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31 october 2020

48 views06:48:33 Engineering therapeutic antibodies for patient safety: tackling the immunogen... (Protein Engineering Design and Selection)
38 views01:49:56 [ASAP] Generation of a Large Peptide Phage Display Library by Self-Ligation o... (ACS Chemical Biology)
40 views01:40:46 [ASAP] Cross-Linker-Controlled Ostwald Ripening in Emulsion Polymerization of... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
36 views01:39:06 [ASAP] Nanofluidic Devices and Applications for Biological Analyses (Analytical Chemistry)
34 views01:37:34 [ASAP] Simultaneous Cross-Linking and Cross-Polymerization of Enzyme Responsi... (Biomacromolecules)
38 views01:28:31 [ASAP] Completing the β,γ-CXY-dNTP Stereochemical Probe Toolkit: Synthetic ... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
43 views01:28:31 [ASAP] Double Hydrophosphorylation of Nitriles Catalyzed by Rare-Earth-Metal ... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
39 views01:27:53 [ASAP] Synthetic Monopartite Peptide That Enables the Nuclear Import of Genes... (Molecular Pharmaceutics)
38 views00:20:48 Src kinase inhibition with dasatinib impairs neutrophil function and clearanc... (Journal of Inflammation)

30 october 2020

35 views23:47:56 The effects of human pregnancy-specific β1-glycoprotein preparation on Th17 ... (BMC Immunology)
42 views23:39:35 A modified microchip-based flow chamber system for evaluating thrombogenicity... (Thrombosis Journal)
47 views23:27:02 Development and external validation of a nomogram for predicting the effect o... (BMC Cancer)
39 views22:59:59 BurnCare tablet trainer to enhance burn injury care and treatment (BMC Emergency Medicine)
41 views22:59:59 Healthcare pathways and resource use: mapping consequences of ambulance asses... (BMC Emergency Medicine)
51 views21:49:57 [ASAP] Visible-to-NIR-Light Activated Release: From Small Molecules to Nanoma... (Chemical Reviews)
60 views21:40:27 Hepatitis C virus infection and its associated factors among prisoners in a N... (BMC Gastroenterology)
38 views21:38:55 [ASAP] Inhibition Effect and Mechanism of Thiourea on Electrophilic Chlorinat... (Environmental Science & Technology)
38 views21:38:54 [ASAP] Effect of Nonphosphorus Corrosion Inhibitors on Biofilm Pore Structure... (Environmental Science & Technology)
39 views21:38:54 [ASAP] Prenatal Exposure to Multiple Air Pollutants, Mediating Molecular Mech... (Environmental Science & Technology)
69 views21:38:54 [ASAP] Methane Emissions from Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells in California (Environmental Science & Technology)
32 views21:30:41 Feature selection algorithm based on dual correlation filters for cancer-asso... (BMC Bioinformatics)
34 views21:30:41 LAMP: disease classification derived from layered assessment on modules and p... (BMC Bioinformatics)
34 views21:30:40 NBZIMM: negative binomial and zero-inflated mixed models, with application to... (BMC Bioinformatics)
37 views21:30:40 m5CPred-SVM: a novel method for predicting m5C sites of RNA (BMC Bioinformatics)
30 views21:30:17 [ASAP] MXene-Derived Nanocomposites as Earth-Abundant Efficient Electrocataly... (Inorganic Chemistry)
41 views20:08:50 Bupivacaine suppresses the progression of gastric cancer through regulating c... (BMC Anesthesiology)
45 views19:19:54 New strategies of physical activity assessment in cystic fibrosis: a pilot study (BMC Pulmonary Medicine)
53 views18:58:48 Health systems readiness and quality of inpatient malaria case-management in ... (Malaria Journal)
42 views17:40:47 [ASAP] Efficient Isolation and Phenotypic Profiling of Circulating Hepatocell... (Analytical Chemistry)
34 views17:40:47 [ASAP] Correction to Near-Infrared-Activated Upconversion Nanoprobes for Sens... (Analytical Chemistry)
30 views17:40:46 [ASAP] Superparamagnetic Nanostructures Coupled with an Entropy-Driven DNA Ci... (Analytical Chemistry)
43 views17:39:58 [ASAP] Effect of Reagent Vibration and Rotation on the State-to-State Dynamic... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
30 views17:39:58 [ASAP] Eight-Dimensional Wave Packet Dynamics Within the Quantum Transition-S... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
