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11 december 2019

12 views17:04:00 Five leading early career researchers in materials science (Nature)
13 views17:04:00 Energy harvesters pick up power (Nature)
13 views17:04:00 Why deadly New Zealand volcano eruption was hard to predict (Nature)
11 views17:04:00 What`s next for psychology`s embattled field of social priming (Nature)
11 views17:04:00 Tomorrow`s industries: from OLEDs to nanomaterials (Nature)
12 views17:04:00 The fastest rising institutions in materials science: visualized (Nature)
13 views17:04:00 Keep US research open amid threat from China, says elite JASON group (Nature)
12 views17:04:00 Predatory journals: no definition, no defence (Nature)
12 views17:04:00 When it comes to good practice in science, we need to think global but act local (Nature)
24 views06:02:42 Author Correction: Tumour lineage shapes BRCA-mediated phenotypes (Nature)

10 december 2019

32 views21:03:37 Transient receptor potential cation channel subfamily V and breast cancer (Laboratory Investigation)
44 views21:03:24 Hermetia illucens in diets for zebrafish (Danio rerio): A study of bacterial ... (PLoS ONE)
52 views21:03:24 To be or not to be an inclusive teacher: Are empathy and social dominance rel... (PLoS ONE)
33 views21:03:24 RBM3 and CIRP expressions in targeted temperature management treated cardiac ... (PLoS ONE)
33 views21:03:24 A single intra-articular injection of 2.0% non-chemically modified sodium hya... (PLoS ONE)
33 views21:03:24 The effects of diurnal intermittent fasting on proinflammatory cytokine level... (PLoS ONE)
59 views21:03:24 Using evidence when planning for trial recruitment: An international perspect... (PLoS ONE)
39 views21:03:24 Psychometric properties of the Portuguese version of the National Eye Institu... (PLoS ONE)
32 views21:03:24 Survey on Chlamydiaceae in cloacal swabs from Swiss turkeys demonstrates abse... (PLoS ONE)
31 views21:03:24 Optimizing sgRNA length to improve target specificity and efficiency for the ... (PLoS ONE)
33 views21:03:24 The effects of kinesiology taping on experimentally-induced thermal and mecha... (PLoS ONE)
33 views21:03:24 Gene expression profiles classifying clinical stages of tuberculosis and moni... (PLoS ONE)
30 views21:03:24 Regional hypothermia improves gastric microcirculatory oxygenation during hem... (PLoS ONE)
16 views21:03:24 Dynamical comparison between Drosha and Dicer reveals functional motion simil... (PLoS ONE)
18 views21:03:24 Expression of HIF-1? is related to a poor prognosis and tamoxifen resistance ... (PLoS ONE)
18 views21:03:24 PTH1-34 improves bone healing by promoting angiogenesis and facilitating MSCs... (PLoS ONE)
17 views21:03:24 HCV incidence is associated with injecting partner age and HCV serostatus mix... (PLoS ONE)
18 views21:03:24 Individual variation in migratory movements of chinstrap penguins leads to wi... (PLoS ONE)
19 views21:03:24 Personal distress as a mediator between self-esteem, self-efficacy, lonelines... (PLoS ONE)
16 views21:03:24 Tulathromycin treatment does not affect bacterial dissemination or clearance ... (PLoS ONE)
14 views21:03:24 Dye diffusion during laparoscopic tubal patency tests may suggest a lymphatic... (PLoS ONE)
16 views21:03:24 Root and alveolar bone changes in first premolars adjacent to the traction of... (PLoS ONE)
18 views21:03:24 Brief group-delivered motivational interviewing is equally effective as brief... (PLoS ONE)
14 views21:03:24 A novel scoring system to predict the requirement for surgical intervention i... (PLoS ONE)
13 views21:03:24 Non-invasive diagnostic criteria of hepatocellular carcinoma: Comparison of d... (PLoS ONE)
12 views21:03:24 Omentin-1 in diabetes mellitus: A systematic review and meta-analysis (PLoS ONE)
18 views21:03:24 Effects of metformin administration on endocrine-metabolic parameters, viscer... (PLoS ONE)
19 views21:03:24 Predictive utility of the C-reactive protein to albumin ratio in early allogr... (PLoS ONE)
19 views21:03:24 Developmental expression of human tau in Drosophila melanogaster glial cells ... (PLoS ONE)
26 views19:03:46 Publisher Correction: Analysis of the Human Protein Atlas Image Classificatio... (Nature Methods)
19 views12:00:31 Supremacy is for racists -- use `quantum advantage` (Nature)
18 views12:00:31 Air pollution -- don`t dismiss proven protection (Nature)
25 views12:00:31 Research group takes down controversial Indonesia fire analysis (Nature)
20 views12:00:31 A heliocentric epic, volcanic viniculture, and cartoon chemistry: Books in brief (Nature)
22 views12:00:31 Evaluating Italy`s ranking boom (Nature)
31 views05:04:09 Daily briefing: The five best science books of 2019 (Nature)
33 views05:04:09 Platelets have a dangerous hold over immune cells in cardiovascular disease (Nature)
27 views05:04:09 Lost in the house of tomorrow: Berlin`s newest museum (Nature)
23 views05:04:09 Treading thoughtfully (Nature)
23 views05:04:09 Superconductivity mystery turns 25 (Nature)
31 views05:04:09 A bacteriophage nucleus-like compartment shields DNA from CRISPR nucleases (Nature)
29 views05:04:09 Importance and vulnerability of the world`s water towers (Nature)
33 views05:04:09 Superstructure control of first-cycle voltage hysteresis in O-redox cathodes (Nature)
51 views05:04:09 When did societies become modern? `Big history` dashes popular idea of Axial Age (Nature)
28 views05:04:09 New antibiotics target the outer membrane of bacteria (Nature)

