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7 july 2020

34 views02:42:12 [ASAP] Control of Photoisomerization of an Azoazacryptand by Anion Binding an... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
33 views02:42:12 [ASAP] Selective Metal-Controlled Synthesis of Trifluoromethylated (Indolin-2... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
35 views02:42:12 [ASAP] Next-Generation TLC: A Quantitative Platform for Parallel Spotting and... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
40 views02:40:54 [ASAP] Polymer Nanoparticles for the Release of Fragrances: How the Physicoch... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
37 views02:28:21 [ASAP] Theoretical Study of O2 Reduction and Water Oxidation in Multicopper O... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
38 views02:28:20 [ASAP] Ab Initio Study of Low-Lying Excited States of Carotenoid-Derived Poly... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
40 views02:28:20 [ASAP] Auto-Oxidation of a Volatile Silicon Compound: A Theoretical Study of ... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)

6 july 2020

47 views22:41:29 [ASAP] Critical Differences between the Binding Features of the Spike Protein... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
48 views22:41:28 [ASAP] Developing a Fully Glycosylated Full-Length SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein M... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
44 views22:41:28 [ASAP] Photophysical and Theoretical Interpretation of the Insensitive Emissi... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
45 views22:41:28 [ASAP] Electron-Vibrational Spectra and Dynamics of the Lutein Molecule (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
42 views22:41:25 [ASAP] Synthesis and Characterization of SrFexMn1–x(O,F)3-d Oxide (d = 0 an... (Inorganic Chemistry)
49 views22:41:25 [ASAP] Vapor-Phase Infiltration inside a Microporous Porphyrinic Metal–Orga... (Inorganic Chemistry)
44 views22:37:12 [ASAP] Two-Dimensional Device with Light-Controlled Capability for Treatment... (Analytical Chemistry)
44 views22:37:12 [ASAP] Proteomics Using Protease Alternatives to Trypsin Benefits from Sequen... (Analytical Chemistry)
89 views22:34:25 [ASAP] Prediction of Natural Product Classes Using Machine Learning and 13C N... (Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling)
23 views22:31:08 [ASAP] Structures and Biosynthetic Pathway of Pulvomycins B–D: 22-Membered ... (Organic Letters)
29 views22:31:08 [ASAP] Visible-Light-Mediated Intermolecular Radical Conjugate Addition for t... (Organic Letters)
27 views22:31:08 [ASAP] Rhodium-Catalyzed Sequential Cycloisomerization/Aldol Addition of Cycl... (Organic Letters)
29 views22:31:08 [ASAP] Regioselective Hydroboration and Hydrosilylation of N-Heteroarenes Cat... (Organic Letters)
29 views22:29:10 [ASAP] Co(III)-Catalyzed C–H Amidation of Nitrogen-Containing Heterocycles ... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
31 views18:42:51 [ASAP] Organocatalytic Enantioselective Michael Addition between 3-(3-hydroxy... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
29 views18:42:10 [ASAP] Mono- and Di-Sc-Substituted Keggin Polyoxometalates: Effective Lewis A... (Inorganic Chemistry)
25 views18:42:10 [ASAP] A Bis-organosilyl-Functionalized Wells–Dawson Polyoxometalate as a P... (Inorganic Chemistry)
32 views18:42:09 [ASAP] UiO-66-NH2 Metal–Organic Frameworks with Embedded MoS2 Nanoflakes fo... (Inorganic Chemistry)
32 views18:40:16 [ASAP] Lignocellulosic Biomass Upgrading into Valuable Nitrogen-Containing Co... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
38 views18:39:48 [ASAP] Heterochirality Restricts the Self-Assembly of Phenylalanine Dipeptide... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
30 views18:39:32 [ASAP] Validation of Free Energy Methods in AMBER (Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling)
29 views18:39:32 [ASAP] Accurate Prediction of GPCR Ligand Binding Affinity with Free Energy P... (Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling)
24 views18:22:15 [ASAP] CuH-Catalyzed Asymmetric Reductive Amidation of a,ß-Unsaturated Carbo... (Organic Letters)
26 views18:22:15 [ASAP] Enantioselective Rhodium-Catalyzed Allylation of Aliphatic Imines: Syn... (Organic Letters)
31 views18:20:03 [ASAP] Reinvestigation of the Deceptively Simple Reaction of Toluene with OH ... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
31 views18:17:58 [ASAP] Submicron Particle and Cell Concentration in a Closed Chamber Surface ... (Analytical Chemistry)
45 views14:39:40 [ASAP] Generalized Model to Estimate the Refractive Indices of Deep Eutectic ... (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)
45 views14:29:39 [ASAP] Balance between (De)hydrogenation and Acid Sites: Comparison between S... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
40 views14:19:09 [ASAP] Spectroscopic and Theoretical Study of the Intramolecular p-Type Hydro... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
41 views13:02:26 Synthesis of new dihydroberberine and tetrahydroberberine analogues and evalu... (Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry)
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