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28 january 2023

35 views14:41:33 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1286: Delphinidin-3-rutinoside from Blackcurrant Be... (Molecules)
40 views14:05:01 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1285: The Construction of Polycyclic Pyridones via ... (Molecules)
36 views13:44:27 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1284: Studies on the Complexation of Platinum(II) b... (Molecules)
36 views13:08:27 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1283: Role of Nanomedicine-Based Therapeutics in th... (Molecules)
33 views12:38:54 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1279: Dynamic Interfacial Tensions of Surfactant an... (Molecules)
34 views12:19:39 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1280: 2-Methyl-6-(4-aminophenyl)-4,5-dihydro-3(2H)-... (Molecules)
35 views12:19:39 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1282: Demulsifier-Inspired Superhydrophilic/Underwa... (Molecules)
38 views12:08:22 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1281: Comparative Chemical Profiling and Citronello... (Molecules)
37 views11:39:32 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1275: Naphthalimide-Piperazine Derivatives as Multi... (Molecules)
32 views10:33:41 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1270: Recent Advances in the Discovery of Nicotinic... (Molecules)
33 views10:33:40 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1277: GPU-Enhanced DFTB Metadynamics for Efficientl... (Molecules)
32 views10:33:40 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1278: Analysis of Single-Step Pretreatments for Lig... (Molecules)
35 views10:11:21 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1276: Drugging the Undruggable Trypanosoma brucei M... (Molecules)
35 views09:48:20 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1271: Identification of a Novel Angiogenesis Signal... (Molecules)
37 views09:45:54 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1273: Identification of Trace Components in Sauce-F... (Molecules)
32 views09:45:54 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1274: UHPLC-MS Phytochemical Profiling and Insight ... (Molecules)
46 views09:12:00 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1272: Synthesis of Iron on Carbon Foam for Use in t... (Molecules)
39 views08:07:34 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1269: Design, Synthesis, and Antiproliferative Acti... (Molecules)
43 views08:01:46 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1268: Role of Fungi in Biodegradation of Imidazoliu... (Molecules)
37 views07:47:58 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1267: Autoxidation Kinetics of Tetrahydrobiopterin&... (Molecules)
37 views07:47:57 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1265: A Concise Synthesis of Pyrrole-Based Drug Can... (Molecules)
39 views07:11:59 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1266: Polysaccharides from Nitraria retusa Fruit: E... (Molecules)
42 views06:52:12 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1264: Edible Plant Extracts against Aedes aegypti a... (Molecules)
43 views05:42:47 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1263: Ionic Liquid-Dispersive Micro-Extraction and ... (Molecules)
45 views04:19:07 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1238: Nur77 Serves as a Potential Prognostic Biomar... (Molecules)
44 views03:14:04 [ASAP] A Three-Step Method for the Preparation of N`Substituted 3,4-Dihydro... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)

