for Recovering Rural Abandoned ... (Energies)
15 views13:46:25 Acute myeloid leukemia transforms the bone marrow niche into a leukemia-permi... (Leukemia)
29 views13:43:17 Molecules, Vol. 22, Pages 1363: Spirulina maxima Extract Prevents Neurotoxici... (Molecules)
19 views13:41:50 IJERPH, Vol. 14, Pages 924: Quality of Vegetables Based on Total Phenolic Con... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
20 views13:37:34 Nutrients, Vol. 9, Pages 894: Human Milk and Allergic Diseases: An Unsolved P... (Nutrients)
32 views13:34:02 Plasma expression level of miRNA let-7 is positively correlated with carotid ... (Journal of Human Hypertension)
16 views13:31:40 Energies, Vol. 10, Pages 1221: Net Load Carrying Capability of Generating Uni... (Energies)
18 views13:30:06 Sensors, Vol. 17, Pages 1893: Combined Dynamic Time Warping with Multiple Sen... (Sensors)
15 views13:05:13 Engineering liposomal nanoparticles for targeted gene therapy (Gene Therapy)
16 views13:02:22 Effect of poly-hexamethylene biguanide hydrochloride (PHMB) treated non-steri... (BMC Infectious Diseases)
21 views13:00:22 A genome-wide transcriptome map of pistachio (Pistacia vera L.) provides nove... (BMC Genomics)
20 views12:45:07 Energies, Vol. 10, Pages 1219: Do the Different Exergy Accounting Methodologi... (Energies)
17 views12:00:31 Phenotypes, antioxidant responses, and gene expression changes accompanying a... (BMC Evolutionary Biology)
28 views10:48:29 Sustainability, Vol. 9, Pages 1454: Overview of Wind Power in China: Status a... (Sustainability)
30 views10:47:17 IJMS, Vol. 18, Pages 1784: A Critical Review on the Effect of Docosahexaenoic... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
27 views10:41:08 Sensors, Vol. 17, Pages 1890: Detecting Traversable Area and Water Hazards fo... (Sensors)
20 views09:32:33 IJMS, Vol. 18, Pages 1783: Effects of Fullerenols on Mouse Brain Microvascula... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
15 views09:27:53 New factors in mammalian DNA repair—the chromatin connection (Oncogene)
17 views09:26:36 Nutrients, Vol. 9, Pages 891: Consistency of Eating Rate, Oral Processing Beh... (Nutrients)
20 views08:30:55 Phase I/II clinical trial to assess safety and efficacy of intratumoral a... (Cancer Gene Therapy)
27 views08:30:07 A recursive microfluidic platform to explore the emergence of chemical evolution (Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry)
32 views08:01:09 Sustainability, Vol. 9, Pages 1446: Lessons Learned from the Failed Spanish R... (Sustainability)
18 views07:02:04 Epigenetics: Getting instructions from mum (Nature Reviews Genetics)
18 views06:41:00 Sustainability, Vol. 9, Pages 1433: An Improved Hybrid Grey Relational Analys... (Sustainability)
19 views05:30:42 Differential expression of CK20, ?-catenin, and MUC2/5AC/6 in Lynch syndrome ... (BMC Clinical Pathology)
24 views05:06:34 Association of adiposity, telomere length and mortality: Data from the NHANES... (International Journal of Obesity)
32 views01:51:16 Australian adolescents` beliefs and help-seeking intentions towards peers exp... (BMC Public Health)
32 views01:02:41 Treatment outcomes of patients with multidrug-resistant and extensively drug ... (BMC Infectious Diseases)
31 views01:00:02 Musashi-1 is the candidate of the regulator of hair cell progenitors during i... (BMC Neuroscience)
32 views00:57:40 Cancerouspdomains: comprehensive analysis of cancer type-specific recurrent s... (BMC Bioinformatics)
35 views00:49:17 Stable inheritance of DNA methylation allows creation of epigenotype maps and... (Genome Biology)
29 views00:47:22 Erratum to: A framework to assess patient-reported adverse outcomes arising d... (BMC Health Services Research)
35 views00:32:59 Genotyping and comparative pathology of Spirocerca in black-backed jackals (C... (BMC Veterinary Research)
34 views00:32:28 Traceability and distribution of Neisseria meningitidis DNA in archived post ... (BMC Clinical Pathology)
33 views00:19:31 Tensions in learning professional identities - nursing students` narratives a... (BMC Nursing)

