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19 october 2019

10 views00:02:33 Birth outcomes in women who have taken adalimumab in pregnancy: A prospective... (PLoS ONE)
10 views00:02:33 Classifying recurrent Mycobacterium tuberculosis cases in Georgia using MIRU-... (PLoS ONE)
10 views00:02:33 Liquorice ingestion attenuates vasodilatation via exogenous nitric oxide dono... (PLoS ONE)
11 views00:02:33 Hepatopulmonary syndrome has low prevalence of pulmonary vascular abnormaliti... (PLoS ONE)
9 views00:02:33 Conformational flexibility of fork-remodeling helicase Rad5 shown by full-ens... (PLoS ONE)
10 views00:02:33 Dietary specialization depending on ecological context and sexual differences... (PLoS ONE)
10 views00:02:33 Intake of myo-inositol hexaphosphate and urinary excretion of inositol phosph... (PLoS ONE)
9 views00:02:33 Population analysis of D6-like plasmid prophage variants associated with spec... (PLoS ONE)
10 views00:02:33 Dysregulation of macrophage development and phenotype in diabetic human macro... (PLoS ONE)
10 views00:02:33 Scientist and data architect collaborate to curate and archive an inner ear e... (PLoS ONE)
10 views00:02:33 No effect of triple-pulse TMS medial to intraparietal sulcus on online correc... (PLoS ONE)
9 views00:02:33 Sex-specific differences in risk factors of lymph node metastasis in patients... (PLoS ONE)
11 views00:02:33 Comparison of cancer prevalence between patients with glomerulonephritis and ... (PLoS ONE)
10 views00:02:33 Experimentally validated simulation of coronary stents considering different ... (PLoS ONE)
10 views00:02:33 Exclusive breastfeeding policy, practice and influences in South Africa, 1980... (PLoS ONE)
11 views00:02:33 Associations between pre-pregnancy BMI, gestational weight gain, and prenatal... (PLoS ONE)
10 views00:02:33 Effects of continuous ketamine infusion on hemodynamics and mortality in crit... (PLoS ONE)
11 views00:02:33 Effect of using immobilization device in fluoroscopic study in pediatric pati... (PLoS ONE)
7 views00:02:33 Population dynamics of an invasive bird parasite, Philornis downsi (Diptera: ... (PLoS ONE)
6 views00:02:33 Validation and perception of a key feature problem examination in neurology (PLoS ONE)
5 views00:02:33 Understanding self-reported importance of religion/spirituality in a North Am... (PLoS ONE)
7 views00:02:33 Changes in peak expiratory flow rates using two head-tilt/chin-lift maneuver ... (PLoS ONE)
6 views00:02:33 Knowledge, attitudes, and practices related to anthrax and animal care: A cas... (PLoS ONE)
6 views00:02:33 Correction: Role of Caveolin-1 in Atrial Fibrillation as an Anti-Fibrotic Sig... (PLoS ONE)
5 views00:02:33 Depth inversion with a 3D structure influences brightness perception (PLoS ONE)
7 views00:02:33 Effect of aridity and dune type on rhizosphere soil bacterial communities of ... (PLoS ONE)
5 views00:02:33 Host plants influence the composition of the gut bacteria in Henosepilachna v... (PLoS ONE)
4 views00:02:33 A novel radiopaque tissue marker for soft tissue localization and in vivo len... (PLoS ONE)
6 views00:02:33 Retraction: Interleukin-1?-Induced Autophagy-Related Gene 5 Regulates Prolife... (PLoS ONE)

18 october 2019

9 views01:00:04 Full genome characterization of 12 citrus tatter leaf virus isolates for the ... (PLoS ONE)
8 views01:00:04 Genetic diversification of Panstrongylus geniculatus (Reduviidae: Triatominae... (PLoS ONE)
10 views01:00:04 Are hospital nurse staffing practices associated with postoperative cardiac e... (PLoS ONE)
9 views01:00:04 Viral respiratory infections and the oropharyngeal bacterial microbiota in ac... (PLoS ONE)
8 views01:00:04 Cognitive impairment and medication adherence post-stroke: A five-year follow... (PLoS ONE)
10 views01:00:04 Epidemiological, clinical and laboratory characteristics of the measles resur... (PLoS ONE)
9 views01:00:04 TEM8/ANTXR1-specific CAR T cells mediate toxicity in vivo (PLoS ONE)
9 views01:00:04 The membrane effects of melittin on gastric and colorectal cancer (PLoS ONE)
10 views01:00:04 Uncorrected low hyperopia in young subjects induces postural instability even... (PLoS ONE)
9 views01:00:04 Resistance profile of the HIV-1 maturation inhibitor GSK3532795 in vitro and ... (PLoS ONE)
9 views01:00:04 Rapid and structure-specific cellular uptake of selected steroids (PLoS ONE)
9 views01:00:04 Avoiding gambling harm: An evidence-based set of safe gambling practices for ... (PLoS ONE)
10 views01:00:04 Epidemiology of chronic pain in Ukraine: Findings from the World Mental Healt... (PLoS ONE)
8 views01:00:04 Architecture of population-differentiated polymorphisms in the human genome (PLoS ONE)
9 views01:00:04 In silico assessment of human Calprotectin subunits (S100A8/A9) in presence o... (PLoS ONE)
10 views01:00:04 Lack of generalization between explicit and implicit visuomotor learning (PLoS ONE)
10 views01:00:04 Efficacy of cotrimoxazole (Sulfamethoxazole-Trimethoprim) as a salvage therap... (PLoS ONE)
9 views01:00:04 First identification of the benzimidazole resistance-associated F200Y SNP in ... (PLoS ONE)
9 views01:00:04 Enterovirus 71 seroepidemiology in Taiwan in 2017 and comparison of those rat... (PLoS ONE)
8 views01:00:04 Experienced males recognise and avoid mating with non-virgin females in the w... (PLoS ONE)
8 views01:00:04 The relationship between sleep quality, inappropriate medication use and frai... (PLoS ONE)
7 views01:00:04 Socioeconomic status and alcohol use disorders across the lifespan: A co-rela... (PLoS ONE)
5 views01:00:04 Generation of deletions and precise point mutations in Dictyostelium discoide... (PLoS ONE)
9 views01:00:04 Polymorphisms in vasoactive eicosanoid genes of kidney donors affect biopsy s... (PLoS ONE)
8 views01:00:04 30-day unplanned readmission rate in otolaryngology patients: A population-ba... (PLoS ONE)
9 views01:00:04 Retraction: Reversal Effect of ST6GAL 1 on Multidrug Resistance in Human Leuk... (PLoS ONE)
7 views01:00:04 Correction: RCER: Reliable Cluster-based Energy-aware Routing protocol for he... (PLoS ONE)

