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41 views2020-06-01 18:47:26 [ASAP] The Human Cytochrome c Domain-Swapped Dimer Facilitates Tight Regulation of Intrinsic Apoptosis (Biochemistry)
40 views2020-06-01 14:51:11 [ASAP] Coupling Polar Adhesion with Traction, Spring, and Torque Forces Allows High-Speed Helical Migration of the Protozoan Parasite Toxoplasma (ACS Nano)
37 views2020-06-01 18:47:27 [ASAP] Enzymatic Synthesis of a Fluorogenic Reporter Substrate and the Development of a High-Throughput Assay for Fucosyltransferase VIII Provide a Toolkit to Probe and Inhibit Core Fucosylation (Biochemistry)
36 views2020-06-01 18:29:36 [ASAP] Mechanisms of Thermal Atomic Layer Etching (Accounts of Chemical Research)
36 views2020-06-01 22:41:36 [ASAP] Double Bond Characterization of Free Fatty Acids Directly from Biological Tissues by Ultraviolet Photodissociation (Analytical Chemistry)
35 views2020-06-01 18:48:55 [ASAP] In Situ Cell Membrane Fusion for Engineered Tumor Cells by Worm-like Nanocell Mimics (ACS Nano)
33 views2020-06-01 18:28:07 [ASAP] True Picomolar Neurotransmitter Sensor Based on Open-Ended Carbon Nanotubes (Analytical Chemistry)
31 views2020-06-01 18:28:07 [ASAP] Controlled Chemistry via Contactless Manipulation and Merging of Droplets in an Acoustic Levitator (Analytical Chemistry)
30 views2020-06-01 18:47:26 [ASAP] Tongue Refolding in the Knotless Cyanobacterial Phytochrome All2699 (Biochemistry)
28 views2020-06-01 22:20:39 [ASAP] Revealing the Specificity of a Range of Antimicrobial Peptides in Lipid Nanodiscs by Native Mass Spectrometry (Biochemistry)

The 10 most viewed articles of the past 7 days

110 views30-05-2020 14:39:29 Beyond coverage: a qualitative study exploring the perceived impact of Gabon`s health insurance plan on access to and quality of prenatal care (BMC Health Services Research)
70 views30-05-2020 15:02:59 Omega-3 fatty acid exposure with a low-fat diet in patients with past hypertriglyceridemia-induced acute pancreatitis; an exploratory, randomized, open-label crossover study (Lipids in Health and Disease)
64 views27-05-2020 16:30:06 A novel COMP mutation in a Chinese family with multiple epiphyseal dysplasia (BMC Medical Genetics)
60 views27-05-2020 14:12:26 Spaceflight induces novel regulatory responses in Arabidopsis seedling as revealed by combined proteomic and transcriptomic analyses (BMC Plant Biology)
57 views30-05-2020 16:30:01 Clinical outcomes and anesthetic management of pregnancies with placenta previa and suspicion for placenta accreta undergoing intraoperative abdominal aortic balloon occlusion during cesarean section (BMC Anesthesiology)
55 views30-05-2020 15:02:59 Apolipoprotein CIII predicts cardiovascular events in patients with coronary artery disease: a prospective observational study (Lipids in Health and Disease)
55 views26-05-2020 22:20:35 [ASAP] Chemistry, Bioengineering, or the Medical Sciences: Where Do Our Manuscripts Come From? (Analytical Chemistry)
55 views27-05-2020 10:27:30 Application of combined cerebrospinal fluid physicochemical parameters to detect intracranial infection in neurosurgery patients (BMC Neurology)
52 views30-05-2020 02:51:39 [ASAP] Nondestructive High-Sensitivity Detections of Metallic Lithium Deposited on a Battery Anode Using Muonic X-rays (Analytical Chemistry)
52 views30-05-2020 14:31:15 LncRNA WTAPP1 promotes cancer cell invasion and migration in NSCLC by downregulating lncRNA HAND2-AS1 (BMC Pulmonary Medicine)

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