32 views17:39:58 Elucidation of molecular links between obesity and cancer through microRNA re... (BMC Medical Genomics)
37 views17:39:58 A new efficient method to detect genetic interactions for lung cancer GWAS (BMC Medical Genomics)
36 views17:39:53 [ASAP] Determination of pKa Values for Some Benzimidazole and Imidazole Group... (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)
42 views17:38:49 [ASAP] Structure–Activity Relationships for the Marine Natural Product Sint... (Journal of Natural Products)
34 views17:38:34 Interventions to foster family inclusion in nursing homes for people with dem... (BMC Geriatrics)
28 views17:30:23 [ASAP] Cerium(IV) Sulfate as a Cocatalyst for Promoting the Direct Epoxidatio... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
30 views17:30:22 [ASAP] Hydrothermal Catalytic Upgrading of Model Compounds of Algae-Based Bio... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
34 views17:30:22 [ASAP] Novel Structure to Improve Mechanical Properties of Polymer Blends: Mu... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
35 views17:30:22 [ASAP] Antifouling PVDF Membrane by Surface Covalently Anchoring Functionaliz... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
34 views17:29:40 [ASAP] Mass Spectrometry-Based Metabolic Fingerprinting Contributes to Unveil... (Journal of Proteome Research)
36 views17:29:40 [ASAP] Human Proteome Project and Human Pluripotent Stem Cells: Odd Bedfellow... (Journal of Proteome Research)
35 views17:28:39 [ASAP] Chemiresistive Hydrogen Sensors: Fundamentals, Recent Advances, and Ch... (ACS Nano)
34 views17:28:39 [ASAP] Strengthened Complementary Metal–Oxide–Semiconductor Logic for Sma... (ACS Nano)
27 views17:27:47 [ASAP] Decomposition of Vanadium(V) Alkylidenes Relevant to Olefin Metathesis (Organometallics)
27 views17:27:41 [ASAP] Palladium-Catalyzed Chemoselective Aminomethylative Cyclization and Ar... (Organic Letters)
29 views17:27:40 [ASAP] Use of Hypervalent Iodine Reagents in Visible Light-Promoted α-Ketoac... (Organic Letters)
31 views17:27:40 [ASAP] Asymmetric Synthesis of Quinoline-Naphthalene Atropisomers by Central-... (Organic Letters)
31 views17:27:40 [ASAP] I(III)-Catalyzed Oxidative Cyclization–Migration Tandem Reactions of... (Organic Letters)
26 views17:27:40 [ASAP] Synthesis of DFGH-Ring Derivatives of Physalins via One-Pot Constructi... (Organic Letters)
29 views17:27:31 [ASAP] Rh-Catalyzed Base-Free Decarbonylative Borylation of Twisted Amides (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
28 views17:27:30 [ASAP] Synthesis of Tetrahydroindolizino[8,7-b]indole Derivatives in the Pres... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
27 views17:27:30 [ASAP] Metal-Free β-Amino Alcohol Synthesis: A Two-step Smiles Rearrangement (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
38 views16:01:10 Acquired hemophilia A and plasma cell neoplasms: a case report and review of ... (Journal of Medical Case Reports)
38 views13:29:55 [ASAP] Functionalized Trigonal Lanthanide Complexes: A New Family of 4f Singl... (Inorganic Chemistry)
35 views10:47:16 Selective and reversible 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of 6-aryl-1,5-diazabicyclo... (Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry)
47 views09:27:48 Fitness effects for Ace insecticide resistance mutations are determined by am... (BMC Biology)
35 views08:47:53 Content Snapshots (Annals of Botany)
52 views07:07:43 Dexmedetomidine Combined With Butorphanol or Sufentanil for the Prevention of... (Frontiers in Medicine)
56 views06:18:31 Clinical Evaluation of Sequential Transdermal Delivery of Vitamin B6, Compoun... (Frontiers in Medicine)
59 views05:40:19 The Pursuit of COVID-19 Biomarkers: Putting the Spotlight on ACE2 and TMPRSS2... (Frontiers in Medicine)
62 views05:29:23 The Effect of Vitamin D Supplementation on Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients: A S... (Frontiers in Medicine)
48 views05:29:23 Joint Destruction Is Associated With All Types of Cardiovascular Events in Fr... (Frontiers in Medicine)
52 views01:51:01 [ASAP] Construction of a Smart Nanofluidic Sensor through a Redox Reaction St... (Analytical Chemistry)
