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8 december 2022

24 views13:33:05 Pharmaceuticals, Vol. 15, Pages 1525: Formulation of Multicomponent Chrysin-H... (Pharmaceuticals)
24 views13:24:52 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 9311: Numerical Modeling on Dissociation and Transpo... (Energies)
24 views12:29:37 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 8692: Combination of Docking-Based and Pharmacophor... (Molecules)
23 views12:29:27 IJERPH, Vol. 19, Pages 16471: The Impact of SO2 Emissions Trading Scheme on F... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
29 views11:40:27 IJERPH, Vol. 19, Pages 16478: Influence Mechanism of Polycentric Spatial Stru... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
45 views11:11:46 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 9301: Optimum Parallel Processing Schemes to Improve... (Energies)
34 views11:06:10 Remote Sensing, Vol. 14, Pages 6215: Multi-Node Joint Power Allocation Algori... (Remote Sensing)
28 views10:49:12 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 15541: Touch DNA Sampling Methods: Efficacy Evaluation a... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
31 views10:44:07 Remote Sensing, Vol. 14, Pages 6213: SCAD: A Siamese Cross-Attention Discrimi... (Remote Sensing)
40 views10:28:33 IJERPH, Vol. 19, Pages 16466: Research on Coal Mine Building Compliance Inspe... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
32 views10:05:39 IJERPH, Vol. 19, Pages 16464: The Impact of Green Innovation on Enterprise Gr... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
41 views09:46:09 IJERPH, Vol. 19, Pages 16459: Impact of “Three Red Lines” Water P... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
44 views08:45:18 IJERPH, Vol. 19, Pages 16454: Business Model Innovation Paths of Manufacturin... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
32 views07:48:13 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 15525: LMNA Co-Regulated Gene Expression as a Suitable R... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
35 views07:13:36 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 15514: Modified mRNA Therapeutics for Heart Diseases (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)

7 december 2022

37 views16:38:51 IJERPH, Vol. 19, Pages 16431: Analysis of the Green Development Effects of Hi... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
41 views16:15:01 Remote Sensing, Vol. 14, Pages 6205: The Suitability of UAV-Derived DSMs and ... (Remote Sensing)
38 views15:36:03 IJERPH, Vol. 19, Pages 16414: Chromium Transport and Fate in Vadose Zone: Eff... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
39 views15:23:26 [ASAP] Improvement of Modular Protein Display Efficiency in SpyTag-Implemente... (Biomacromolecules)
35 views13:58:25 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 9283: Performance Improvement of a Highly Loaded Tra... (Energies)
44 views13:22:55 IJERPH, Vol. 19, Pages 16415: Numerical Simulation of an Oil Mist Particle Em... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
42 views12:12:10 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 15485: Slight Variations in the Sequence Downstream of t... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
34 views12:04:16 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 8653: Alternative Ecosorbent for the Determination ... (Molecules)
40 views11:39:43 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 9274: Study on the Performance of a Newly Designed C... (Energies)
44 views11:25:02 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 9273: FBG Sensing Technology for an Enhanced Microgr... (Energies)
32 views11:15:54 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 8647: Antimicrobial Efficiency of Chitosan and Its ... (Molecules)
36 views10:13:44 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 9271: Thermal Performance of Load-Bearing, Lightweig... (Energies)
38 views10:13:44 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 9269: Research on Carbon Emission Characteristics of... (Energies)
51 views09:57:56 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 9270: An Analytical Feasibility Study for Solar Pane... (Energies)
41 views09:03:41 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 15459: Photocatalytic Performance of Undoped and Al-Dope... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
42 views08:52:33 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 9266: A Systematic Literature Review of Non-Complian... (Energies)
39 views08:47:20 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 8642: Efficient Degradation of Congo Red in Water b... (Molecules)
41 views07:38:26 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 9265: Numerical Study on a Cylinder Vibrator in the ... (Energies)
40 views06:07:28 Algorithms, Vol. 15, Pages 463: Numerical Integration Schemes Based on Compos... (Algorithms)
39 views05:13:21 A comparative study of gastric histopathology sub-size image classification: ... (Frontiers in Medicine)

6 december 2022

52 views16:29:11 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 8634: An Assessment of Mass Flows, Removal and Envi... (Molecules)
44 views15:34:16 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 9257: A Novel Temperature-Independent Model for Esti... (Energies)
26 views14:29:55 Application of hepatic lobe hyperplasia techniques in the treatment of advanc... (BMC Surgery)
37 views13:41:35 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 8621: Study on Oil Recovery Mechanism of Polymer-Su... (Molecules)
44 views13:14:10 Entropy, Vol. 24, Pages 1787: Curriculum Reinforcement Learning Based on K-Fo... (Entropy)
44 views11:48:50 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 8610: Effect of Celeriac Pulp Maceration by Rhizopu... (Molecules)
44 views11:25:09 IJERPH, Vol. 19, Pages 16347: Exploring the Sustainable Use Strategy of Scarc... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
37 views10:41:38 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 15393: Branched Poly(ε-caprolactone)-Based Copol... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
44 views10:33:49 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 15390: Circ_0011129 Encapsulated by the Small Extracellu... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
55 views08:50:34 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 9231: Non-Intrusive Room Occupancy Prediction Perfor... (Energies)
45 views08:23:14 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 8594: Influence of Nanomaterials and Other Factors ... (Molecules)

5 december 2022

79 views17:10:13 IJERPH, Vol. 19, Pages 16303: Exploring the Mechanism of the Impact of Green ... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
57 views17:00:39 Remote Sensing, Vol. 14, Pages 6167: Optimization Method of Airborne LiDAR In... (Remote Sensing)
47 views16:59:33 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 9226: Review of Closed SCO2 and Semi-Closed Oxy&ndas... (Energies)
59 views16:45:00 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 9225: Distributed Energy as a Megatrend of Audit of ... (Energies)
48 views16:20:54 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 8584: Natural Radioactivity and Chemical Evolution ... (Molecules)
47 views15:45:54 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 15355: MAPLE Processed Nanostructures for Antimicrobial ... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
46 views14:47:58 IJERPH, Vol. 19, Pages 16286: Using Alternative Sources of Energy for Decarbo... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
44 views14:27:50 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 8579: Contact-Piezoelectric Bi-Catalysis of an Elec... (Molecules)
54 views14:19:08 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 9216: Application of Renewable Natural Materials for... (Energies)
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