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23 april 2019

17 views20:03:52 Postmortem imaging in goats using computed tomography with air as a negative ... (PLoS ONE)
22 views20:03:52 Structural and diffusion weighted MRI demonstrates responses to ibrutinib in ... (PLoS ONE)
15 views20:03:52 Effects of hydrogen-rich water in a rat model of polycystic kidney disease (PLoS ONE)
7 views20:03:52 Linoleic acid and stearic acid are biosynthetic precursors of (7Z,10Z)-7,10-h... (PLoS ONE)
7 views20:03:52 Holding soft objects increases expectation and disappointment in the Cyberbal... (PLoS ONE)
7 views20:03:52 Study on optimization algorithm of tuned mass damper parameters to reduce veh... (PLoS ONE)
7 views20:03:52 Predictors of mortality in adult people living with HIV on antiretroviral the... (PLoS ONE)
8 views20:03:52 Retraction: Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Determination of the Effect of Experimental ... (PLoS ONE)
6 views20:03:52 Retraction: Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Methodology for Noise Assessment of Wind Tur... (PLoS ONE)
8 views20:03:52 Media portrayal of illness-related medical crowdfunding: A content analysis o... (PLoS ONE)
6 views20:03:52 Knowledge about cataract and associated factors among adults in Gondar town, ... (PLoS ONE)
7 views20:03:52 Effects of the selective inhibition of proteasome caspase-like activity by CL... (PLoS ONE)
7 views20:03:52 Consensus and variations in cell line specificity among human metapneumovirus... (PLoS ONE)
8 views20:03:52 Effects of tendon injury on uninjured regional tendons in the distal limb: An... (PLoS ONE)
7 views20:03:52 Different predation capacities and mechanisms of Harmonia axyridis (Coleopter... (PLoS ONE)
7 views20:03:52 Effects of curcumin on glycemic control and lipid profile in prediabetes and ... (PLoS ONE)
6 views20:03:52 The Plastisphere - Uncovering tightly attached plastic `specific` microorganisms (PLoS ONE)
7 views20:03:52 The value of cytoreductive nephrectomy on the survival of metastatic renal ca... (PLoS ONE)
8 views20:03:52 Re-introducing non-optimal synonymous codons into codon-optimized constructs ... (PLoS ONE)
7 views20:03:52 Baseline cultural competence in physician assistant students (PLoS ONE)
6 views20:03:52 Comparison of the microbiome, metabolome, and lipidome of obese and non-obese... (PLoS ONE)
4 views20:03:52 Diurnal variation of human tear meniscus volume measured with tear strip meni... (PLoS ONE)
6 views20:03:52 Pregnancy intention and contraceptive use among HIV-positive Malawian women a... (PLoS ONE)
6 views20:03:52 In vivo functional analysis of a class A ?-lactamase-related protein essentia... (PLoS ONE)
7 views20:03:52 Peptide barcoding for establishment of new types of genotype-phenotype linkages (PLoS ONE)
6 views20:03:52 Cardiopulmonary exercise testing for identification of patients with hyperven... (PLoS ONE)
6 views20:03:52 Natural variation in the roles of C. elegans autophagy components during micr... (PLoS ONE)
6 views20:03:52 Correction: Seagrass on the brink: Decline of threatened seagrass Posidonia a... (PLoS ONE)
7 views20:03:52 Correction: Regeneration of esophagus using a scaffold-free biomimetic struct... (PLoS ONE)
5 views20:03:52 Correction: PIK3CA Genotype and a PIK3CA Mutation-Related Gene Signature and ... (PLoS ONE)
16 views14:03:25 Junior AI researchers are in demand by universities and industry (Nature)
13 views12:02:38 Germline-editing moratorium -- why we should resist it (Nature)
13 views12:02:38 When a conflict of interest is not a conflict (Nature)
14 views12:02:38 Australian gene-editing rules adopt `middle ground` (Nature)
13 views12:02:38 Krill harvesting: rush on red gold endangers ecosystems (Nature)
14 views12:02:38 Manage risk of accidental gene editing of germline (Nature)
14 views12:02:38 Automation: Chemistry shoots for the Moon (Nature)
14 views12:02:38 A European initiative to unclog pipeline for new medicines (Nature)

