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20 march 2023

27 views18:33:55 Entropy, Vol. 25, Pages 536: Homogeneity Test of the First-Order Agreement Co... (Entropy)
21 views18:23:00 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 2815: Heterologous Biosynthesis of Myxobacterial An... (Molecules)
27 views18:13:03 Energies, Vol. 16, Pages 2875: Salt Hydrate Adsorption Material-Based Thermoc... (Energies)
29 views17:01:03 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 2812: Cytotoxicity against A549 Human Lung Cancer C... (Molecules)
29 views16:51:22 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 2811: Understanding the Potential Role of Nanotechn... (Molecules)
31 views16:41:50 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 5893: Unlocking the Potential of the Antimicrobial Pepti... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
25 views15:23:51 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 5891: Impaired Integrated Stress Response and Mitochondr... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
27 views14:53:36 Pharmaceuticals, Vol. 16, Pages 463: Phenylpyrazolone-1,2,3-Triazole Hybrids ... (Pharmaceuticals)
32 views14:46:02 Remote Sensing, Vol. 15, Pages 1679: Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection Based on... (Remote Sensing)
25 views14:17:10 Remote Sensing, Vol. 15, Pages 1678: Comparing Water Indices for Landsat Data... (Remote Sensing)
27 views13:37:26 Remote Sensing, Vol. 15, Pages 1677: Mass Balance of the Antarctic Ice Sheet ... (Remote Sensing)
35 views13:22:18 Remote Sensing, Vol. 15, Pages 1676: A Machine Learning Approach to Derive Ae... (Remote Sensing)
33 views12:35:36 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 5884: Theophylline-Induced Relaxation Is Enhanced after ... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
34 views11:23:44 Algorithms, Vol. 16, Pages 169: Pushing the Limits of Clingo’s Incremen... (Algorithms)
34 views09:57:22 Entropy, Vol. 25, Pages 533: FLoCIC: A Few Lines of Code for Raster Image Com... (Entropy)
38 views09:56:29 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 5873: Progress of Section “Biochemistry” in ... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
33 views09:43:59 Remote Sensing, Vol. 15, Pages 1672: Accurate Discharge Estimation Based on R... (Remote Sensing)
34 views09:05:27 Remote Sensing, Vol. 15, Pages 1669: BPG-Based Lossy Compression of Three-Cha... (Remote Sensing)
34 views08:43:58 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 2783: Structure Performance Correlation of N-Hetero... (Molecules)
33 views08:24:54 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 5859: Lacticaseibacillus rhamnosus ATCC 53103 and Limosi... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
40 views08:02:57 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 5867: Estrogen Receptor β4 Regulates Chemotherapy R... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
44 views07:50:12 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 5864: Conditioned Medium of Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Lo... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
32 views07:41:19 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 2781: Hydrophobic Nanoporous Silver with ZIF Encaps... (Molecules)
45 views07:37:52 Energies, Vol. 16, Pages 2859: Anaerobic Digestion of Dairy Effluent in New Z... (Energies)
49 views07:23:03 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 5858: Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Treatment with Molecula... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
35 views07:23:03 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 5863: Effect of Ultraviolet Radiation and Benzo[a]pyrene... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
62 views07:11:01 Remote Sensing, Vol. 15, Pages 1668: Assessing Progress and Interactions towa... (Remote Sensing)
37 views06:58:35 Remote Sensing, Vol. 15, Pages 1665: First Retrieval of Total Ozone Columns f... (Remote Sensing)
45 views05:09:38 The management of acne vulgaris in young people in primary care: A retrospect... (Frontiers in Medicine)

19 march 2023

68 views13:48:34 Entropy, Vol. 25, Pages 532: Entropy and Cities: A Bibliographic Analysis tow... (Entropy)
78 views10:44:05 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 5848: Sinorhizobium meliloti DnaJ Is Required for Surfac... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
50 views10:27:54 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 5849: Local Liver Irradiation Concurrently Versus Sequen... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
58 views09:48:52 Energies, Vol. 16, Pages 2851: Impact Assessment of Dynamic Loading Induced b... (Energies)
44 views09:19:55 Entropy, Vol. 25, Pages 529: An Innovative Possibilistic Fingerprint Quality ... (Entropy)
48 views08:24:21 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 2763: MALDI MSI Separation of Same Donor’s Fi... (Molecules)
50 views08:14:09 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 5834: Hot Melt Extrusion as an Effective Process in the ... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
38 views07:55:56 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 5833: Sarcoma: Molecular Pathology, Diagnostics, and The... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)

18 march 2023

55 views20:20:45 The association between receipt of home care rehabilitation services and acut... (BMC Health Services Research)
55 views15:28:54 Marine Drugs, Vol. 21, Pages 189: Alginate-Based Biomaterials in Tissue Engin... (Marine Drugs)
60 views12:08:03 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 5829: Molecular Mechanisms of Deregulation of Muscle Con... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
55 views11:49:31 Remote Sensing, Vol. 15, Pages 1651: Impact of STARFM on Crop Yield Predictio... (Remote Sensing)
48 views11:15:16 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 5825: Rapid and Nondestructive Evaluation of Wheat Chlor... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
41 views11:00:43 Remote Sensing, Vol. 15, Pages 1649: Carbon Stock Prediction in Managed Fores... (Remote Sensing)
44 views10:48:58 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 5822: Transcriptome Reveals the Molecular Mechanism of t... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
37 views10:48:57 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 5823: Molecular and Clinical Links between Drug-Induced ... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
45 views10:44:03 Remote Sensing, Vol. 15, Pages 1648: Temperature and Relative Humidity Profil... (Remote Sensing)
38 views10:41:55 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 2755: Chemical and Thermal Characteristics of Ion-E... (Molecules)
42 views10:35:57 Remote Sensing, Vol. 15, Pages 1643: Major Elements Concentrations in Chang&r... (Remote Sensing)
40 views10:17:33 Energies, Vol. 16, Pages 2839: Strata Movement and Mining-Induced Stress Iden... (Energies)
40 views10:09:58 Energies, Vol. 16, Pages 2835: Coffee Husks Valorization for Levoglucosan Pro... (Energies)
42 views10:02:30 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 5815: Myopia Is Suppressed by Digested Lactoferrin or Ho... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
48 views10:01:37 Remote Sensing, Vol. 15, Pages 1641: Mine Pit Wall Geological Mapping Using U... (Remote Sensing)
37 views09:54:23 Energies, Vol. 16, Pages 2834: An Overview of Major Synthetic Fuels (Energies)
42 views08:29:44 Algorithms, Vol. 16, Pages 164: Comparison of Single-Lane Roundabout Entry De... (Algorithms)
44 views08:15:04 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 2749: Experimental Study on Electrochemical Desulfu... (Molecules)
41 views08:09:30 IJMS, Vol. 24, Pages 5803: Electrochemical Immunosensor for the Determination... (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)
39 views07:58:45 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 2746: Identification and Bioaccessibility of Mailla... (Molecules)
38 views07:58:45 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 2747: Investigation of Molecular Mechanism of Cobal... (Molecules)
39 views07:32:07 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 2745: Untargeted Metabolomic Analysis and Chemometr... (Molecules)
43 views03:58:32 Molecules, Vol. 28, Pages 2744: MSF Enhances Human Antimicrobial Peptide &bet... (Molecules)

17 march 2023

61 views20:52:02 Laboratory evaluation of the miniature direct-on-blood PCR nucleic acid later... (Malaria Journal)
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