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28 march 2020

14 views13:02:11 Rare ozone hole opens over Arctic -- and it`s big (Nature)
14 views13:02:11 University pays millions to researchers who sued over sexual-harassment alleg... (Nature)
14 views13:02:11 Daily briefing: A radical proposal to infect healthy people with the coronavi... (Nature)
14 views13:02:11 Coronavirus latest: pandemic could have killed 40 million without any action (Nature)
17 views08:03:25 Coronavirus latest: global infections cross half-million mark (Nature)
18 views08:03:25 Tens of thousands of scientists are redeploying to fight coronavirus (Nature)
15 views08:03:25 Coronavirus papers: Viral proteins point to potential treatments (Nature)
16 views08:03:25 Why a landmark treaty to stop ocean biopiracy could stymie research (Nature)
16 views08:03:25 Coronapod: Old treatments and new hopes (Nature)
28 views01:01:05 Low incidence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in south-east Sweden: An epide... (PLoS ONE)
38 views01:01:05 Influence of light availability and soil productivity on insect herbivory on ... (PLoS ONE)
32 views01:01:05 Coccolith mass and morphology of different Emiliania huxleyi morphotypes: A c... (PLoS ONE)
26 views01:01:05 Auditory chain reaction: Effects of sound pressure and particle motion on aud... (PLoS ONE)
26 views01:01:05 De novo transcriptome assembly of four organs of Collichthys lucidus and iden... (PLoS ONE)
18 views01:01:05 Efficient learning-based blur removal method based on sparse optimization for... (PLoS ONE)
21 views01:01:05 Prospective impacts of oil spills on floodplain vegetation: Both crude oil an... (PLoS ONE)
17 views01:01:05 Potential gains in life expectancy from reducing amenable mortality among peo... (PLoS ONE)
15 views01:01:05 Transcriptome analysis of the edible mushroom Lentinula edodes in response to... (PLoS ONE)
15 views01:01:05 Exacerbation of symptomatic arthritis by cigarette smoke in experimental arth... (PLoS ONE)
15 views01:01:05 Iron application improves yield, economic returns and grain-Fe concentration ... (PLoS ONE)
16 views01:01:05 Evaluation of the effect of afoxalaner with milbemycin 1 oxime in the treatme... (PLoS ONE)
15 views01:01:05 Melatonin promotes seed germination under salinity and enhances the biosynthe... (PLoS ONE)
4 views01:01:05 A multi-state model analysis of the time from ethical approval to publication... (PLoS ONE)
5 views01:01:05 The potential deployment of a pan-tuberculosis drug regimen in India: A model... (PLoS ONE)
5 views01:01:05 Simplified pulse wave velocity measurement in children: Is the pOpmètre valid? (PLoS ONE)
6 views01:01:05 No evidence for hypogammaglobulinemia in patients with paroxysmal nocturnal h... (PLoS ONE)
6 views01:01:05 Characterization of HIV-1 genetic diversity and antiretroviral resistance in ... (PLoS ONE)
7 views01:01:05 Disentangling the dynamics of social assistance: A linked survey--Register da... (PLoS ONE)
6 views01:01:05 Prognosis after resection of single large hepatocellular carcinoma: Results f... (PLoS ONE)
6 views01:01:05 Knockout of secondary alcohol dehydrogenase in Nocardia cholesterolicum NRRL ... (PLoS ONE)
6 views01:01:05 Retraction: A Novel Triterpenoid Isolated from the Root Bark of Ailanthus exc... (PLoS ONE)
5 views01:01:05 Correction: An explorative study identifies miRNA signatures for the diagnosi... (PLoS ONE)
6 views01:01:05 Correction: Dendritic cells mediate the anti-inflammatory action of omega-3 l... (PLoS ONE)
4 views01:01:05 Correction: Improving Physical Task Performance with Counterfactual and Prefa... (PLoS ONE)
5 views01:01:05 Correction: Occurrence and distribution of anthropogenic persistent organic p... (PLoS ONE)
5 views01:01:05 Correction: Long term conjugated linoleic acid supplementation modestly impro... (PLoS ONE)
5 views01:01:05 Correction: Algal Bioremediation of Waste Waters from Land-Based Aquaculture ... (PLoS ONE)
6 views01:01:05 Retraction: Chemotherapeutic Potential of 2-[Piperidinoethoxyphenyl]-3-Phenyl... (PLoS ONE)
7 views01:01:05 Retraction: Recombinant Human Adenovirus-p53 Injection Induced Apoptosis in H... (PLoS ONE)