22 april 2019

26 views20:04:22 Influence of spatial camera resolution in high-speed videoendoscopy on laryng... (PLoS ONE)
27 views20:04:22 Effects of grazing patterns on grassland biomass and soil environments in Chi... (PLoS ONE)
29 views20:04:22 Undernutrition and its associated factors among pregnant mothers in Gondar to... (PLoS ONE)
31 views20:04:22 Cardiovascular disease risk factor burden and cognition: Implications of ethn... (PLoS ONE)
48 views20:04:22 Prevalence and associated factors of skin cancer in aged nursing home residen... (PLoS ONE)
48 views20:04:22 Herpes simplex virus type 1 epidemiology in Latin America and the Caribbean: ... (PLoS ONE)
27 views20:04:22 Arsenite malignantly transforms human prostate epithelial cells in vitro by g... (PLoS ONE)
26 views20:04:22 Using eDNA to biomonitor the fish community in a tropical oligotrophic lake (PLoS ONE)
28 views20:04:22 Unreliable usage of a single influenza virus IgM antibody assay in influenza-... (PLoS ONE)
24 views20:04:22 Quantifying the effect of Jacobiasca lybica pest on vineyards with UAVs by co... (PLoS ONE)
23 views20:04:22 Strategies in regulating glioblastoma signaling pathways and anti-invasion th... (PLoS ONE)
23 views20:04:22 Predicting childhood obesity using electronic health records and publicly ava... (PLoS ONE)
119 views20:04:22 Spatial distribution and determinants of acute respiratory infection among un... (PLoS ONE)
24 views20:04:22 Tempol treatment shows phenotype improvement in mdx mice (PLoS ONE)
24 views20:04:22 Associations of marital status with diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular di... (PLoS ONE)
13 views20:04:22 Whole-body dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry demonstrates better reliability t... (PLoS ONE)
9 views20:04:22 Abundance and diversity of nitrogen-removing microorganisms in the UASB-anamm... (PLoS ONE)
11 views20:04:22 Serum levels of CTRP3 in diabetic nephropathy and its relationship with insul... (PLoS ONE)
11 views20:04:22 Prevalence, awareness and control of diabetes in Russia: The Ural Eye and Med... (PLoS ONE)
11 views20:04:22 Cancer-related fatigue stratification system based on patient-reported outcom... (PLoS ONE)
9 views20:04:22 Cytokines secreted from bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells promote ap... (PLoS ONE)
9 views20:04:22 Makorin 1 is required for Drosophila oogenesis by regulating insulin/Tor sign... (PLoS ONE)
7 views20:04:22 Social preferences for ecosystem services in a biodiversity hotspot in South ... (PLoS ONE)
7 views20:04:22 Altering the levels of nuclear import factors in early Xenopus laevis embryos... (PLoS ONE)
9 views20:04:22 Assessment of eight nucleic acid amplification technologies for potential use... (PLoS ONE)
8 views20:04:22 Incidence and recurrence risk of low birth weight in Northern Tanzania: A reg... (PLoS ONE)
11 views20:04:22 The altered expression of autophagy-related genes participates in heart failu... (PLoS ONE)
7 views20:04:22 Integrating across memory episodes: Developmental trends (PLoS ONE)
7 views20:04:22 `Primary care is primary care`: Use of Normalization Process Theory to explor... (PLoS ONE)
9 views20:04:22 Involvement of miR-770-5p in trastuzumab response in HER2 positive breast can... (PLoS ONE)
7 views19:00:34 Dynamic polymer network points the way to truly recyclable plastics (Nature)
7 views19:00:34 Disembodied pig brains revived: Your questions answered (Nature)
7 views19:00:34 Chiral twisted van der Waals nanowires (Nature)
25 views18:02:35 Engineered peptide barcodes for in-depth analyses of binding protein libraries (Nature Methods)
25 views18:02:35 Multiplexed detection of proteins, transcriptomes, clonotypes and CRISPR pert... (Nature Methods)
26 views18:02:35 Capturing the dynamics of genome replication on individual ultra-long nanopor... (Nature Methods)
22 views16:02:32 Why some anti-bias training misses the mark (Nature)
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