27 january 2023

50 views23:42:06 [ASAP] Tuning Emission Lifetimes of Ir(C^N)2(acac) Complexes with Oligo(pheny... (Inorganic Chemistry)
57 views19:35:10 [ASAP] Green-Light Responsive Perylene Bisimides for Atom-Economic Thiol Gene... (Organic Letters)
52 views19:35:10 [ASAP] Copper-Catalyzed Annulation of O`Acyl Oximes with Cyclic 1,3-Diones ... (Organic Letters)
51 views19:35:09 [ASAP] Triple-Consecutive Isocyanide Insertions with Aldehydes: Synthesis of ... (Organic Letters)
51 views19:35:09 [ASAP] Chemo- and Diastereoselective Acylfluorination of Nonactivated Olefins... (Organic Letters)
47 views19:22:01 [ASAP] Quantum Dot–Peptide Conjugates as Energy Transfer Probes for Sensing... (Analytical Chemistry)
56 views19:21:05 [ASAP] Intramolecular Charge Transfer and Ultrafast Nonradiative Decay in DNA... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
58 views19:21:05 [ASAP] Isotope Effects on Ground and Excited States of Ethyl Cation, H+(C2H4) (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
51 views19:11:37 [ASAP] Bayesian Optimized Oscillating Electric Heating of Dicyclopentadiene a... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
48 views19:08:57 [ASAP] Isobaric Vapor–Liquid Equilibrium Data for Tetrahydrofuran + Acetic ... (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)
55 views19:08:57 [ASAP] Solubility Measurement and Correlation of 2`Amino-5-bromopyrazine in... (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)
45 views19:08:56 [ASAP] Phase Diagram of the Al(NO3)3–Fe(NO3)3–H2O(`HNO3) System and Its... (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)
51 views19:08:10 [ASAP] Early-Stage Oligomerization of Prion-like Polypeptides Reveals the Mol... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
49 views19:08:10 [ASAP] Conformations and Solvation of Synthetic Polymers in Water by Generali... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
47 views19:08:09 [ASAP] Revisiting the Sweet Taste Receptor T1R2-T1R3 through Molecular Dynami... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
47 views19:08:08 [ASAP] Discipline-Based Diversity Research in Chemistry (Accounts of Chemical Research)
48 views19:08:08 [ASAP] Porous Single Crystals at the Macroscale: From Growth to Application (Accounts of Chemical Research)
49 views19:08:08 [ASAP] Sulfoxide-Directed or 3d-Metal Catalyzed C–H Activation and Hyperval... (Accounts of Chemical Research)
46 views18:36:56 [ASAP] Dual Lewis Acid- and Base-Responsive Terpyridine-Based Hydrogel: Progr... (Inorganic Chemistry)
43 views18:36:56 [ASAP] Neptunium Alkoxide Chemistry: Expanding Alkoxides to the Transuranium ... (Inorganic Chemistry)
43 views18:11:25 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1262: Aluminum Salen Complexes Modified with Unsatu... (Molecules)
35 views17:38:57 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1261: Curcumin and Andrographolide Co-Administratio... (Molecules)
44 views17:14:47 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1260: Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles Coated with C... (Molecules)
39 views16:54:07 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1258: Steviol Glycosides from Stevia rebaudiana: An... (Molecules)
40 views16:54:07 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1259: Electrochemical Nanosensors for Sensitization... (Molecules)
42 views16:37:28 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1255: Scattering of e± by C2H6 Molecule Over... (Molecules)
47 views16:37:28 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1256: Hydrogen Absorption Reactions of Hydrogen Sto... (Molecules)
38 views16:37:28 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1257: A Novel Photoluminescent Ag/Cu Cluster Exhibi... (Molecules)
47 views16:01:37 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1249: Comparison of Oleocanthal-Low EVOO and Oleoca... (Molecules)
38 views15:24:53 [ASAP] Palladium-Catalyzed Carbonylations: Application in Complex Natural Pro... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
33 views15:24:53 [ASAP] Photoredox Minisci-Type Hydroxyfluoroalkylation of Isoquinolines with ... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
43 views15:24:52 [ASAP] Synthesis of Isoindole N`Oxides by Palladium-Catalyzed C–H Functio... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
45 views15:21:57 [ASAP] Two-Step ONIOM Method for the Accurate Estimation of Individual Hydrog... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
38 views15:15:15 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1254: Chemical, Antioxidant and Biological Studies ... (Molecules)
44 views15:08:37 [ASAP] Selective Amination of Benzaldehyde over the Fine Ru Nanoparticles Anc... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
38 views15:02:19 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1251: IR Studies of Ethoxy Groups on CeO2 (Molecules)
38 views15:02:19 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1252: Antimicrobial Activity of Quercetin, Naringen... (Molecules)
32 views15:02:18 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1253: In Vitro and In Silico Studies of Neolignans ... (Molecules)
38 views14:50:01 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1250: Effect of Winemaking on Phenolic Compounds an... (Molecules)
35 views14:12:27 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1247: Rare Missense Variants of the Human β4 S... (Molecules)
39 views14:00:04 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1248: Structure and Conformational Mobility of OLED... (Molecules)
38 views13:51:42 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1245: Efficient Bioconversion of Stevioside and Reb... (Molecules)
44 views13:38:35 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1246: Identification of Unstable Ellagitannin Metab... (Molecules)
39 views13:14:30 Revisiting the bromination of 3β-hydroxycholest-5-ene with CBr4/PPh3 and... (Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry)
40 views13:09:43 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1244: Exploring the Co-Crystallization of Kojic Aci... (Molecules)
36 views13:00:11 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1243: Semisynthetic Sesquiterpene Lactones Generate... (Molecules)
37 views12:49:50 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1242: Advances in the Study of Probiotics for Immun... (Molecules)
32 views12:13:29 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1241: Recent Advances in Supramolecular-Macrocycle-... (Molecules)
38 views11:57:19 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1237: Anthocyanins: Potential Therapeutic Approache... (Molecules)
44 views11:52:17 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1240: Energy Level Prediction of Organic Semiconduc... (Molecules)
35 views11:52:16 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1239: Alkaloid Profile in Wild Autumn-Flowering Daf... (Molecules)
40 views11:36:10 [ASAP] Investigation of Charged Small Molecule–Aptamer Interactions with Su... (Analytical Chemistry)
38 views11:36:09 [ASAP] CasSABER for Programmable In Situ Visualization of Low and Nonrepetiti... (Analytical Chemistry)
34 views11:33:44 [ASAP] Selective, Disruptive Luminescent Ru(II) Polypyridyl Probes of G`Qua... (Inorganic Chemistry)
38 views11:33:44 [ASAP] Phosphonium Ylides vs Iminophosphoranes: The Role of the Coordinating ... (Inorganic Chemistry)
35 views11:32:19 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1236: Postbiotics Derived from L. paracasei ET-22 I... (Molecules)
36 views11:14:31 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1234: Antibacterial Activity of Peptide Derivatives... (Molecules)
43 views11:14:31 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1235: New Insights into the Medieval Hispano-Muslim... (Molecules)
37 views10:57:05 [ASAP] Probing Colossal Carbon Rings (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
49 views10:56:13 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1233: Bioactive Peptide Discovery from Edible Insec... (Molecules)
41 views10:49:56 [ASAP] Silver-Free Gold-Catalyzed Heterocyclizations through Intermolecular H... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
47 views10:31:53 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1232: Sustainable Synthesis, Antiproliferative and ... (Molecules)
40 views10:05:02 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1230: Health Benefits of Consuming Foods with Bacte... (Molecules)
45 views09:52:59 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1231: Development and Application of Ruthenium(II) ... (Molecules)
40 views08:17:20 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1229: Benzophenones in the Environment: Occurrence,... (Molecules)
44 views05:35:39 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1228: Efficient Combination of Complex Chromatograp... (Molecules)
43 views02:51:29 [ASAP] How Does Electronic Polarizability or Scaled-Charge Affect the Interfa... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
46 views02:42:03 [ASAP] Photoinduced Ligand-to-Metal Charge Transfer of Cobaltocene: Radical R... (Inorganic Chemistry)