54 views01:30:54 [ASAP] Chiral Electron-Rich PNP Ligand with a Phospholane Motif: Structural F... (Organic Letters)
49 views01:29:11 [ASAP] A Discrete Chloride Monohydrate: A Solid-State Structural and Spectros... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
49 views01:27:22 [ASAP] Traceable Values for Activity and Osmotic Coefficients in Aqueous Sodi... (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)
45 views01:18:56 [ASAP] Structure and Characterization of an Americium Bis(O,O`-diethyl)dithio... (Inorganic Chemistry)
60 views01:17:13 [ASAP] Plasmonic Sensors for Extracellular Vesicle Analysis: From Scientific ... (ACS Nano)
58 views01:17:13 [ASAP] Graphene-Based Helical Micromotors Constructed by “Microscale Liquid... (ACS Nano)
45 views01:17:13 [ASAP] Single Droplet Assembly for Two-Dimensional Nanosheet Tiling (ACS Nano)
45 views00:57:36 Evaluation of semi-quantitative compared to quantitative cultures of tracheal... (BMC Pulmonary Medicine)

29 october 2020

62 views23:50:43 Hypoxia: A key feature of COVID-19 launching activation of HIF-1 and cytokine... (Journal of Inflammation)
48 views23:37:55 The sensitivity of a honeybee colony to worker mortality depends on season an... (BMC Evolutionary Biology)
59 views23:27:43 An atypical presentation of a mesenteric Meckel`s diverticulum in a 7-year-ol... (BMC Veterinary Research)
48 views23:27:43 Assessment of Campylobacter fetus subsp. venerealis molecular diagnosis using... (BMC Veterinary Research)
46 views23:27:42 Effects of dietary supplementation with different concentration of molasses o... (BMC Veterinary Research)
54 views22:50:16 circVAR database: genome-wide archive of genetic variants for human circular ... (BMC Genomics)
39 views21:49:59 [ASAP] GridSolvate: A Web Server for the Prediction of Biomolecular Hydration... (Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling)
41 views21:49:58 [ASAP] Is Structure-Based Drug Design Ready for Selectivity Optimization? (Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling)
41 views21:49:58 [ASAP] Thermal Stability of Hollow Porous Gold Nanoparticles: A Molecular Dyn... (Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling)
39 views21:49:25 [ASAP] Effect of the Molecular Structure of Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydro... (Biomacromolecules)
52 views21:37:29 [ASAP] Controlling Supramolecular Structures of Drugs by Light (Molecular Pharmaceutics)
38 views21:37:28 [ASAP] Elucidating the Role of Tetraethylammonium in the Silicate Condensatio... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
46 views21:31:15 [ASAP] Integrating Intact Mass Analysis and Middle-Down Mass Spectrometry App... (Journal of Proteome Research)
54 views21:31:15 [ASAP] Molecular Basis of SARS-CoV-2 Infection and Rational Design of Potenti... (Journal of Proteome Research)
45 views21:31:05 [ASAP] Differences in Neonicotinoid and Metabolite Sorption to Activated Carb... (Environmental Science & Technology)
43 views21:29:59 [ASAP] Unusual Two-Step Claisen-type Rearrangement Reaction under Physiologic... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
35 views21:29:59 [ASAP] Direct Synthesis of Pyrrolo[1,2-α]quinoxalines via Iron-Catalyzed Tra... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
38 views21:28:54 [ASAP] A Digallane Gold Complex with a 12-Electron Auride Center: Synthesis a... (Organometallics)
39 views21:28:53 [ASAP] Effects of Additives on Catalytic Arene C–H Activation: Study of Rh ... (Organometallics)
39 views21:28:53 [ASAP] Dihydroboration of Alkyl Nitriles Catalyzed by an Osmium-Polyhydride: ... (Organometallics)
37 views21:28:44 [ASAP] Combined Experiment, Simulation, and Ex-ante LCA Approach for Sustaina... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
35 views21:28:07 [ASAP] Organogermanes as Orthogonal Coupling Partners in Synthesis and Catalysis (Accounts of Chemical Research)
24 views21:20:00 [ASAP] Ultrastrong, Superelastic, and Lamellar Multiarch Structured ZrO2–Al... (ACS Nano)
33 views21:19:59 [ASAP] Kinetically Controlled Sequential Seeded Growth: A General Route to Cr... (ACS Nano)