9 december 2019

39 views21:00:46 Energy expenditure and body composition changes after an isocaloric ketogenic... (PLoS ONE)
37 views21:00:46 The effect of dietary supplementation with Clostridium butyricum on the growt... (PLoS ONE)
26 views21:00:46 Autosomal recessive congenital cataracts linked to HSF4 in a consanguineous P... (PLoS ONE)
26 views21:00:46 Prevalence of drug-drug interaction in atrial fibrillation patients based on ... (PLoS ONE)
28 views21:00:46 The evolution and genetic diversity of avian influenza A(H9N2) viruses in Cam... (PLoS ONE)
39 views21:00:46 Association between circulating neuregulin4 levels and diabetes mellitus: A m... (PLoS ONE)
40 views21:00:46 Using morphological attributes for the fast assessment of nutritional respons... (PLoS ONE)
28 views21:00:46 Evaluation of upconverting nanoparticles towards heart theranostics (PLoS ONE)
37 views21:00:46 Prediction model for dengue fever based on interactive effects between multip... (PLoS ONE)
38 views21:00:46 Mystery or method? Evaluating claims of increased energy expenditure during a... (PLoS ONE)
37 views21:00:46 Characters matter: How narratives shape affective responses to risk communica... (PLoS ONE)
38 views21:00:46 Extending the information content of the MALDI analysis of biological fluids ... (PLoS ONE)
40 views21:00:46 Ocular surface and tear film changes in workers exposed to organic solvents u... (PLoS ONE)
37 views21:00:46 Diversity of A(H5N1) clade avian influenza viruses with evidence of ... (PLoS ONE)
33 views21:00:46 Tobacco and E-cigarette use among cancer survivors in the United States (PLoS ONE)
40 views21:00:46 The Salmonella type III effector SpvC triggers the reverse transmigration of ... (PLoS ONE)
21 views21:00:46 A ?2H Isoscape of blackberry as an example application for determining the ge... (PLoS ONE)
21 views21:00:46 Correction: Anabolic steroids among resistance training practitioners (PLoS ONE)
25 views21:00:46 Validation of risk factors for recurrence of renal cell carcinoma: Results fr... (PLoS ONE)
35 views19:00:45 NicheNet: modeling intercellular communication by linking ligands to target g... (Nature Methods)
31 views19:00:45 Localization microscopy at doubled precision with patterned illumination (Nature Methods)
29 views19:00:45 Author Correction: Nanopore native RNA sequencing of a human poly(A) transcri... (Nature Methods)
20 views19:00:45 Fast and accurate long-read assembly with wtdbg2 (Nature Methods)
42 views19:00:45 Deciphering interaction fingerprints from protein molecular surfaces using ge... (Nature Methods)
21 views19:00:45 Directed evolution improves the catalytic efficiency of TEV protease (Nature Methods)
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