27 march 2020

30 views01:03:41 Elk-1 transcriptionally regulates ZC3H4 expression to promote silica-induced ... (Laboratory Investigation)
21 views01:00:04 COVID-19 needs a Manhattan Project (Science)
22 views01:00:04 Underpromise, overdeliver (Science)
6 views00:00:31 TDP-43 promotes the formation of neuromuscular synapses through the regulatio... (BMC Biology)
7 views00:00:31 Protein assembly systems in natural and synthetic biology (BMC Biology)
9 views00:00:01 A comprehensive environmental scanning and strategic analysis of Iranian Publ... (BMC Research Notes)
9 views00:00:01 The experience of polyethylene glycol (PEG) bowel preparation in adolescents ... (BMC Research Notes)

26 march 2020

31 views22:01:03 Coronavirus latest: UK pledges to conduct large-scale antibody testing (Nature)
8 views22:00:33 Distribution and sexual dimorphism of the crab Xenograpsus testudinatus from ... (PLoS ONE)
7 views22:00:33 Pre-adult aggression and its long-term behavioural consequences in crickets (PLoS ONE)
8 views22:00:33 Genetic landscape of preterm birth due to cervical insufficiency: Comprehensi... (PLoS ONE)
6 views22:00:33 The Trust Game for Couples (TGC): A new standardized paradigm to assess trust... (PLoS ONE)
7 views22:00:33 Power to the voice hearer -- The German version of the voice power differenti... (PLoS ONE)
8 views22:00:33 Characterization of subtypes and transmitted drug resistance strains of HIV a... (PLoS ONE)
8 views22:00:33 Effects of unsaturated fatty acids (Arachidonic/Oleic Acids) on stability and... (PLoS ONE)
7 views22:00:33 Objective evaluation of visual fatigue in patients with intermittent exotropia (PLoS ONE)
8 views22:00:33 Relationships between objective structured clinical examination, computer-bas... (PLoS ONE)
9 views22:00:33 Liver-specific 3D sectioning molds for correlating in vivo CT and MRI with tu... (PLoS ONE)
8 views22:00:33 Applying univariate vs. multivariate statistics to investigate therapeutic ef... (PLoS ONE)
6 views22:00:33 The association of macronutrients in human milk with the growth of preterm in... (PLoS ONE)
7 views22:00:33 The innovation value chain of patents: Breakthrough in the patent commerciali... (PLoS ONE)
8 views22:00:33 Combination of organic acids and low-dose gamma irradiation as antimicrobial ... (PLoS ONE)
5 views22:00:33 Benign peripheral nerve sheath tumor of digit versus major-nerve: Comparison ... (PLoS ONE)
7 views22:00:33 Characterization of the fungal community in the canopy air of the invasive pl... (PLoS ONE)
6 views22:00:33 Metabolic changes during respiratory syncytial virus infection of epithelial ... (PLoS ONE)
7 views22:00:33 Associations between symptoms of sleep-disordered breathing and maternal slee... (PLoS ONE)
6 views22:00:33 Effect of custom-made and prefabricated foot orthoses on kinematic parameters... (PLoS ONE)
6 views22:00:33 Prognostic significance of inflammatory indices in hepatocellular carcinoma t... (PLoS ONE)
7 views22:00:33 Knowledge and associated factors towards diabetes mellitus among adult non-di... (PLoS ONE)
5 views22:00:33 Reduction in biogenic amines in douchi fermented by probiotic bacteria (PLoS ONE)
5 views22:00:33 Correction: Cows painted with zebra-like striping can avoid biting fly attack (PLoS ONE)
7 views22:00:33 Correction: NetMODE: Network Motif Detection without Nauty (PLoS ONE)
7 views22:00:33 Correction: Empirical mode decomposition based long short-term memory neural ... (PLoS ONE)
7 views22:00:33 Correction: Intraocular pressure and axial length changes during altitude acc... (PLoS ONE)
5 views22:00:33 Correction: The dynamics of intonation: Categorical and continuous variation ... (PLoS ONE)
6 views22:00:33 Correction: Novel broad-spectrum activity-based probes to profile malarial cy... (PLoS ONE)
7 views22:00:33 Correction: Transgenic overexpression of endogenous FLOWERING LOCUS T-like ge... (PLoS ONE)
24 views12:00:27 Video-based AI for beat-to-beat assessment of cardiac function (Nature)
33 views12:00:27 Daily briefing: New York City will start treating COVID-19 patients with the ... (Nature)
22 views12:00:27 Parental-to-embryo switch of chromosome organization in early embryogenesis (Nature)
22 views12:00:27 Identifying SARS-CoV-2 related coronaviruses in Malayan pangolins (Nature)
22 views12:00:27 What the cruise-ship outbreaks reveal about COVID-19 (Nature)
22 views12:00:27 Coronavirus latest: Scientists call for an end to Trump ban on fetal-tissue r... (Nature)
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