38 views21:19:59 [ASAP] Plasmonic Nanolasers in On-Chip Light Sources: Prospects and Challenges (ACS Nano)
30 views21:19:47 [ASAP] Lanthanide Complexes with a Tripodal Nitroxyl Radical Showing Strong M... (Inorganic Chemistry)
31 views21:19:46 [ASAP] Fluorinated vs Nonfluorinated PR2(biaryl) Ligands and Their [AuCl(L)] ... (Inorganic Chemistry)
38 views21:19:46 [ASAP] Mo2N–Ni/NF Heterostructure Boosts Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Evolutio... (Inorganic Chemistry)
33 views21:18:19 [ASAP] Dual-Response Ratiometric Electrochemical Microsensor for Effective Si... (Analytical Chemistry)
32 views21:18:19 [ASAP] Zippering DNA Tetrahedral Hyperlink for Ultrasensitive Electrochemical... (Analytical Chemistry)
40 views21:07:18 Serum interleukin-6 is an indicator for severity in 901 patients with SARS-Co... (Journal of Translational Medicine)
31 views20:48:58 Effect of advanced chelate technology based trace minerals on growth performa... (Nutrition & Metabolism)
38 views19:30:22 Wearable hip-assist robot modulates cortical activation during gait in stroke... (Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation)
34 views19:07:10 Behind bars: the burden of being a woman in Brazilian prisons (BMC International Health and Human Rights)
36 views18:27:59 Massive hemorrhage after percutaneous kidney biopsy caused by renal artery ma... (BMC Surgery)
39 views17:49:05 [ASAP] mzMLb: A Future-Proof Raw Mass Spectrometry Data Format Based on Stand... (Journal of Proteome Research)
52 views17:49:02 [ASAP] REINVENT 2.0: An AI Tool for De Novo Drug Design (Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling)
53 views17:49:02 [ASAP] Deep Learning Total Energies and Orbital Energies of Large Organic Mol... (Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling)
38 views17:37:38 [ASAP] Diffusion-Controlled Singlet Fission in a Chlorinated Phenazinothiadia... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
35 views17:31:17 [ASAP] Direct Antibody Isolation on Cells Using Affinity-Tag-Guided Proximity... (Biochemistry)
40 views17:30:19 [ASAP] Comparative Metagenomic and Metatranscriptomic Analyses Reveal the Fun... (Environmental Science & Technology)
42 views17:30:19 [ASAP] Effect of Flow Configuration on Nitrifiers in Biological Activated Car... (Environmental Science & Technology)
37 views17:29:52 [ASAP] DBU-Promoted Cascade Selective Nucleophilic Addition/C–C Bond Cleava... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
33 views17:29:52 [ASAP] Photoinduced Deaminative Coupling of Alkylpyridium Salts with Terminal... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
40 views17:29:52 [ASAP] Selective C–P(O) Bond Cleavage of Organophosphine Oxides by Sodium (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
36 views17:29:52 [ASAP] Cu(II)-Catalyzed Phosphonocarboxylative Cyclization Reaction of Propar... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
34 views17:29:00 [ASAP] Discovery of a Beetroot Protease Inhibitor to Identify and Classify Pl... (Journal of Natural Products)
34 views17:28:14 [ASAP] Nickel-Catalyzed Three-Component Reductive Alkylacylation of Electron-... (Organic Letters)
44 views17:27:24 [ASAP] Density Functional Theory Study on the Mechanism of Biochar Gasificati... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
36 views17:27:24 [ASAP] Mineral Scaling in Microchips: Effect of Substrate Wettability on CaCO... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
47 views17:27:24 [ASAP] Linear Algebra Controller Design Based on the Integral of Desired Clos... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
36 views17:27:24 [ASAP] Metal–Enzyme Hybrid Microspheres Assembled via Mg2+-Allosteric Effector (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
32 views17:18:11 [ASAP] Joint Entropy-Assisted Graphene Oxide-Based Multiplexing Biosensing Pl... (Analytical Chemistry)
35 views13:59:44 Mutations in normal tissues—some diagnostic and clinical implications (BMC Medicine)
48 views13:59:44 Transformational improvement in quality care and health systems: the next decade (BMC Medicine)
45 views13:59:44 Ending COVID-19: progress and gaps in research—highlights of the July 2020 ... (BMC Medicine)
