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25 january 2022

11 views11:28:06 Entropy, Vol. 24, Pages 175: Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics of Polymeric Liqui... (Entropy)
22 views10:58:11 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 1335: Fabrication of Fragment Antibody–Enzyme Comp... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
29 views10:37:51 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 1334: Expression of Doublecortin, Glial Fibrillar Acidic... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
28 views10:28:52 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 769: New 1,2,3-Triazoles from (R)-Carvone: Synthesi... (Molecules)
27 views10:18:09 Algorithms, Vol. 15, Pages 36: Unranking Small Combinations of a Large Set in... (Algorithms)
30 views09:09:15 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 1327: Comparative Analysis of Type 1 and Type Z Protein ... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
32 views08:58:13 IJERPH, Vol. 19, Pages 1317: The Impact of Grounding in Running Shoes on Indi... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
47 views08:38:45 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 1326: Improving Protein Quantity and Quality—The N... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
47 views08:28:41 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 852: Online Wind-Atlas Databases and GIS Tool Integr... (Energies)
29 views08:00:05 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 1324: A Polymorphism of Bactericidal/Permeability-Increa... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
36 views07:47:19 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 851: New Research Trends and Topics for Achieving En... (Energies)
43 views05:08:09 Long Non-coding RNA MALAT1: A Key Player in Liver Diseases (Frontiers in Medicine)

24 january 2022

46 views17:48:35 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 1316: A Century of Fractionated Radiotherapy: How Mathem... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
41 views17:18:13 IJERPH, Vol. 19, Pages 1308: Screen Time and Body Image in Icelandic Adolesce... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
50 views16:58:49 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 1312: Toward Xeno-Free Differentiation of Human Induced ... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
41 views16:28:02 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 1304: SEC23B Loss-of-Function Suppresses Hepcidin Expres... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
42 views16:09:22 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 1302: Vitamin D-Binding Protein and the Free Hormone Hyp... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
47 views16:00:05 Pharmaceuticals, Vol. 15, Pages 137: Protein-Protein Interaction Inhibitors T... (Pharmaceuticals)
34 views15:58:03 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 1297: Mitochondrial Processing Peptidases—Structur... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
40 views15:49:18 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 765: Insights into Structure and Biological Activit... (Molecules)
38 views15:47:42 IJERPH, Vol. 19, Pages 1295: Factors Associated with Work-Related Burnout amo... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
46 views15:29:13 IJERPH, Vol. 19, Pages 1296: VOCs and Odor Episodes near the German–Cze... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
40 views15:28:31 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 1296: Therapeutic Strategies for Disseminated Intravascu... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
53 views14:57:40 IJERPH, Vol. 19, Pages 1293: Tourists’ Safety Perception Clues in the U... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
44 views14:47:03 IJERPH, Vol. 19, Pages 1292: Psychosocial Determinants of Adolescents’ ... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
47 views14:39:55 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 760: Autoxidation Products of the Methanolic Extrac... (Molecules)
40 views14:19:16 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 1286: Unravelling Mechanisms of Doxorubicin-Induced Toxi... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
38 views14:17:13 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 757: Antimicrobial, Cytotoxic and Mutagenic Activit... (Molecules)
46 views14:09:49 Remote Sensing, Vol. 14, Pages 554: Multi-Hazard Susceptibility Assessment Us... (Remote Sensing)
50 views13:59:41 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 758: Metal Complexes—A Promising Approach to ... (Molecules)
30 views13:10:15 Remote Sensing, Vol. 14, Pages 551: Using Very-High-Resolution Multispectral ... (Remote Sensing)
38 views13:08:37 Entropy, Vol. 24, Pages 173: Learning Your Options: Option-Based Model of Exp... (Entropy)
33 views13:00:25 Entropy, Vol. 24, Pages 172: The Use of the Statistical Entropy in Some New A... (Entropy)
33 views12:39:33 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 1282: Medicated Scaffolds Prepared with Hydroxyapatite/S... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
50 views12:20:52 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 833: Microgrid Operation Optimization Using Hybrid S... (Energies)
42 views12:19:15 IJERPH, Vol. 19, Pages 1285: The Distribution of Dengue Virus Serotype in Qua... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
60 views12:17:20 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 1280: Floating Ricobendazole Delivery Systems: A 3D Prin... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
40 views11:40:26 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 1278: Chronic Systemic Dexamethasone Regulates the Miner... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
48 views11:20:08 Remote Sensing, Vol. 14, Pages 548: Radiative Transfer Image Simulation Using... (Remote Sensing)
44 views10:57:21 IJERPH, Vol. 19, Pages 1275: Everyone Can Implement Eduball in Physical Educa... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
51 views10:38:32 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 820: Differences of Pore Features in Marine Shales b... (Energies)
35 views10:38:22 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 1275: microRNA-21 Regulates Stemness in Pancreatic Ducta... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
39 views09:58:09 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 825: Probabilistic Optimization Techniques in Smart ... (Energies)
44 views09:30:28 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 822: Does Energy Community Membership Change Sustain... (Energies)
54 views08:28:58 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 743: Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry Reveals Rare Si... (Molecules)

