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4 july 2020

32 views18:49:53 Anesthesia management of atrial myxoma resection with multiple cerebral aneur... (BMC Anesthesiology)
52 views01:49:31 Measuring the completeness of death registration in 2844 Chinese counties in ... (BMC Medicine)
71 views00:18:33 Antimicrobial prescriptions in cats in Switzerland before and after the intro... (BMC Veterinary Research)
69 views00:12:07 Analysis of H3K4me3 and H3K27me3 bivalent promotors in HER2+ breast cancer ce... (BMC Medical Genomics)
64 views00:12:06 Weighted correlation network bioinformatics uncovers a key molecular biosigna... (BMC Medical Genomics)

3 july 2020

61 views22:07:04 Agreement between original and Rasch-approved neck disability index (BMC Medical Research Methodology)
72 views21:50:10 ICON: a randomized phase IIb study evaluating immunogenic chemotherapy combin... (Journal of Translational Medicine)
67 views21:50:10 The timeline and risk factors of clinical progression of COVID-19 in Shenzhen... (Journal of Translational Medicine)
58 views21:50:10 Presence of a 34-gene signature is a favorable prognostic marker in squamous ... (Journal of Translational Medicine)
66 views21:40:35 Quantile normalization of single-cell RNA-seq read counts without unique mole... (Genome Biology)
52 views21:40:35 Single-cell ATAC-seq signal extraction and enhancement with SCATE (Genome Biology)
72 views21:19:20 Systematic review of the tools of oral and dental health literacy: assessment... (BMC Oral Health)
62 views21:19:20 Chemosensory dysfunction, Oral disorders and Oral health-related quality of l... (BMC Oral Health)
59 views21:19:20 Assessment of oral health conditions presented in photographs - is there a di... (BMC Oral Health)
57 views20:38:20 A double blind, placebo-controlled randomized comparative study on the effica... (BMC Urology)
64 views20:38:20 Lower urinary tract symptoms in men: challenges to early hospital presentatio... (BMC Urology)
83 views20:38:19 Machine learning prediction of stone-free success in patients with urinary st... (BMC Urology)
66 views20:13:09 A programmable CRISPR/Cas9-based phage defense system for Escherichia coli BL... (Microbial Cell Factories)
55 views19:30:53 Sparse reduced-rank regression for integrating omics data (BMC Bioinformatics)
56 views19:02:24 [ASAP] Systematic Tuning of the Optical Properties of Discrete Complexes of E... (Inorganic Chemistry)
55 views19:02:23 [ASAP] Structural Distortion and Dielectric Permittivities of KCoO2-Type Laye... (Inorganic Chemistry)
38 views19:02:23 [ASAP] Magnetic Network on Demand: Pressure Tunes Square Lattice Coordination... (Inorganic Chemistry)
34 views19:02:23 [ASAP] Study on the Local Structure and Luminescence Properties of a Y2Mg2Al2... (Inorganic Chemistry)
42 views19:02:23 [ASAP] Multisite-Occupancy-Driven Efficient Multiple Energy Transfer: A Strai... (Inorganic Chemistry)
45 views19:02:22 [ASAP] Correction to NH2-MIL-53(Al) Metal–Organic Framework as the Smart Pl... (Inorganic Chemistry)
44 views19:02:10 [ASAP] Indolizines Enabling Rapid Uncaging of Alcohols and Carboxylic Acids b... (Organic Letters)
58 views19:00:27 [ASAP] Interactions between Environmental Contaminants and Gastrointestinal P... (Environmental Science & Technology)
34 views18:59:19 [ASAP] Impact of Quantum Chemistry Parameter Choices and Cluster Distribution... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
51 views18:58:13 [ASAP] 3D-Printed Column with Porous Monolithic Packing for Online Solid-Phas... (Analytical Chemistry)
39 views18:42:22 [ASAP] Sequential Precipitation and Delipidation Enables Efficient Enrichment... (Journal of Proteome Research)
32 views18:42:18 [ASAP] Adaptive s Aromaticity and Triplet Ground State in Tetraatomic Boron S... (Organometallics)
38 views18:38:31 [ASAP] Isobaric Binary Vapor–Liquid Equilibrium of Ethanol + Glycerol and 1... (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)
35 views18:38:14 Outcomes of liver–kidney transplantation in patients with primary hyperoxal... (BMC Gastroenterology)
45 views18:22:27 Postcardiac injury syndrome, peripheral hematoma of ascending aorta, and cere... (BMC Cardiovascular Disorders)
45 views18:21:14 Beneficial effects of omega-3 fatty acid supplementation in schizophrenia: po... (Lipids in Health and Disease)