48 views09:58:19 Asymmetric Mannich reactions of (S)-N-tert-butylsulfinyl-3,3,3-trifluoroaceta... (Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry)
46 views08:27:24 Measuring the quality of nursing clinical placements and the development of t... (BMC Nursing)
56 views06:18:07 Recent Advances in Imaging for Diagnosis, Monitoring, and Prognosis of Psoria... (Frontiers in Medicine)
47 views05:29:30 Hypercalciuria in Sarcoidosis: A Specific Biomarker With Clinical Utility (Frontiers in Medicine)
50 views03:47:20 Degos disease: a case report and review of the literature (Journal of Medical Case Reports)
49 views03:47:20 Body stalk anomaly presenting as an emergency in Ethiopia: a case report (Journal of Medical Case Reports)
50 views01:49:29 [ASAP] Half-Sandwich Iridium Complexes for the One-Pot Synthesis of Amides: P... (Inorganic Chemistry)
66 views01:49:28 [ASAP] Na4CdGe2S7: A Sodium-Rich Quaternary Wide-Band-Gap Chalcogenide with T... (Inorganic Chemistry)
43 views01:49:28 [ASAP] Is Less More? Influence of the Coordination Geometry of Copper(II) Pic... (Inorganic Chemistry)
54 views01:31:12 [ASAP] Mechanism and Reaction Energy Landscape for Apiose Cross-Linking by Bo... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
59 views01:30:40 [ASAP] Protein Delivery by Peptide-Based Stealth Liposomes: A Biomolecular In... (Molecular Pharmaceutics)
58 views01:30:40 [ASAP] Theoretical Understandings of Graphene-based Metal Single-Atom Catalys... (Chemical Reviews)
66 views01:29:39 [ASAP] Genome- and Mass Spectrometry-Guided Discovery of Ralstoamides A and B... (ACS Chemical Biology)
49 views01:19:57 [ASAP] Combining In-Tip Reaction and Infrared Thermal Imaging for Fast and Po... (Analytical Chemistry)
57 views01:19:56 [ASAP] Functional Self-Assembled DNA Nanohydrogels for Specific Telomerase Ac... (Analytical Chemistry)
43 views01:18:37 [ASAP] Highly Enantioselective Epoxidation of α,β-Unsaturated Ketones Using... (Organic Letters)
45 views01:18:36 [ASAP] A CTV Analogue: Arene-Persubstituted Cyclotrixylohydroquinoylene and I... (Organic Letters)
43 views01:18:36 [ASAP] Visible-Light-Promoted Regioselective 1,3-Fluoroallylation of gem-Difl... (Organic Letters)
61 views00:09:26 The relationship between having a regular general practitioner (GP) and the e... (BMC Family Practice)
44 views00:09:26 Deriving and validating a brief measure of treatment burden to assess person-... (BMC Family Practice)

28 october 2020

40 views23:49:15 The right thalamic ventral posterolateral nucleus seems to be determinant for... (BMC Neurology)
36 views22:59:30 Angiogenin, FGF-α, and IL-36β have higher expression levels in aqueous humo... (BMC Ophthalmology)
40 views22:59:29 Local use of dexamethasone in the treatment of ocular myasthenia gravis (BMC Ophthalmology)
34 views21:51:13 [ASAP] Developments in Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry (Analytical Chemistry)
35 views21:49:56 [ASAP] Synthesis and Properties of 1,2,3-Triethoxypropane: A Glycerol-Derived... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
37 views21:41:02 [ASAP] Organocatalytic Synthesis of α-Triphenylmethylamines from Diarylketim... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
31 views21:41:02 [ASAP] Synthesis of a 3,4-Dihydro-1,3-oxazin-2-ones Skeleton via an Intermole... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
28 views21:41:02 [ASAP] Correction to “Metal-Free Synthesis of 4-Chloroisocoumarins by TMSCl... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
29 views21:41:01 [ASAP] Photoinduced Syntheses and Reactivities of Phosphorus-Containing Inter... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
54 views21:40:21 Impacts of reopening strategies for COVID-19 epidemic: a modeling study in Pi... (BMC Infectious Diseases)
40 views21:40:21 Comparing intervention strategies for reducing Clostridioides difficile trans... (BMC Infectious Diseases)
37 views21:37:54 [ASAP] Deletion of vp0057, a Gene Encoding a Ser/Thr Protein Kinase, Impacts ... (Journal of Proteome Research)
28 views21:31:08 [ASAP] Tabernaesines A–I, Cytotoxic Aspidosperma–Aspidosperma-Type Bisind... (Journal of Natural Products)