23 january 2022

47 views15:40:51 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 1269: Targeting Interleukin-10 Restores Graft Microvascu... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
71 views15:28:22 Remote Sensing, Vol. 14, Pages 540: Consistency Analysis of the GNSS Antenna ... (Remote Sensing)
56 views14:19:54 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 815: Compensation of Torque-Producing Stator Current... (Energies)
48 views13:38:12 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 816: Real Time Scheduling of a Microgrid Equipped wi... (Energies)
70 views12:47:23 Algorithms, Vol. 15, Pages 34: Convex Neural Networks Based Reinforcement Lea... (Algorithms)
55 views12:18:14 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 1260: 9-Aminoacridine Inhibits Ribosome Biogenesis by Ta... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
59 views11:58:36 Remote Sensing, Vol. 14, Pages 534: Microwave Brightness Temperature (MBT) Ba... (Remote Sensing)
61 views11:48:54 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 1257: Neutrophils, Cancer and Thrombosis: The New Bermud... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
51 views11:38:03 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 1250: The Xyloglucan Endotransglucosylase/Hydrolase Gene... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
50 views11:28:03 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 1254: The Role of Sphingolipid Signaling in Oxidative Lu... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
48 views10:47:45 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 735: Toll-like Receptor 4, Osteoblasts and Leukemog... (Molecules)
62 views10:17:40 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 812: Energy Transition as a Response to Energy Chall... (Energies)
70 views10:09:27 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 810: CBLSTM-AE: A Hybrid Deep Learning Framework for... (Energies)
60 views09:48:32 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 809: Layout Optimization of a Modular Floating Wind ... (Energies)
55 views09:37:18 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 1244: The Role of Biomaterials in Peripheral Nerve and S... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
47 views09:27:13 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 808: Providing Convenient Indoor Thermal Comfort in ... (Energies)
60 views03:09:30 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 728: Temperature-Responsive Photoluminescence and E... (Molecules)

22 january 2022

55 views17:58:21 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 1242: Estrogen Receptors-Mediated Apoptosis in Hormone-D... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
52 views17:09:15 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 1241: Biofilm and Small Colony Variants—An Update ... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
57 views16:50:20 IJERPH, Vol. 19, Pages 1247: Exploring Well-Being and Its Correlates among Yo... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
67 views16:49:28 Spontaneous Reporting to Regulatory Authorities of Suspected Adverse Drug Rea... (Drug Safety)
68 views16:08:56 Remote Sensing, Vol. 14, Pages 527: Construction of Regional Ecological Secur... (Remote Sensing)
53 views15:47:25 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 1238: Protective Role of Melatonin and Its Metabolites i... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
46 views15:37:08 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 1236: Transcription Factor RrANT1 of Rosa rugosa Positiv... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
42 views14:07:42 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 806: Private Hospital Energy Performance Benchmarkin... (Energies)
43 views12:57:17 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 803: Electric Vehicles: V2G for Rapid, Safe, and Gre... (Energies)
63 views12:19:36 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 800: Estimating the Employment and Fiscal Consequenc... (Energies)
58 views12:18:19 Remote Sensing, Vol. 14, Pages 525: Satellite Survey of Offshore Oil Seep Sit... (Remote Sensing)
53 views11:57:55 IJERPH, Vol. 19, Pages 1236: Influence of Chewing Ability on Elderly Adults&r... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
57 views11:30:31 IJERPH, Vol. 19, Pages 1233: Financial Fraud against Older People in Hong Kon... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
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