43 views18:11:54 The effects of emergency medical service work on the psychological, physical,... (BMC Psychiatry)
37 views18:11:53 Bipolar disorder in megalencephalic leukoencephalopathy with subcortical cyst... (BMC Psychiatry)
49 views18:11:05 Impact of the CareWell integrated care model for older patients with multimor... (BMC Health Services Research)
38 views18:09:45 Assessing quality of life in psychosocial and mental health disorders in chil... (BMC Pediatrics)
33 views18:09:45 Early intervention service intensity and young children`s home participation (BMC Pediatrics)
33 views18:09:45 Allowing more time to ILCOR Step A of neonatal resuscitation leads to better ... (BMC Pediatrics)
36 views18:02:55 NTCP gene polymorphisms and hepatitis B virus infection status in a Ghanaian ... (Virology Journal)
78 views18:01:58 Building knowledge translation competency in a community-based hospital: a pr... (Implementation Science)
38 views18:01:41 Assessment of quality of life in individuals with chronic headache. Psychomet... (BMC Neurology)
68 views18:00:49 Novel multiplex real-time PCR assays reveal a high prevalence of diarrhoeagen... (BMC Microbiology)
36 views18:00:49 Unveiling protist diversity associated with the Pacific oyster Crassostrea gi... (BMC Microbiology)
45 views17:59:17 Whole genome sequence of five strains of Spiroplasma citri isolated from diff... (BMC Research Notes)
37 views17:51:09 Relationship between oxygen consumption and neuronal activity in a defined ne... (BMC Biology)
48 views17:17:54 Vascular function and cardiovascular risk in a HIV infected and HIV free coho... (BMC Infectious Diseases)
38 views17:17:54 Seasonal Bordetella pertussis pattern in the period from 2008 to 2018 in Germany (BMC Infectious Diseases)
37 views16:49:42 Gait improvements by assisting hip movements with the robot in children with ... (Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation)
50 views10:23:06 Antibacterial scalarane from Doriprismatica stellata nudibranchs (Gastropoda,... (Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry)
59 views06:31:35 Association of Tumor Budding With Immune Evasion Pathways in Primary Colorect... (Frontiers in Medicine)
66 views06:08:08 Performance of Ultrasonography Compared to Conventional Radiography for the D... (Frontiers in Medicine)
62 views06:08:08 Estimation of Renal Function Using Unenhanced Computed Tomography in Upper Ur... (Frontiers in Medicine)
77 views06:08:08 Prevention and control of COVID-19 infection in a Chinese mental health center (Frontiers in Medicine)
51 views02:50:07 [ASAP] RNase I Modulates Escherichia coli Motility, Metabolism, and Resistance (ACS Chemical Biology)
50 views02:48:27 [ASAP] Analysis of Temperature-Dependent H/D Exchange Mass Spectrometry Exper... (Analytical Chemistry)
53 views02:47:39 [ASAP] Acceleration of Liquid-Crystalline Phase Transition Simulations Using ... (Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling)
57 views02:40:55 [ASAP] Chemical Synthesis of Fucosylated Chondroitin Sulfate Oligosaccharides (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
52 views02:38:44 [ASAP] Lewis Acidity and Basicity: Another Measure of Carbene Reactivity (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
86 views02:38:43 [ASAP] Quantum-Chemically Informed Machine Learning: Prediction of Energies o... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
73 views02:28:58 [ASAP] Photoinduced Generation of a Durable Thermal Proton Reduction Catalyst... (Inorganic Chemistry)

2 july 2020

53 views23:57:07 Association between atherogenic index of plasma and coronary artery calcifica... (Lipids in Health and Disease)
48 views23:57:07 The effect of ursodeoxycholic acid on the relative expression of the lipid me... (Lipids in Health and Disease)
59 views23:01:52 Is laminectomy and fusion the better choice than laminoplasty for multilevel ... (BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders)
59 views23:01:52 Alterations in articular cartilage T2 star relaxation time following mechanic... (BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders)
57 views22:50:12 [ASAP] Investigating the Impact of Various Parameters On the Activity of Acid... (Journal of Proteome Research)