34 views21:29:08 [ASAP] S224 Presents a Catalytic Trade-off in PLP-Dependent l-Lanthionine Syn... (Biochemistry)
37 views21:21:12 [ASAP] HDX and In Silico Docking Reveal that Excipients Stabilize G-CSF via a... (Molecular Pharmaceutics)
39 views21:21:08 [ASAP] Single-Atom Catalysts Based on the Metal–Oxide Interaction (Chemical Reviews)
36 views21:20:29 [ASAP] Aaptodines A–D, Spiro Naphthyridine–Furooxazoloquinoline Hybrid Al... (Organic Letters)
40 views21:18:06 Proceedings of the 26th European Paediatric Rheumatology Congress: part 2 (Pediatric Rheumatology)
40 views21:18:06 Proceedings of the 26th European Paediatric Rheumatology Congress: part 1 (Pediatric Rheumatology)
39 views21:18:05 The characteristics of video capsule endoscopy in pediatric Henoch–Schönle... (Pediatric Rheumatology)
42 views20:40:51 Global health education in medical schools (GHEMS): a national, collaborative... (BMC Medical Education)
46 views20:07:39 Comparison of the impact of propofol versus sevoflurane on early postoperativ... (BMC Anesthesiology)
40 views17:49:56 [ASAP] Vapor Pressures of Phenolic Compounds Found in Pyrolysis Oil (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)
49 views17:49:54 Evaluation of an exercise-enabling control interface for powered wheelchair u... (Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation)
42 views17:49:53 Effects of selectively assisting impaired subtasks of walking in chronic stro... (Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation)
36 views17:49:53 Immersive Virtual Environments and Wearable Haptic Devices in rehabilitation ... (Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation)
67 views17:49:45 [ASAP] Gradual Synthesis of Heat Exchanger Networks Taking into Account Econo... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
48 views17:48:18 [ASAP] Following Embryonic Stem Cells, Their Differentiated Progeny, and Cell... (Analytical Chemistry)
40 views17:39:30 [ASAP] Tumor Vessel Targeted Self-Assemble Nanoparticles for Amplification an... (ACS Nano)
46 views17:38:06 [ASAP] Spatially Explicit Global Hotspots Driving China`s Mercury Related Hea... (Environmental Science & Technology)
37 views17:38:06 [ASAP] Modeling the Formation, Degradation, and Spatiotemporal Distribution o... (Environmental Science & Technology)
41 views17:38:05 [ASAP] Evaluation of the Estrogenic/Antiestrogenic Activities of Perfluoroalk... (Environmental Science & Technology)
41 views17:38:01 [ASAP] Anatomy of Base Pairing in DNA by Interacting Quantum Atoms (Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling)
59 views17:29:16 [ASAP] Liposomes Decorated with 2-(4′-Aminophenyl)benzothiazole Effectively... (Biomacromolecules)
53 views17:28:52 [ASAP] Critical Sequence Hotspots for Binding of Novel Coronavirus to Angiote... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
35 views17:19:13 [ASAP] Understanding Covalent versus Spin–Orbit Coupling Contributions to T... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
37 views17:18:08 Redundant trials can be prevented, if the EU clinical trial regulation is app... (BMC Medical Ethics)
34 views17:17:17 [ASAP] Disubstituted Ferrocenyl Iodo- and Chalcogenoalkynes as Chiral Halogen... (Organometallics)
37 views17:10:01 Host phylogeny matters: Examining sources of variation in infection risk by b... (Parasites & Vectors)
36 views16:17:39 Early life household intactness and timing of pubertal onset in girls: a pros... (BMC Pediatrics)
45 views16:17:39 Influential role of lean soft tissue in the association between training volu... (BMC Pediatrics)
53 views16:17:38 The reliability of the health related quality of life questionnaire PedsQL 3.... (BMC Pediatrics)
48 views14:48:03 Lung function in obese children and adolescents without respiratory disease: ... (BMC Pulmonary Medicine)
44 views13:47:43 [ASAP] Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of the Southern Hemisphere of Spir... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
48 views13:27:40 [ASAP] Computational Modeling of the Disulfide Cross-Linking Reaction (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
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