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60 views2021-01-24 17:49:19 Successful treatment with Cinryze® replacement therapy of a pregnant patient with hereditary angioedema: a case report (Journal of Medical Case Reports)
48 views2021-01-24 22:41:08 [ASAP] Conductometric Association Parameters for CdBr2 in the Presence and Absence of Ceftazidime in Water and 30% Ethanol–Water Mixtures (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)
46 views2021-01-25 07:27:35 The rates and medical necessity of cesarean delivery in China, 2012–2019: an inspiration from Jiangsu (BMC Medicine)
44 views2021-01-25 12:08:30 Malaria vectors diversity, insecticide resistance and transmission during the rainy season in peri-urban villages of south-western Burkina Faso (Malaria Journal)
37 views2021-01-25 05:27:04 Serum Total Bilirubin and Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease and Mortality: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis (Frontiers in Medicine)
33 views2021-01-25 10:30:46 Neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders with non opticospinal manifestations as initial symptoms: a long-term observational study (BMC Neurology)
29 views2021-01-25 08:39:02 Decarboxylative trifluoromethylthiolation of pyridylacetates (Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry)
26 views2021-01-25 13:59:48 High diagnostic accuracy of automated rapid Strep A test reduces antibiotic prescriptions for children in the United Arab Emirates (BMC Pediatrics)
23 views2021-01-25 13:59:49 Severe dyspnea and uncontrolled seizures following meperfluthrin poisoning: a case report (BMC Pediatrics)
21 views2021-01-25 13:59:48 Prediction model study of overweight and obesity in preschool children with allergic diseases from an ecological perspective (BMC Pediatrics)

The 10 most viewed articles of the past 7 days

107 views23-01-2021 20:19:14 Considerations about the implementation of an autism screening program in Iran from the viewpoints of professionals and parents: a qualitative study (BMC Psychiatry)
105 views22-01-2021 22:49:17 [ASAP] Navigating Transition-Metal Chemical Space: Artificial Intelligence for First-Principles Design (Accounts of Chemical Research)
98 views20-01-2021 05:28:24 Commentary: Vitamin C supplementation for prevention and treatment of pneumonia (Frontiers in Medicine)
96 views21-01-2021 21:21:00 Evaluation and improvement of the National Early Warning Score (NEWS2) for COVID-19: a multi-hospital study (BMC Medicine)
93 views23-01-2021 13:20:31 Mothers` experiences of parenting and everyday life of children born at 23 weeks of gestation – a qualitative descriptive study (BMC Pediatrics)
92 views24-01-2021 00:30:48 Correlation between improvement in visual acuity and QOL after Ranibizumab treatment for age-related macular degeneration patients: QUATRO study (BMC Ophthalmology)
82 views22-01-2021 19:39:12 I don`t want to think about it: a qualitative study of children (6–18 years) with rheumatic diseases and parents` experiences with regular needle injections at home (Pediatric Rheumatology)
81 views20-01-2021 02:17:51 [ASAP] TopSuite Web Server: A Meta-Suite for Deep-Learning-Based Protein Structure and Quality Prediction (Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling)
78 views23-01-2021 22:39:26 [ASAP] Pnictogen Semimetal (Sb, Bi)-Based Nanomaterials for Cancer Imaging and Therapy: A Materials Perspective (ACS Nano)
77 views19-01-2021 00:50:55 A unified machine learning approach to time series forecasting applied to demand at emergency departments (BMC Emergency Medicine)

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