166 views22:42:49 [ASAP] Size Matters: Nano-Biochar Triggers Decomposition and Transformation I... (Environmental Science & Technology)
107 views22:42:49 [ASAP] Characteristics and Sinking Behavior of Typical Microplastics Includin... (Environmental Science & Technology)
55 views22:42:49 [ASAP] Comparative Quantitative Toxicology and QSAR Modeling of the Haloaceto... (Environmental Science & Technology)
58 views22:42:48 [ASAP] Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment and Molecular Biology: Paths to... (Environmental Science & Technology)
38 views22:29:08 [ASAP] An Ambidextrous Polyphenol Glycosyltransferase PaGT2 from Phytolacca a... (Biochemistry)
40 views22:27:49 [ASAP] Initial Analysis of the Arylomycin D Antibiotics (Journal of Natural Products)
53 views22:10:22 A comparative study on the prediction of the BP artificial neural network mod... (BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making)
56 views22:10:22 How good is our diagnostic intuition? Clinician prediction of bacteremia in c... (BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making)
42 views22:00:53 Evaluation of the association between presenteeism and perceived availability... (BMC Health Services Research)
43 views22:00:53 Pharmacists` viewpoint towards their professional role in healthcare system: ... (BMC Health Services Research)
48 views22:00:52 Profit distribution and managers` behaviour in vertical integrated medical de... (BMC Health Services Research)
72 views22:00:52 Evaluating fidelity of community health worker roles in malaria prevention an... (BMC Health Services Research)
54 views19:52:52 Diffusion tensor imaging quantifying the severity of chronic hepatitis in rats (BMC Medical Imaging)
41 views19:52:51 Giant paratesticular liposarcoma with lung metastases: a case report and revi... (Journal of Medical Case Reports)
47 views19:52:23 Effect of metabolically healthy obesity on the development of arterial stiffn... (Nutrition & Metabolism)
39 views19:49:09 Case report-immune recovery posterior scleritis in a HIV positive patient (BMC Ophthalmology)
49 views19:49:09 A predictive model for early diagnosis of keratoconus (BMC Ophthalmology)
42 views19:47:27 Induced neuroprotection by remote ischemic perconditioning as a new paradigm ... (BMC Neurology)
35 views19:42:44 Analysis of medico-social factors for return to work among patients presentin... (BMC Research Notes)
45 views19:42:44 Moderate rate of transmitted resistance mutations to antiretrovirals and gene... (BMC Research Notes)
39 views19:42:44 Establishment of reference range of CD4 T-lymphocyte in healthy Nepalese adults (BMC Research Notes)
37 views19:42:44 Frequency distribution of IL-17A G197A (rs2275913) and IL-17F A7488G (rs76378... (BMC Research Notes)
33 views19:42:43 Emergence of multidrug-resistant non-fermentative gram negative bacterial inf... (BMC Research Notes)
35 views19:40:46 Genome-wide analyses of chromatin interactions after the loss of Pol I, Pol I... (Genome Biology)
33 views19:40:46 Genomic analysis of the domestication and post-Spanish conquest evolution of ... (Genome Biology)
41 views19:31:02 Short- and long-term impact of vaccination against cytomegalovirus: a modelin... (BMC Medicine)
37 views18:52:09 [ASAP] Vapor–Liquid Equilibria for Binary and Ternary Systems with ß-Caryo... (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)
38 views18:52:09 [ASAP] Solubilities of R32 in Polyol Ester and Polyvineyl Ether from 278.15 t... (Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data)
31 views18:50:53 [ASAP] Advanced Thermoelectric Design: From Materials and Structures to Devices (Chemical Reviews)
31 views18:50:50 [ASAP] Magneto-Optics of Excitons Interacting with Magnetic Ions in CdSe/CdMn... (ACS Nano)
35 views18:50:50 [ASAP] Wearable Triboelectric–Human–Machine Interface (THMI) Using Robust... (ACS Nano)
37 views18:48:26 [ASAP] Nanoscale Probing of Liposome Encapsulating Drug Nanocrystal Using Ato... (Analytical Chemistry)
33 views18:48:26 [ASAP] Multivalence-Actuated DNA Nanomachines Enable Bicolor Exosomal Phenoty... (Analytical Chemistry)
42 views18:40:07 [ASAP] A National Estimate of Methane Leakage from Pipeline Mains in Natural ... (Environmental Science & Technology)