26 january 2023

44 views23:11:49 [ASAP] Spin Hyperpolarization in Modern Magnetic Resonance (Chemical Reviews)
54 views22:55:32 [ASAP] Metalation of Tellurophene: Reactivity of 21,23-Ditelluraporphodimethe... (Inorganic Chemistry)
55 views19:01:22 [ASAP] Computational Investigation of Dual Filler-Incorporated Polymer Membra... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
57 views19:01:22 [ASAP] From Waste to Wealth: Upcycling Waste Polypropylene/Polyethylene for T... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
49 views18:54:47 [ASAP] Cellular Invasion Assay for the Real-Time Tracking of Individual Cells... (Analytical Chemistry)
55 views18:54:46 [ASAP] Development of Centrifugal Partition Chromatography for the Purificati... (Analytical Chemistry)
55 views18:54:11 [ASAP] Copper-Catalyzed Transamidation of Unactivated Secondary Amides via C... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
46 views18:54:11 [ASAP] Correction to “Detection of Explosives via Photolytic Cleavage of Ni... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
47 views18:54:10 [ASAP] Organocatalytic Regio- and Enantioselective Allylic Alkylation of Indo... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
47 views18:53:26 [ASAP] Extrinsic Point Defects in TiO2–Acetylacetone Charge-Transfer Comple... (Inorganic Chemistry)
48 views18:53:26 [ASAP] Two Co-Based Metal–Organic Framework Isomers with Similar Metal-Carb... (Inorganic Chemistry)
40 views18:53:25 [ASAP] Effects of Codoping on Site-Dependent Eu3+ Luminescence in Perovskite-... (Inorganic Chemistry)
51 views18:50:41 [ASAP] Flow-Optimized Model for Gas Jet Desorption Sampling Mass Spectrometry (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
45 views18:49:23 [ASAP] Iminoacylation of Alkenes via Photoredox N`Heterocyclic Carbene Cata... (Organic Letters)
44 views18:41:55 [ASAP] On the Behavior of the Ethylene Glycol Components of Polydisperse Poly... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
47 views18:41:55 [ASAP] Unified Description of Proton NMR Relaxation in Water, Acetonitrile, a... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
40 views18:35:11 [ASAP] Helical Synthetic Nanographenes with Atomic Precision (Accounts of Chemical Research)
34 views18:35:11 [ASAP] Element Distributions in Bimetallic Aerogels (Accounts of Chemical Research)
43 views17:35:48 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1227: Pharmaceutical Transformation Products Formed... (Molecules)
41 views17:15:39 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1225: Prediction of a Cyclic Hydrogenated Boron Mol... (Molecules)
39 views17:15:39 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1226: Neuroprotective Actions of Different Exogenou... (Molecules)
41 views17:01:52 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1224: Targeting Proliferation Signals and the Cell ... (Molecules)
46 views16:39:56 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1222: Snail Slime Extracted by a Cruelty Free Metho... (Molecules)
49 views16:39:56 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1223: A Review of Plant Selenium-Enriched Proteins/... (Molecules)
54 views16:24:12 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1220: Thermal and Morphological Analysis of Linear ... (Molecules)
45 views16:24:12 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1221: μ-Raman Determination of Essential Oils&rs... (Molecules)
42 views16:05:55 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1219: Potential Biological Properties of Lycopene i... (Molecules)
38 views15:35:23 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1218: BiVO4–Deposited MIL–101–NH2... (Molecules)
40 views15:35:15 [ASAP] Velocity-Selected Rotational State Distributions of Nitric Oxide Scatt... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
38 views15:20:30 [ASAP] Development of Immobilized Carreira (Phosphoramidite, Olefin) Ligands ... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
39 views15:20:30 [ASAP] Understanding the Cis–Trans Amide Bond Isomerization of N,N′`Dia... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
45 views15:14:09 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1217: PROTACs in Epigenetic Cancer Therapy: Current... (Molecules)
43 views14:40:11 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1216: Nanomaterials-Based Novel Immune Strategies i... (Molecules)
43 views14:35:23 [ASAP] Internal Electric-Field-Driven CoAl-LDH Coupled N`Rich Carbon Nitrid... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
44 views14:33:28 [ASAP] Rapid Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds by Switch–Scan Tuning ... (Analytical Chemistry)
38 views14:22:40 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1215: Phytochemical Analysis and Anticancer Propert... (Molecules)
42 views13:42:18 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1214: Density Functional Study to Investigate the A... (Molecules)
43 views13:42:18 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1213: Biosynthesized Silver Nanoparticles Using Mor... (Molecules)
42 views13:26:07 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1212: Suspect Screening of Chemicals in Hospital Wa... (Molecules)
37 views12:31:43 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1209: Per- and Poly-Fluoroalkyl Substances in Portu... (Molecules)
38 views12:03:02 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1210: Alvespimycin Inhibits Heat Shock Protein 90 a... (Molecules)
37 views12:03:02 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1211: Cagelike Octacopper Methylsilsesquioxanes: Se... (Molecules)
43 views11:44:21 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1206: In Silico Tools to Extract the Drug Design In... (Molecules)
40 views11:24:05 [ASAP] Protected syn-Aldol Compounds from Direct, Catalytic, and Enantioselec... (Organic Letters)
39 views11:10:34 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1208: Biodiversity, Biochemical Profiling, and Phar... (Molecules)
38 views10:54:48 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1207: New Succinimide–Thiazolidinedione Hybri... (Molecules)
44 views10:38:00 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1204: Immunomodulatory Effects of Cinnamaldehyde in... (Molecules)
42 views10:20:54 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1205: Simultaneous Determination of Orelabrutinib, ... (Molecules)
40 views10:20:53 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1203: Characterization and Biodegradation of Phenol... (Molecules)
40 views09:19:52 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1200: Bioactive Natural Pigments’ Extraction,... (Molecules)
44 views09:08:10 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1201: Screening of Palladium/Charcoal Catalysts for... (Molecules)
44 views09:08:09 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1199: Photo-Fenton and TiO2 Photocatalytic Inactiva... (Molecules)
41 views09:06:03 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1202: The Enantioselective Potential of NicoShell a... (Molecules)
53 views03:18:23 [ASAP] Modeling the Orthosteric Binding Site of the G Protein-Coupled Odorant... (Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling)
51 views03:04:45 [ASAP] Different pKa Shifts of Internal GLU8 in Human β`Endorphin Amyloid ... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)