17 october 2019

17 views08:00:36 Oral Sirolimus: An Option in the Management of Neonates with Life-Threatening... (Lymphatic Research and Biology)
17 views08:00:36 Expression of Embryonic Stem Cell Markers in Microcystic Lymphatic Malformation (Lymphatic Research and Biology)
17 views08:00:36 Progress in the Approach to Lymphatic Vascular Malformation (Lymphatic Research and Biology)

16 october 2019

8 views23:04:00 Evaluating access to oral anti-diabetic medicines: A cross-sectional survey o... (PLoS ONE)
8 views23:04:00 Comparison of corneal elevation and pachymetry measurements made by two state... (PLoS ONE)
8 views23:04:00 Use of a pressure-sensing walkway system for biometric assessment of gait cha... (PLoS ONE)
11 views23:04:00 Engineering a single-chain antibody against Trypanosoma cruzi metacyclic tryp... (PLoS ONE)
9 views23:04:00 Longitudinal assessment of post-surgical physical activity in endometrial and... (PLoS ONE)
9 views23:04:00 Relationship between self-disclosure to first acquaintances and subjective we... (PLoS ONE)
8 views23:04:00 Clonality analysis of pulmonary tumors by genome-wide copy number profiling (PLoS ONE)
10 views23:04:00 Regulation of nitrogen availability results in changes in grain protein conte... (PLoS ONE)
10 views23:04:00 Longitudinal trends of and factors associated with inappropriate antibiotic p... (PLoS ONE)
8 views23:04:00 Correction: Measuring compassionate healthcare with the 12-item Schwartz Cent... (PLoS ONE)
10 views23:04:00 Quantitation and modeling of post-translational modifications in a therapeuti... (PLoS ONE)
8 views23:04:00 Lack of detection of Candida nivariensis and Candida bracarensis among 440 cl... (PLoS ONE)
8 views23:04:00 The influence of personality on the effect of iTBS after being stressed on co... (PLoS ONE)
8 views23:04:00 Oral delivery of water-soluble compounds to the phytoseiid mite Neoseiulus ca... (PLoS ONE)
10 views23:04:00 Clinicopathologic and prognostic significance of tumor-associated macrophages... (PLoS ONE)
9 views23:04:00 Involution of retinopathy of prematurity and neurodevelopmental outcomes afte... (PLoS ONE)
8 views23:04:00 Travel demand and distance analysis for free-floating car sharing based on de... (PLoS ONE)
10 views23:04:00 Genome-wide identification, characterization, expression and enzyme activity ... (PLoS ONE)
7 views23:04:00 Fine epitope mapping of glycoprotein Gn in Guertu virus (PLoS ONE)
7 views23:04:00 Elucidating stygofaunal trophic web interactions via isotopic ecology (PLoS ONE)
8 views23:04:00 TNF-? is responsible for the contribution of stromal cells to osteoclast and ... (PLoS ONE)
7 views23:04:00 To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question: A randomized trial of Twitter... (PLoS ONE)
9 views23:04:00 Stage at diagnosis and stage-specific survival of breast cancer in Latin Amer... (PLoS ONE)
6 views23:04:00 Translating a stress management intervention for rural Latina breast cancer s... (PLoS ONE)
8 views23:04:00 Correction: Understanding climate change from a global analysis of city analo... (PLoS ONE)
7 views23:04:00 Retraction: Fluid-Structure Interaction-Based Biomechanical Perception Model ... (PLoS ONE)
7 views23:04:00 Correction: Personality traits in companion dogs--Results from the VIDOPET (PLoS ONE)
9 views23:04:00 Correction: Factors associated with hospitalization and death among TB/HIV co... (PLoS ONE)
8 views23:04:00 Retraction: Carboxyamidotriazole-Orotate Inhibits the Growth of Imatinib-Resi... (PLoS ONE)
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