16 august 2017

27 views23:46:03 Epidemiology and outcomes of Endophthalmitis in chronic dialysis patients: a ... (BMC Nephrology)
40 views22:34:07 Assisted clustering of gene expression data using ANCut (BMC Genomics)
36 views19:47:31 Correction: Liver AMP-Activated Protein Kinase Is Unnecessary for Gluconeogen... (PLoS ONE)
34 views19:31:16 Comparative ecophysiology of a critically endangered (CR) ectotherm: Implicat... (PLoS ONE)
38 views19:22:28 Against discrimination (Nature)
38 views18:33:09 Throw caution to the wind: is refeeding syndrome really a cause of death in a... (European Journal of Clinical Nutrition)
31 views18:19:19 Association between periodontal disease and mortality in people with CKD: a m... (BMC Nephrology)
36 views16:45:04 Sustainability, Vol. 9, Pages 1451: Substrate Depth, Vegetation and Irrigatio... (Sustainability)
84 views15:54:00 Remote Sensing, Vol. 9, Pages 848: Pre-Trained AlexNet Architecture with Pyra... (Remote Sensing)
30 views15:45:02 Sensors, Vol. 17, Pages 1882: A Vision-Based Wayfinding System for Visually I... (Sensors)
20 views15:27:41 Materials, Vol. 10, Pages 955: Pt-Co Alloys-Loaded Cubic SiC Electrode with I... (Materials)
28 views15:24:11 Sensors, Vol. 17, Pages 1881: Joint Mobile Data Collection and Wireless Energ... (Sensors)
30 views15:02:41 IJERPH, Vol. 14, Pages 922: An Overview of Factors Associated with Adherence ... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
37 views15:02:28 Nutrients, Vol. 9, Pages 883: Inhibitory Effect of Lycopene on Amyloid-?-Indu... (Nutrients)
26 views15:00:06 IJMS, Vol. 18, Pages 1777: Advances in Understanding of Penile Carcinogenesis... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
63 views14:32:50 Sustainability, Vol. 9, Pages 1448: Distributed Coordinated Control of Offsho... (Sustainability)
29 views14:32:03 Molecules, Vol. 22, Pages 1352: Sulfonamide-Linked Ciprofloxacin, Sulfadiazin... (Molecules)
30 views14:17:34 Energies, Vol. 10, Pages 1215: Studies on the Effect of Nano-Sized MgO in Mag... (Energies)
25 views14:16:55 IJMS, Vol. 18, Pages 1779: Enhanced Cell Growth of Adipocyte-Derived Mesenchy... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
32 views14:15:12 Marine Drugs, Vol. 15, Pages 256: Nine New Triterpene Glycosides, Magnumoside... (Marine Drugs)
33 views13:45:55 Viruses, Vol. 9, Pages 226: Reliable Detection of Herpes Simplex Virus Sequen... (Viruses)
25 views13:34:16 Molecules, Vol. 22, Pages 1357: Lactose Binding Induces Opposing Dynamics Cha... (Molecules)
25 views13:15:34 Monitoring molecular response in adult t-cell leukemia by high-throughput seq... (Leukemia)
25 views13:15:26 IJERPH, Vol. 14, Pages 920: Impact of Orientation on the Vitamin D Weighted E... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
25 views13:01:20 Arrhythmias: Safety backups to keep the pace (Nature Clinical Practice Cardiovascular Medicine)
33 views12:19:39 Materials, Vol. 10, Pages 957: Grafting Modification of the Reactive Core-She... (Materials)
30 views12:04:14 IJERPH, Vol. 14, Pages 919: Comment on Piscitelli et al. Hospitalizations in ... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
23 views12:00:03 Block copolymers from ionic liquids for the preparation of thin carbonaceous ... (Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry)
20 views11:15:05 IJMS, Vol. 18, Pages 1776: The Retinoblastoma (RB) Tumor Suppressor: Pushing ... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
21 views10:34:03 Entropy, Vol. 19, Pages 413: The Emergence of Hyperchaos and Synchronization ... (Entropy)
20 views10:32:33 Energies, Vol. 10, Pages 1214: Effect of Summer Ventilation on the Thermal Pe... (Energies)
18 views10:18:55 Remote Sensing, Vol. 9, Pages 849: Correction: Yao, P. et al. Rebuilding Long... (Remote Sensing)
23 views10:02:33 Sensors, Vol. 17, Pages 1879: Small, Smart, Fast, and Cheap: Microchip-Based ... (Sensors)
21 views10:01:26 IJMS, Vol. 18, Pages 1774: Epigenome Aberrations: Emerging Driving Factors of... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
43 views01:47:30 Annotating long intergenic non-coding RNAs under artificial selection during ... (BMC Evolutionary Biology)
25 views01:40:36 Quality of life and correlation with clinical and radiographic variables in p... (BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders)
22 views00:21:04 Effect of tolvaptan on renal handling of water and sodium, GFR and central he... (BMC Nephrology)
18 views00:00:07 Erratum to: Safety and tolerability of Bifidobacterium longum subspecies infa... (BMC Pediatrics)

15 august 2017

30 views23:18:18 SAXS versus FRET: A Matter of Heterogeneity? (Biophysical Journal)
68 views21:47:26 Monitoring, documenting and reporting the quality of antibiotic use in the Ne... (BMC Infectious Diseases)
25 views21:09:55 A neural network multi-task learning approach to biomedical named entity reco... (BMC Bioinformatics)
29 views21:03:01 Correction: Effect of caffeine ingestion on anaerobic capacity quantified by ... (PLoS ONE)
23 views21:02:19 Real-world costs of autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease in the Nordics (BMC Health Services Research)
30 views20:33:32 Genome-wide analysis of basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) transcription factors i... (BMC Genomics)
25 views20:30:38 Acute effects of reducing sitting time in adolescents: a randomized cross-ove... (BMC Public Health)
28 views19:05:55 Blocking IL-10 signalling at the time of immunization does not increase unwan... (BMC Immunology)
29 views18:19:13 Multiple essential functions of Plasmodium falciparum actin-1 during malaria ... (BMC Biology)
28 views17:45:05 TET2 Regulates Mast Cell Differentiation and Proliferation through Catalytic ... (Cell Reports)
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