34 views18:39:12 [ASAP] Immobilization of [VCl3(N-2,6-Me2C6H3)] Complex on Silica Supports: Sy... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
40 views18:39:12 [ASAP] Nickel-Based Metal–Organic Frameworks to Improve the CO2/CH4 Separat... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
35 views18:39:11 [ASAP] Intercalated Montmorillonite Reinforced Polyimide Separator Prepared b... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
35 views18:32:31 [ASAP] Oxidant-Induced Azolation of Electron-Rich Phenol Derivatives (Organic Letters)
38 views18:31:24 [ASAP] Self-Assembly of Imidazolium-Functionalized Zr-Based Metal–Organic P... (Inorganic Chemistry)
36 views18:31:24 [ASAP] Original Network of Zigzag Chains in the ß Polymorph of Fe2WO6: Cryst... (Inorganic Chemistry)
31 views18:31:24 [ASAP] Antineoplastic Mitoxantrone Monitor: A Sandwiched Mixed Matrix Membran... (Inorganic Chemistry)
36 views18:23:02 [ASAP] Scattering Form Factor of Block Copolymer Micelles with Corona Chains ... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
37 views18:23:02 [ASAP] Atomic Force Microscopy Investigation of the Contributions of Listeria... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
37 views18:22:32 [ASAP] TMSOTf-Promoted Intermolecular Cascade Reaction of Aromatic Diazo Keto... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
33 views18:22:32 [ASAP] PIFA-Mediated Dearomatizative Spirocyclization of Phenolic Biarylic Ke... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
32 views18:22:32 [ASAP] Iridium-Catalyzed Cycloisomerization of N-Tethered 1,7-Enynes: Constru... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
37 views18:21:09 [ASAP] Review of The African and Arabian Moringa Species. Chemistry, Bioactiv... (Journal of Natural Products)
33 views18:18:31 [ASAP] Mutual Influence of Pnicogen Bonds and Beryllium Bonds: Energies and S... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
37 views18:09:25 Correction to: Comparison of the effects of adjuvant concurrent chemoradiothe... (BMC Gastroenterology)
34 views18:08:44 Systemic therapy for advanced clear cell renal cell carcinoma after discontin... (BMC Urology)
31 views18:08:44 Small renal masses in Latin-American population: characteristics and prognost... (BMC Urology)
27 views18:01:34 Transplantation of a single kidney from pediatric donors less than 10 kg to... (BMC Nephrology)
37 views18:01:33 Acute kidney injury with extreme hyperuricemia after antithymocyte globulin t... (BMC Nephrology)
30 views18:01:33 The association between dyslipidemia and the incidence of chronic kidney dise... (BMC Nephrology)
28 views18:01:33 Angiotensin II receptor 1 antibodies associate with post-transplant focal seg... (BMC Nephrology)
43 views17:52:46 Pharmacovigilance in healthcare education: students` knowledge, attitude and ... (BMC Medical Education)
30 views17:52:46 Modified paramedian versus conventional paramedian technique in the residency... (BMC Medical Education)
31 views17:52:46 Use of profession-role exchange in an interprofessional student team-based co... (BMC Medical Education)
30 views17:52:45 Nursing staff`s and physicians` acquisition of competences and attitudes to i... (BMC Medical Education)
32 views17:51:02 Using osmotic stress to stabilize mannitol production in Synechocystis sp. PC... (Biotechnology for Biofuels)
28 views17:50:46 Response to letter to the editor (Implementation Science)
26 views17:50:46 Characterizing evolving frameworks: issues from Esmail et al. (2020) review (Implementation Science)
29 views17:49:53 Ileal proteomic changes associated with IL-25-mediated resistance against int... (Parasites & Vectors)
25 views17:49:53 Characteristics of persistent hotspots of Schistosoma mansoni in western Côt... (Parasites & Vectors)
44 views17:49:52 Haemato-immunological responses and effectiveness of feed-based bivalent vacc... (BMC Veterinary Research)
41 views17:49:52 An insight into the transmission role of insect vectors based on the examinat... (BMC Veterinary Research)
38 views17:49:52 Development of a computer-based quantification method for immunohistochemical... (BMC Veterinary Research)
31 views17:49:35 High susceptibility to collagen-induced arthritis in mice with progesterone r... (Arthritis Research & Therapy)
