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10 august 2022

29 views17:36:17 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 5087: A Novel Triazole Schiff Base Derivatives for ... (Molecules)
30 views15:52:24 Pharmaceuticals, Vol. 15, Pages 984: Total Synthesis of the Antimycobacterial... (Pharmaceuticals)
37 views15:50:48 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 8925: Generation of an Immortalized Human Adipose-Derive... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
48 views15:39:35 IJERPH, Vol. 19, Pages 9865: Quality of Life and Satisfaction from Career and... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
26 views15:13:11 Pharmaceuticals, Vol. 15, Pages 985: Increased PDT Efficacy When Associated w... (Pharmaceuticals)
29 views15:10:17 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 8918: Human Umbilical Cord Lining-Derived Epithelial Cel... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
32 views14:02:09 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 8906: Reduction of Emphysema Severity by Human Umbilical... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
42 views13:24:48 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 8908: Externalization of Mitochondrial PDCE2 on Irradiat... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
35 views12:57:43 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 5807: Research Progress on Triboelectric Nanogenerat... (Energies)
34 views12:55:05 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 8901: Transcriptional Comparison of Genes Associated wit... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
33 views12:55:05 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 8903: Cellular Electrical Impedance as a Method to Decip... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
34 views12:38:58 Pharmaceuticals, Vol. 15, Pages 983: Screening of Mineralogenic and Osteogeni... (Pharmaceuticals)
42 views12:22:52 Remote Sensing, Vol. 14, Pages 3875: Water Occurrence in the Two Largest Lake... (Remote Sensing)
32 views12:22:49 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 8900: IL11 Stimulates IL33 Expression and Proinflammator... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
43 views11:44:21 IJERPH, Vol. 19, Pages 9849: The Effect of Environmental Policy Uncertainty o... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
50 views08:04:29 Marine Drugs, Vol. 20, Pages 509: Formulation, Characterization, and In Vitro... (Marine Drugs)
59 views04:51:30 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 5060: Bio-Functional Natural Products in Edible Res... (Molecules)

9 august 2022

45 views16:59:33 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 5069: Polysaccharides as Carriers of Polyphenols: C... (Molecules)
49 views16:56:11 Peritonitis after exposure to biocontrol-agent fumes containing Talaromyces f... (BMC Nephrology)
59 views16:43:03 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 8877: Comprehensive Collection and Prediction of ABC Tra... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
49 views16:41:32 A true congenital pancreatic cyst in a dog (BMC Veterinary Research)
55 views16:22:39 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 5071: PI3K/mTOR Dual Inhibitor Pictilisib Stably Bi... (Molecules)
42 views16:01:22 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 8852: Impairment of Mitochondrial Respiration in Metabol... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
49 views15:40:32 The test characteristics of a biased or ignorant diagnostician (BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making)
49 views15:09:18 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 8869: A γ-Secretase Inhibitor Attenuates Cell Cycl... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
49 views15:03:04 Remote Sensing, Vol. 14, Pages 3849: Trend in Satellite-Observed Vegetation C... (Remote Sensing)
35 views14:11:28 IJERPH, Vol. 19, Pages 9799: Understanding the Health and Health-Related Soci... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
45 views14:08:57 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 5776: Well Construction Action Planning and Automati... (Energies)
48 views13:45:11 IJERPH, Vol. 19, Pages 9803: A Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSDs)... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
42 views12:58:58 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 8854: New Pyrrole Derivatives as Promising Biological Ag... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
47 views12:48:53 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 8856: TMAO Suppresses Megalin Expression and Albumin Upt... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
44 views12:24:09 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 5056: Apoptosis-Inducing Potential of Selected Brom... (Molecules)
51 views12:24:09 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 5057: Seed Phytochemical Profiling of Three Olive C... (Molecules)
38 views11:56:03 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 8846: Chemokines in Primary Liver Cancer (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
68 views10:56:32 Health sciences students` and instructors` perceptions of the emergency switc... (Frontiers in Medicine)
57 views10:34:39 IJERPH, Vol. 19, Pages 9779: Students’ Attitudes toward COVID-19 Vaccin... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
42 views08:44:57 IJERPH, Vol. 19, Pages 9778: Can Even a Small Amount of Greenery Be Helpful i... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
44 views08:10:39 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 5764: Analysis and Visualization of the Instantaneou... (Energies)

8 august 2022

38 views17:18:17 Molecules, Vol. 27, Pages 5047: Modified Benzoxazole-Based VEGFR-2 Inhibitors... (Molecules)
65 views17:06:30 Remote Sensing, Vol. 14, Pages 3826: Forest Damage by Super Typhoon Rammasun ... (Remote Sensing)
46 views16:09:07 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 5758: Environmental and Energy Conditions in Sustain... (Energies)
47 views15:32:13 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 8828: Deletion of Meg8-DMR Enhances Migration and Invasi... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
46 views15:15:59 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 8813: Stellettin B-Induced Oral Cancer Cell Death via En... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
55 views14:54:55 Pharmaceuticals, Vol. 15, Pages 978: Enhanced In Vivo Wound Healing Efficacy ... (Pharmaceuticals)
40 views14:39:42 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 8817: Hyaluronic Acid Alleviates Oxidative Stress and Ap... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
57 views13:35:58 Remote Sensing, Vol. 14, Pages 3822: Quantitative Evaluation of Reclamation I... (Remote Sensing)
57 views13:29:00 Energies, Vol. 15, Pages 5749: Intelligent Action Planning for Well Construct... (Energies)
44 views12:13:51 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 8809: Novel Antibiofilm Inhibitor Ginkgetin as an Antiba... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
53 views11:30:02 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 8804: The Effects of Nutrient Signaling Regulators in Co... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
49 views11:22:43 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 8803: A Novel Cell-Based Model for a Rare Disease: The T... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
60 views11:22:43 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 8801: In Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells Helicobacter... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
45 views11:07:03 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 8800: The Antimicrobial Peptides Human β-Defensins ... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
56 views10:45:55 Pharmaceuticals, Vol. 15, Pages 977: Strategies and Tools for Supporting the ... (Pharmaceuticals)
63 views10:44:22 Applications of natural language processing in ophthalmology: present and future (Frontiers in Medicine)
57 views10:25:34 Remote Sensing, Vol. 14, Pages 3813: Mapping Forest Stability within Major Bi... (Remote Sensing)
46 views10:03:28 IJERPH, Vol. 19, Pages 9742: Wet Nurse or Milk Bank? Evolution in the Model o... (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)
54 views09:46:13 Pharmaceuticals, Vol. 15, Pages 976: Hemp (Cannabis sativa L., Kompolti cv.) ... (Pharmaceuticals)
57 views09:13:32 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 8794: A Novel Antibody Targeting the Second Extracellula... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
55 views09:04:16 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 8790: Obesity-Related Neuroinflammation: Magnetic Resona... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
58 views04:37:40 IJMS, Vol. 23, Pages 8788: Intracellular Biotransformation of Ultrasmall Iron... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
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