25 january 2023

46 views23:26:10 [ASAP] Construction of Functionalized 2H`Pyran-2-ones via N`Heterocyclic ... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
53 views23:25:18 [ASAP] Sensitive and High-Throughput Analysis of Volatile Organic Species of ... (Analytical Chemistry)
59 views23:18:57 [ASAP] Manifestation of Hydrogen Bonding and Exciton Delocalization on the Ab... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
44 views23:18:57 [ASAP] Modulating Dual Fluorescence Emissions in Imine-Based Probes to Distin... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
50 views23:18:57 [ASAP] Adsorption of Dye Molecules and Its Potential for the Development of P... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
52 views23:12:46 [ASAP] Reagents for Mass Cytometry (Chemical Reviews)
50 views22:35:57 [ASAP] Chalcones: Potential Chemotherapeutic Compounds and Educational Tools ... (Accounts of Chemical Research)
54 views18:54:37 [ASAP] Selective Fluorosulfonylation of Thianthrenium Salts Enabled by Electr... (Organic Letters)
39 views18:52:38 [ASAP] Electroreductive Hydroxymethylation of Imines with Ketones To Access ... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
51 views18:50:25 [ASAP] High-Accuracy Heats of Formation for Alkane Oxidation: From Small to L... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
45 views18:44:48 [ASAP] Core-Level Photoelectron Angular Distributions at the Liquid–Vapor I... (Accounts of Chemical Research)
45 views18:39:36 [ASAP] Chemical Descriptors for a Large-Scale Study on Drop-Weight Impact Sen... (Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling)
44 views17:43:57 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 1198: Hyperpolarizing DNA Nucleobases via NMR Signa... (Molecules)
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