35 views17:49:35 Correction to: Temporary interruption of baricitinib: characterization of int... (Arthritis Research & Therapy)
29 views17:49:03 Accounting for grouped predictor variables or pathways in high-dimensional pe... (BMC Bioinformatics)
33 views17:49:03 Prediction of heart disease and classifiers` sensitivity analysis (BMC Bioinformatics)
30 views17:49:03 USMPep: universal sequence models for major histocompatibility complex bindin... (BMC Bioinformatics)
34 views17:49:03 A cell-level quality control workflow for high-throughput image analysis (BMC Bioinformatics)
37 views17:49:02 DiNeR: a Differential graphical model for analysis of co-regulation Network R... (BMC Bioinformatics)
33 views17:47:06 Knockdown of lncRNA PVT1 inhibits prostate cancer progression in vitro and in... (Cancer Cell International)
32 views17:40:19 Predictors of instanteous relief from spinal manipulation for non-specific lo... (Chiropractic & Osteopathy)
31 views17:39:20 External validation of the European risk assessment tool for chronic cardio-m... (Journal of Translational Medicine)
22 views17:39:19 Intensive care unit-acquired hyponatremia in critically ill medical patients (Journal of Translational Medicine)
35 views17:37:43 Correction to: SNP genotyping elucidates the genetic diversity of Magna Graec... (BMC Plant Biology)
27 views17:37:42 Discovery, identification, and functional characterization of long noncoding ... (BMC Plant Biology)
32 views17:37:42 The regeneration of Acer rubrum L. “October Glory” through embryonic callus (BMC Plant Biology)
22 views17:37:18 “Knock Knock”: a qualitative study exploring the experience of household ... (BMC Public Health)
38 views17:37:18 Crowdsourcing to promote hepatitis C testing and linkage-to-care in China: a ... (BMC Public Health)
23 views17:37:18 Prevalence, awareness, treatment, and control of hypertension in older people... (BMC Public Health)
23 views17:37:18 Disclosure, reporting and help seeking among child survivors of violence: a c... (BMC Public Health)
35 views17:20:07 Tuberculin skin test conversion in patients under treatment with anti-tumor n... (BMC Infectious Diseases)
45 views17:20:07 Identification of Enterococcus faecalis in a patient with urinary-tract infec... (BMC Infectious Diseases)
39 views17:20:07 Effects of meteorological factors on the incidence of mumps and models for pr... (BMC Infectious Diseases)
45 views17:20:07 Fatal outcome in a patient under immunosuppressant therapy infected with huma... (BMC Infectious Diseases)
38 views17:20:06 Neurologic alterations in an HIV adult patient with pertussis: a case report (BMC Infectious Diseases)
34 views17:19:01 Correction to: Communicating Adverse Drug Reaction Insights Through Patient O... (Drug Safety)
37 views16:48:45 Group testing performance evaluation for SARS-CoV-2 massive scale screening a... (BMC Medical Research Methodology)
43 views16:48:45 Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19): an evidence map of medical literature (BMC Medical Research Methodology)
37 views16:48:45 Sources of potential bias when combining routine data linkage and a national ... (BMC Medical Research Methodology)
27 views16:48:45 Directed acyclic graphs and causal thinking in clinical risk prediction modeling (BMC Medical Research Methodology)
39 views16:12:35 Management of work-related common mental disorders in general practice: a cro... (BMC Family Practice)
72 views16:07:42 Synergisms of genome and metabolism stabilizing antitumor therapy (GMSAT) in ... (BMC Cancer)
51 views16:07:41 The impact on quality of life from informing diagnosis in patients with cance... (BMC Cancer)
42 views16:07:41 Etoposide-mediated interleukin-8 secretion from bone marrow stromal cells ind... (BMC Cancer)
43 views16:07:41 PODXL might be a new prognostic biomarker in various cancers: a meta-analysis... (BMC Cancer)
41 views16:07:40 Fluctuating expression of miR-584 in primary and high-grade gastric cancer (BMC Cancer)
44 views14:29:04 [ASAP] Density Functional Theory Based Methods for the Calculation of X-ray S... (Accounts of Chemical Research)
54 views12:20:07 Interstitial Lung Disease as an Adverse Drug Reaction in Japan: Exploration o... (Drug Safety)
48 views09:40:18 A dynamic combinatorial library for biomimetic recognition of dipeptides in w... (Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry)
