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23 september 2020

40 views02:40:03 [ASAP] Topological Ring-Currents and Bond-Currents in Hexaanionic Altans and ... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
43 views02:30:33 [ASAP] Liquid Structure of Single and Mixed Cation Alkylammonium Bromide Urea... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
48 views02:30:33 [ASAP] Molecular Dynamics Studies on the Effect of Surface Roughness and Surf... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
44 views02:30:33 [ASAP] Cationic Antiseptics Facilitate Pore Formation in Model Bacterial Memb... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
37 views02:30:28 [ASAP] Electron and X-ray Focused Beam-Induced Cross-Linking in Liquids: Towa... (ACS Nano)
35 views02:30:28 [ASAP] Grain Boundary Motion in Two-Dimensional Hexagonal Boron Nitride (ACS Nano)
34 views02:30:27 [ASAP] Solar Freckles: Long-Term Photochromic Tattoos for Intradermal Ultravi... (ACS Nano)

22 september 2020

24 views22:30:12 [ASAP] Ambipolar Deep-Subthreshold Printed-Carbon-Nanotube Transistors for Ul... (ACS Nano)
34 views18:41:06 [ASAP] Phonon Spectroscopy in Antimony and Tellurium Oxides (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
37 views18:41:06 [ASAP] Charge-Transfer Excitation Energies Expressed as Orbital Energies of K... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
30 views18:31:06 [ASAP] Space-Selective Chemodynamic Therapy of CuFe5O8 Nanocubes for Implant-... (ACS Nano)
45 views02:41:09 [ASAP] Kinetic Study of the Reactions PO + O2 and PO2 + O3 and Spectroscopy o... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
52 views02:41:09 [ASAP] Role of Spin in the Catalytic Oxidation of CO by N2O Enabled by Co+: N... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
47 views02:21:24 [ASAP] Temperature-Jump 2D IR Spectroscopy with Intensity-Modulated CW Optica... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
50 views02:21:24 [ASAP] Conformer-Specific Photodissociation Dynamics of CF2ICF2I in Solution ... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)

21 september 2020

18 views18:37:10 [ASAP] Design of Core–Shell Quantum Dots–3D WS2 Nanowall Hybrid Nanostruc... (ACS Nano)
17 views18:37:10 [ASAP] Quasi-metal Microwave Route to MoN and Mo2C Ultrafine Nanocrystalline ... (ACS Nano)
22 views18:37:09 [ASAP] Supramolecular Chirality Synchronization in Thin Films of Plasmonic Na... (ACS Nano)
14 views18:37:09 [ASAP] Atomic-Level Electronic Properties of Carbon Nitride Monolayers (ACS Nano)
20 views18:37:09 [ASAP] Vertically Aligned and Ordered Arrays of 2D MCo2S4@Metal with Ultrafas... (ACS Nano)
21 views18:32:04 [ASAP] Data-Inspired and Physics-Driven Model Reduction for Dissociation: App... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
22 views18:32:04 [ASAP] Correction to “State-Resolved Dissociation and Exchange Reactions in... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
16 views18:32:04 [ASAP] Multireaction Approach to Quantum Thermochemistry (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
21 views18:31:20 [ASAP] Mutual Diffusivity of an n-Hexane-2,2-Dimethyl Butane Binary Mixture C... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
16 views18:31:20 [ASAP] Do We Understand the Mechanisms Used by Biological Systems to Correct ... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
36 views14:19:15 [ASAP] Absorption and Circular Dichroism Spectra of Molecular Aggregates With... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
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