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13 december 2019

22 views01:00:08 Inflammatory mediators and lung abnormalities in HIV: A systematic review (PLoS ONE)
23 views01:00:08 Differences in receipt of opioid agonist treatment and time to enter treatmen... (PLoS ONE)
16 views01:00:08 Evaluating mob stocking for beef cattle in a temperate grassland (PLoS ONE)
17 views01:00:08 Suicide among physicians and health-care workers: A systematic review and met... (PLoS ONE)
18 views01:00:08 Application of DArT seq derived SNP tags for comparative genome analysis in f... (PLoS ONE)
16 views01:00:08 PfmPif97-like regulated by Pfm-miR-9b-5p participates in shell formation in P... (PLoS ONE)
13 views01:00:08 Synapsin 1 promotes A? generation via BACE1 modulation (PLoS ONE)
16 views01:00:08 Environmental enrichment effects after early stress on behavior and functiona... (PLoS ONE)
14 views01:00:08 Odor quality profile is partially influenced by verbal cues (PLoS ONE)
12 views01:00:08 Verification of mesenchymal stem cell injection therapy for interstitial cyst... (PLoS ONE)
13 views01:00:08 Measuring within-day cognitive performance using the experience sampling meth... (PLoS ONE)
15 views01:00:08 Factors associated with repeat rectal Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Chlamydia tra... (PLoS ONE)
13 views01:00:08 Assessment of the perceived safety culture in the petrochemical industry in J... (PLoS ONE)
13 views01:00:08 `Disruptive behavior` in the operating room: A prospective observational stud... (PLoS ONE)
13 views01:00:08 Effects of long-term statin-treatment on coronary atherosclerosis in patients... (PLoS ONE)
14 views01:00:08 Pediatric trainees systematically under-report duty hour violations compared ... (PLoS ONE)
14 views01:00:08 Response of rhizosphere bacterial community of Taxus chinensis var. mairei to... (PLoS ONE)
14 views01:00:08 Area extraction and spatiotemporal characteristics of winter wheat-summer mai... (PLoS ONE)
14 views01:00:08 Correction: Enhancing genomic selection by fitting large-effect SNPs as fixed... (PLoS ONE)
11 views01:00:08 Correction: Safety and efficacy of tacrolimus-coated silicone plates as an al... (PLoS ONE)
11 views01:00:08 Correction: Uncertainty analysis of species distribution models (PLoS ONE)
12 views01:00:08 Correction: Testosterone deficiency reduces the effects of late cardiac remod... (PLoS ONE)
11 views01:00:08 Correction: Trends and predictors of mother-to-child transmission of HIV in a... (PLoS ONE)
12 views01:00:08 Correction: Influence of three artificial light sources on oviposition and ha... (PLoS ONE)
13 views01:00:08 Retraction: Ramentaceone, a Naphthoquinone Derived from Drosera sp., Induces ... (PLoS ONE)
11 views01:00:08 Correction: Differences in energy and nutritional content of menu items serve... (PLoS ONE)
6 views01:00:08 Correction: An observational study comparing HPV prevalence and type distribu... (PLoS ONE)
13 views01:00:08 Correction: Saiga horn user characteristics, motivations, and purchasing beha... (PLoS ONE)

12 december 2019

32 views09:01:47 Focal inputs are a potential origin of local field potential (LFP) in the bra... (PLoS ONE)
32 views09:01:47 Classification of flavors in cigarillos and little cigars and their variable ... (PLoS ONE)
31 views09:01:47 Chemogenomic profiling to understand the antifungal action of a bioactive aur... (PLoS ONE)
35 views09:01:47 A novel one-class classification approach to accurately predict disease-gene ... (PLoS ONE)
34 views09:01:47 Serum PCSK6 and corin levels are not associated with cardiovascular outcomes ... (PLoS ONE)
34 views09:01:47 Effect of integrating a video intervention on parenting practices and related... (PLoS ONE)
31 views09:01:47 Low-diversity bacterial microbiota in Southern Ocean representatives of lante... (PLoS ONE)
33 views09:01:47 Impact of human-derived hemoglobin based oxygen vesicles as a machine perfusi... (PLoS ONE)
33 views09:01:47 Induction of miR 21 impairs the anti-Leishmania response through inhibition o... (PLoS ONE)
29 views09:01:47 NKL homeobox gene activities in normal and malignant myeloid cells (PLoS ONE)
33 views09:01:47 Balance control mechanisms do not benefit from successive stimulation of diff... (PLoS ONE)
25 views09:01:47 Measuring individual differences in cognitive abilities in the lab and on the... (PLoS ONE)
30 views09:01:47 Spatial genetic structure and diversity of natural populations of Aesculus hi... (PLoS ONE)
32 views09:01:47 Hydrogenotrophic methanogens of the mammalian gut: Functionally similar, ther... (PLoS ONE)
34 views09:01:47 Disrupted resting-state brain functional network in methamphetamine abusers: ... (PLoS ONE)
25 views09:01:47 Detecting false intentions using unanticipated questions (PLoS ONE)
32 views09:01:47 Swaying slower reduces the destabilizing effects of a compliant surface on vo... (PLoS ONE)
23 views09:01:47 Investigating multisite pain as a predictor of self-reported falls and falls ... (PLoS ONE)
14 views09:01:47 The socio-economic status gradient in median lifespan by birth cohorts: Evide... (PLoS ONE)
17 views09:01:47 Plasma concentration of neurofilament light chain protein decreases after swi... (PLoS ONE)
16 views09:01:47 Air quality and obesity at older ages in China: The role of duration, severit... (PLoS ONE)
15 views09:01:47 High maternal self-efficacy is associated with meeting Institute of Medicine ... (PLoS ONE)
19 views09:01:47 Physiological impact of nanoporous acupuncture needles: Laser Doppler perfusi... (PLoS ONE)
7 views09:01:47 Effect of arteriovenous access closure and timing on kidney function in kidne... (PLoS ONE)
18 views09:01:47 State of household need for caregivers and determinants of psychological burd... (PLoS ONE)
12 views09:01:47 MicroRNA profiling in canine multicentric lymphoma (PLoS ONE)
18 views09:01:47 Survival kinetics of Listeria monocytogenes on chickpeas, sesame seeds, pine ... (PLoS ONE)
19 views09:01:47 Comparison of plasma fatty acid binding protein 4 concentration in venous and... (PLoS ONE)
9 views09:01:47 Correction: Rapid visual categorization is not guided by early salience-based... (PLoS ONE)
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