73 views06:07:31 Kerala, India`s Front Runner in Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) (Frontiers in Medicine)
51 views03:30:54 Associations of physical partner violence and sexual violence victimization o... (BMC Public Health)
54 views02:51:46 [ASAP] Vapor-Deposited Glasses Highlight the Role of Density in Photostability (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
60 views02:41:06 [ASAP] Review of Handbook of Pharmaceutical Natural ProductsHandbook of Pharm... (Journal of Natural Products)
44 views02:41:04 [ASAP] Dielectric Confinement and Excitonic Effects in Two-Dimensional Nanopl... (ACS Nano)
139 views02:41:04 [ASAP] Direct Laser Writing of Four-Dimensional Structural Color Microactuato... (ACS Nano)
141 views02:41:04 [ASAP] Durian-Inspired Design of Bismuth–Antimony Alloy Arrays for Robust S... (ACS Nano)
49 views02:41:04 [ASAP] Direct Z-Scheme Heterojunction of Semicoherent FAPbBr3/Bi2WO6 Interfac... (ACS Nano)
58 views02:41:03 [ASAP] Near-Infrared Light Triggered Phototherapy and Immunotherapy for Elimi... (ACS Nano)
110 views02:38:50 [ASAP] Structural and Chemical Biology of the Interaction of Cyclooxygenase w... (Chemical Reviews)
53 views02:38:50 [ASAP] Plasmonic Enhancement of Two-Photon Excitation Fluorescence by Colloid... (Biomacromolecules)
75 views02:32:52 [ASAP] Seasonal Characteristics of New Particle Formation and Growth in Urban... (Environmental Science & Technology)
64 views02:32:27 [ASAP] The Discovery of a Putative Allosteric Site in the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Pr... (Journal of Proteome Research)
54 views02:32:27 [ASAP] Dynamic ADP-Ribosylome, Phosphoproteome, and Interactome in LPS-Activa... (Journal of Proteome Research)
80 views02:28:36 [ASAP] A Machine Learning Approach for Rate Constants. II. Clustering, Traini... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
51 views02:28:35 [ASAP] Infrared Spectra of (Z)- and (E)-•C2H3C(CH3)I Radicals Produced upon... (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
47 views02:21:36 [ASAP] Enantioselective Synthesis of Tricyclic ß-Lactones by NHC-Catalyzed D... (Organic Letters)
53 views01:51:37 Hypernatremia at admission predicts poor survival in patients with terminal c... (BMC Palliative Care)
48 views01:51:37 “The way I am treated is as if I am under my mother`s care”: qualitative ... (BMC Palliative Care)
44 views01:51:37 Perceptions and practices of spiritual care among hospice physicians and nurs... (BMC Palliative Care)
43 views01:42:10 Effect of bisphosphonates or teriparatide on mechanical complications after p... (BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders)
40 views01:42:10 A 3D-printed, personalized, biomechanics-specific beta-tricalcium phosphate b... (BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders)
34 views01:42:09 Adult spinal deformity and its relationship with height loss: a 34-year longi... (BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders)

1 july 2020

52 views22:53:34 [ASAP] Coupled Manganese Redox Cycling and Organic Carbon Degradation on Mine... (Environmental Science & Technology)
45 views22:53:34 [ASAP] Testing Os Staining Approach for Visualizing Soil Organic Matter Patte... (Environmental Science & Technology)
79 views22:53:34 [ASAP] Deep Learning for Prediction of the Air Quality Response to Emission C... (Environmental Science & Technology)
43 views22:53:34 [ASAP] Anthropogenic Osmium in Macroalgae from Tokyo Bay Reveals Widespread C... (Environmental Science & Technology)
62 views22:53:33 [ASAP] Potential Emergence of Antiviral-Resistant Pandemic Viruses via Enviro... (Environmental Science & Technology)
48 views22:53:33 [ASAP] Understanding the Behaviors of ?-MnO2 in Electrochemical Lithium Recov... (Environmental Science & Technology)
52 views22:53:33 [ASAP] Low-Temperature Pretreatment of Organic Feedstocks with Selected Miner... (Environmental Science & Technology)
44 views22:52:56 [ASAP] p-Stacking Driven Aggregation and Folding of Squaramides (Journal of Physical Chemistry A)
35 views22:51:39 [ASAP] Supramolecular Self-Assembly of Perylene Bisimide-Based Rigid Giant Te... (ACS Nano)
46 views22:51:39 [ASAP] Nanopore and Nanoparticle Formation with Lipids Undergoing Polymorphic... (ACS Nano)
41 views22:51:20 [ASAP] Asymmetric Dearomatizing Fluoroamidation of Indole Derivatives with Di... (Organic Letters)
38 views22:50:54 [ASAP] MOF-Based Membranes for Gas Separations (Chemical Reviews)
79 views22:50:53 [ASAP] SBA-15-Supported Imidazolium Ionic Liquid through Different Linkers as... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
52 views22:50:53 [ASAP] Construction of a Dual Ionic Network in Natural Rubber with High Self-... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
43 views22:50:52 [ASAP] Easy-to-Operate and Energy-Efficient Four-Product Dividing Wall Column... (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research)
63 views22:48:32 [ASAP] Nanoscale Copper(II)–Diethyldithiocarbamate Coordination Polymer as ... (Molecular Pharmaceutics)
45 views22:48:31 [ASAP] Heterologous Expression, Purification, and Functional Analysis of the ... (Biochemistry)
42 views22:47:49 [ASAP] Theoretical Investigations of Lu2C84: Unexpected Impact of Metal Elect... (Inorganic Chemistry)
42 views22:47:49 [ASAP] Microwave-Assisted Neat Synthesis of a Ferrocene Appended Phenolphthal... (Inorganic Chemistry)
55 views22:47:48 [ASAP] Two Nanometer-Sized High-Nuclearity Homometallic Bromide Clusters (M26... (Inorganic Chemistry)
30 views22:47:29 [ASAP] Botulinum Endopeptidase: SAXS Experiments and MD Simulations Reveal Ex... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
36 views22:47:29 [ASAP] Molecular Modeling of Aquaporins from Leishmania major (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
28 views22:47:29 [ASAP] Ultrafast Relaxations in Ruthenium Polypyridyl Chromophores Determined... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
31 views22:47:28 [ASAP] Counterion Condensation, the Gibbs Equation, and Surfactant Binding: A... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
59 views22:47:28 [ASAP] Predicting Crystallization Tendency of Polymers Using Multifidelity In... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
31 views22:47:28 [ASAP] Effect of pH and Molecular Length on the Structure and Dynamics of Lin... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
35 views22:47:28 [ASAP] Molecular Investigation of Mechanical Properties and Fracture Behavior... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
33 views22:47:27 [ASAP] Water Transport Mechanisms of Poly(acrylic acid), Poly(vinyl alcohol),... (Journal of Physical Chemistry B)
33 views22:41:12 [ASAP] Adapting CHMTRN (CHeMistry TRaNslator) for a New Use (Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling)
40 views22:41:12 [ASAP] Evaluation of Free Energy Calculations for the Prioritization of Macro... (Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling)
36 views22:40:30 [ASAP] Oxidative Formation of Disulfide Bonds by a Chemiluminescent 1,2-Dioxe... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
37 views22:40:30 [ASAP] Coumarin-Containing Pillar[5]arenes as Multifunctional Liquid Crystal ... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
33 views22:40:29 [ASAP] Transition-Metal-Free One-Pot Synthesis of Naphthoquinonefuran Derivat... (Journal of Organic Chemistry)
32 views22:38:43 [ASAP] 3D and 4D Image Fusion: Coping with Differences in Spectroscopic Modes... (Analytical Chemistry)
40 views22:38:43 [ASAP] Multifaceted Bioanalytical Methods for the Comprehensive Pharmacokinet... (Analytical Chemistry)
38 views22:38:43 [ASAP] Exploration of Matrix Effects in Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Pl... (Analytical Chemistry)
32 views22:38:42 [ASAP] Hyperbranched Poly(amido amine) Entrapped Tetraphenylethene as a Fluor... (Analytical Chemistry)
31 views22:38:42 [ASAP] Resonant-Cantilever-Detected Kinetic/Thermodynamic Parameters for Apta... (Analytical Chemistry)
34 views22:38:42 [ASAP] High-Throughput and Dynamic Study of Drug and Cell Interactions Using ... (Analytical Chemistry)
31 views22:38:41 [ASAP] In Situ Formed Catalytic Interface for Boosting Chemiluminescence (Analytical Chemistry)
35 views22:38:41 [ASAP] Shape-Controlled Hierarchical Flowerlike Au Nanostructure Microarrays ... (Analytical Chemistry)
33 views22:28:48 [ASAP] Synthesis and Characterization of 3,5-Bis(di-tert-butylphosphinito)pyr... (Organometallics)
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